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    Statistician v2.0 - Detailed stats tracking

    This is a continuation of ChaseHQ's original Statistician project which has unfortunately become inactive now. We hope to keep it going and bring you some brand new features! Check out the change log at the bottom for what we've done so far.

    • Tracks a number of different stats (list coming soon)
    • Comes with Web Portal to show off your stats to everyone!
    There are separate downloads for the web portal and plugin file. They can be found on our BukkitDev page:

    Installation (Plugin)
    1. Drop JAR file into plugin directory
    2. Run Bukkit once, it will make a config folder
    3. Create MySQL Database
    4. Create a user for that Database and grant it a ALL Privliges on that database
    5. Edit the config file with your database settings
    6. Start bukkit up again, it should connect and auto create the database
    Installation (Web Portal)
    1. Drop the web portal folder into a web served folder
    2. Open the config.php file in the Statistician folder
    3. Edit the database connection settings
    4. There is also a table in the Database called 'config' with some settings that are self explanatory
    Need some help? If you have any questions of comments then either leave it here on this thread or on our BukkitDev forum.
    Alternatively if you want to submit a problem then you can submit that to our Bukkit Dev ticket section.

    Source Code
    The project is open source and we encourage people to help us out. You can find the source for both the plugin and the web portal on our Git pages:

    Changelog (plugin)
    • Version 2.02 (#1337) - 21/10/11
      • Fixed a bug when a Citizens NPC killed something
      • Updaed to #1337
      • Remove: Permission Statistician.ignoreOverride.
      • Fix: ClassCastException when a skeleton kills another creature. (Ticket #1)
      • Add: Minecraft 1.8 blocks and items to the database.
    • Version 2.0 (#1317) "Initial Release" - 15/10/11
      • Updated for latest RB
      • Updated for latest MC versio
      • Optimised parts of the plugin
    Changelog (web portal)
    • Version 2.01 (#1317) (Statistician JAR 2.02) - 16/10/11
      • Removed PHP error notices
    • Version 2.0 (#1317) (Statistician JAR 2.0) - 15/10/11
      • Faster queries (up to 10 times faster in some cases!
      • Some database optimisation

    • Original Author: ChaseHQ
    • Current developers: Crimsonfox, Dazzel, Coryf88
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    It is working. I can check my "players" files in the map on my server and see 472 "files", a "file" being an individual player name. I get a lot of bounce in/bounce out players because of my registration process and forcing players to read a 5 minute tutorial lol...

    Your problem does sound odd! All of my users are being logged, I can verify this by being online and checking the in game player list against the statistician online player list... I will check my nodes at lunch today.
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    Needed change
    Web portal / statistician / locale / en.php
    Line 73: Change to
    define ('STRING_ALL_LIGHTENING_DEATHS','Lightening Deaths');
    Instead of
    define ('STRING_ALL_LIGHTENING_DEATHS','Ligtening Deaths');
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    Easy check: Online Players ;)
    Players from ignored Groups are not listet as online players.

    If I add my old perm. config and old Statistician, it works.
    I think, its maybe a problem with pex?!

    Is anyone there, which could test it with other permissions-plugins?
    If not, I setup my testserver with different plugins.
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    Im new to mysql or well databases is new to me so can someone make a video tutorial or something to show how to do all this in mysql?
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    I run on a hosted server that doesn't have mySQL. Is there any sort of workaround or option to help me out here?
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    No you do not have any other possiblities than mysql but you can use an external free hoster for you mysql db.
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    i think 2.0.3 doesn't work in the latest rb anymore. for me, at least.
    no errors in log files. just the starting up and shutting down msgs.
    could you fix this?
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    Yeah, please update it :)
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    i just noticed, that some users are still recognized by statistician on my server. but that's at least 5% of the active people. still no welcome-msg or errors. =/
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    Sorry can not help you..
    Please leave a ticket.
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    created a ticket:

    thank you

    found another error:
    2011-12-19 22:30:26 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "pool-5-thread-1"
    2011-12-19 22:30:26 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-12-19 22:30:26 [SEVERE]   at com.ChaseHQ.Statistician.EventDataHandlers.EDHPlayer$
    2011-12-19 22:30:26 [SEVERE]   at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    2011-12-19 22:30:26 [SEVERE]   at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
    2011-12-19 22:30:26 [SEVERE]   at
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    Hey ,

    Error on the version 2.0.4 and CB Build #1597

    Connection to the database, is also working logblock (With nor errors)

    Error 2:

    pls help me :(
  18. Thanks for this great plugin! Its incredibly useful and easy to install.
    I was wondering however if someone who is html savvy could help me, I want to customise the background of the stats pages and ive been having a fiddle with the index.php file and im half way there (literally!) I have changed the topfill.png image but as you can see from this:
    the bottom section of the page is still blue, how can I get it so the whole page is the same as the topfill.png?

