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    Statistician v2.0 - Detailed stats tracking

    This is a continuation of ChaseHQ's original Statistician project which has unfortunately become inactive now. We hope to keep it going and bring you some brand new features! Check out the change log at the bottom for what we've done so far.

    • Tracks a number of different stats (list coming soon)
    • Comes with Web Portal to show off your stats to everyone!
    There are separate downloads for the web portal and plugin file. They can be found on our BukkitDev page:

    Installation (Plugin)
    1. Drop JAR file into plugin directory
    2. Run Bukkit once, it will make a config folder
    3. Create MySQL Database
    4. Create a user for that Database and grant it a ALL Privliges on that database
    5. Edit the config file with your database settings
    6. Start bukkit up again, it should connect and auto create the database
    Installation (Web Portal)
    1. Drop the web portal folder into a web served folder
    2. Open the config.php file in the Statistician folder
    3. Edit the database connection settings
    4. There is also a table in the Database called 'config' with some settings that are self explanatory
    Need some help? If you have any questions of comments then either leave it here on this thread or on our BukkitDev forum.
    Alternatively if you want to submit a problem then you can submit that to our Bukkit Dev ticket section.

    Source Code
    The project is open source and we encourage people to help us out. You can find the source for both the plugin and the web portal on our Git pages:

    Changelog (plugin)
    • Version 2.02 (#1337) - 21/10/11
      • Fixed a bug when a Citizens NPC killed something
      • Updaed to #1337
      • Remove: Permission Statistician.ignoreOverride.
      • Fix: ClassCastException when a skeleton kills another creature. (Ticket #1)
      • Add: Minecraft 1.8 blocks and items to the database.
    • Version 2.0 (#1317) "Initial Release" - 15/10/11
      • Updated for latest RB
      • Updated for latest MC versio
      • Optimised parts of the plugin
    Changelog (web portal)
    • Version 2.01 (#1317) (Statistician JAR 2.02) - 16/10/11
      • Removed PHP error notices
    • Version 2.0 (#1317) (Statistician JAR 2.0) - 15/10/11
      • Faster queries (up to 10 times faster in some cases!
      • Some database optimisation

    • Original Author: ChaseHQ
    • Current developers: Crimsonfox, Dazzel, Coryf88
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  2. Yay!!! Nice! im gonna try it out at once! =D

    I have it working now! Wow! Much much faster than before, nice work! =D

    but i have some error's

    NoticeUndefined indexcat in G:\xampp\htdocs\statistik\global_kills.php on line 6

    Undefined indexcat in G:\xampp\htdocs\statistik\global_kills.php on line 62

    Undefined indexcat in G:\xampp\htdocs\statistik\global_kills.php on line 132
    Most Killed Player:
    WarningInvalid argument supplied for foreach() in G:\xampp\htdocs\statistik\statistician\test\_playerObj.php on line 230
    Sworn Enemy
    WarningInvalid argument supplied for foreach() in G:\xampp\htdocs\statistik\statistician\test\_playerObj.php on line 251
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    Yep. Global Kills and the Player page are not optimized. I am on it :)
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    very nice!!! I waited very long for this realease! :)
    I will test it in the afternoon :D
    Thanks to keep this Plugin up!
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    Notices should be removed. File should be online in a few hours.
  6. Nice! Keep up the good work guys =)
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    Grats on the public release. I'll give a hand if I ever find the time.
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    It's very cool! But it would be nice if it had a better looking...
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    Cheers! Now we're past the initial release we can start planning on adding things, we will of course be continuing to optimise though because there's still some work to do be done.

    We'll be working on the look of the web portal soon-ish, it wasn't essential to the first release, we wanted to get it updated and out so people could use it for as long as possible while the lack of updates is happening. =)
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    Yeah I understand it, you made a very nice work :), keep it up!
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  12. Thank you! =)
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    There we go, file has been approved.

    Consider v2.01 of the web portal released!
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    Whats about an option to purge all players, which are removed from the groups, or now default users again?
    Possible to check the pex/permission groups or users to remove them from statistician?
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    This will be soon a feature but first we try to get the old plugin running with new builds..
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    v2.02 has been uploaded to Bukkit dev and we're just waiting on approval


    • Fixed a bug when a Citizens NPC killed something
    • Updaed to #1337
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    [Statistician] Version 2.0.2 By ChaseHQ Starting Up...
    Same Error as the old 1.3 version:
    Doesn't shows the loginmessge ingame, doesn't log any data, doesn't shows the online Players at the WebInterface. Old 1.3 works, but only spams this error in the Console.

    #1337, pex 1.15, with new and old db.

    Question: Nodes are the same as in 1.3?
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    @Jobsti I apologize for the inconvenience. v2.0.2 had a critical error that I didn't catch while testing. It has been fixed in v2.0.3.
    For error reports, please use the ticket system on Statistician's BukkitDev.

    As for permissions, the "Statistician.ignoreOverride" node was removed and support for Permissions v3.1.6 has been removed. If you are still using Permissions v3.1.6, it is highly recommended to migrate to a SuperPerms compatible plugin.
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    I'm using PEX, so all perm-systems are supportet, but I need the Nodes ;) (See my last Post!)
    Without nodes, where can I define, which groups will be ignored?
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    @Jobsti The 1.3 "Statistician.ignore" node is still the same.
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    Oki, thanks ;)
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    Does this work with an older version of bukkit? I'm using #1060
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    Nop sorry. Way too old your build ;)
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    Is it normal for the player pages to take like 3 minutes to load? I'm using for my database, I hope that's not the culprit.

    Anyhow, awesome job guys! This is hands down my favorite bukkit plugin of all time! :D
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    It's one of the things we're working on. With the completely new web portal coming it shouldn't be a problem. For the time being you'll have to bear with it as we are now in the stages of putting together the new portal. =)
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    New portal coming? I like! :D
    By the way it's nice to see this plugin alive again!

    How is the uuid created? If i wanted to import some stats from an old plugin (manually, or with a script), would that be possible? I am only talking things in the players table, like player_name, firstever_login, distance_traveled, etc, but what about the uuid?

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    Oh nice! Didn't know you were working on a new one. Sounds awesome, I can't wait :D
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    You can get the UUID with an function in the player class. The UUID is a unique ID which is bounded to the account you have payed for but I do not know how to get it without bukkit and how the UUID is created but I'll take a look into the source ;)

    Sorry forget it! The UUID is a random generated ID.. Sorry... No chance to generate it with the infos you have...
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    So, basically I would break it if I added lines to the table without a UUID?

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