    Would be eternally greatful to anyone who can help me figure this out!

    Edit: nvm I figured it out, it was the statistician.css file that needed editing for anyone else who is wondering how to change the background.
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    Maybe this is a really stupid question but, Does this work on a site that is not hosted on my computer?
    And if this is possible do i do?: database_address: because that didnt work and I do not know the adres :p
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    yes. but on the external sql-server, u have to allow that the sql-clients (webserver/mc-server) got the permission to connect. if u got phpmyadmin u can do this via the tab "Privilledges".
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    I found the problem I used a from database adres.. I did so it gave me an error and it said cant connect to... And than I typed that it works perfectly :) ty anyway
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    Hello everybody. As in my last post I made a theme for this, and promised (not really) that I would give it to you when it was done. But since I have not done anything more since I posted it here more than a month ago I will give it to you now, unfinished. You are free to do whatever you want with it. I'll appreciate if you come back with it here if you do some improvements. Happy new year!
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    Very nice plugin. Would be even better if the web portal also displayed mcmmo, LWC and iConomy stats for the players too :).
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    I'm having he exact same issue
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    Same issue here:

    The plugin is unable to connect to mySQL. The web portal connects fine. I have the same configuration for the plugin but it does not connect.

    I tried a different user, different database within mySQL but no dice either way.
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    Is it possible to get a ping to a url (php page specifically for script executions) on each SQL db update?
    Even if not for global, at least each time player data is updated? I imagine it would just go in as URLConnection in _processData in at a glance

    Will allow for additional external tables and server-side web processing to utilize the latest database updates without the need for a web-based trigger. Specifically for knowing when certain variables reach certain amounts and specifically the time it happens to be able to push those figures into other sql tables.
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    Please add permission nodes to the top post for others.

    I do not know if its against bukkit ToC but would assume so.

        description: Don't record statistics of the player.
        default: false
    Also please add sometime a permission node or a config setting to auto turn of welcome message as many servers have the welcome back handled by another plugin such as essentials/mcdocs etc.
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    @Revenger Execute the following on your Statistician database table.
    UPDATE `config` SET `show_firstjoin_welcome` = 'N', `show_lastjoin_welcome` = 'N';
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    Charlie Gordon

    Does this plugin cause any lag at all? How much CPU does it use? Can it slow down medium sized servers?

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    Cheers will do later nearer to finishing the update.
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    2012-01-15 01:40:07 [INFO] [Statistician] Version 2.0.4 By ChaseHQ Starting Up...
    2012-01-15 01:40:07 [INFO] [Statistician] Could Not find a Database Version, Creating one from scratch.
    2012-01-15 01:40:07 [INFO] [Statistician] Patching Database To Version 1.
    2012-01-15 01:40:08 [INFO] [Statistician] Database Patch Complete. DBVersion: 1
    2012-01-15 01:40:08 [INFO] [Statistician] Patching Database To Version 2.
    2012-01-15 01:40:08 [INFO] [Statistician] Database Patch Complete. DBVersion: 2
    2012-01-15 01:40:08 [INFO] [Statistician] Patching Database To Version 3.
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Database Patch Complete. DBVersion: 3
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Patching Database To Version 4.
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Database Patch Complete. DBVersion: 4
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Patching Database To Version 5.
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Database Patch Complete. DBVersion: 5
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Patching Database To Version 6.
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Database Patch Complete. DBVersion: 6
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Patching Database To Version 7.
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Database Patch Complete. DBVersion: 7
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] CALL test.pluginStartup(); :: Stored Procedure Failed, Checking Connection
    2012-01-15 01:40:09 [INFO] [Statistician] Connection is still present... It may of been a malformed Query ?
    pls help

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