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    SimpleHelp - A Help Command That Is Simple To Change
    Version: v1.8.2


    You can simply modify your /help Command with colors and send up to 9 Lines to the Player.
    This Plugin was requested by rad1game

    • Color Support
    • Modify your /help Command
    • Ingamereload
    • Up to 10 Pages
    • Optional Permissions Support -> Different lists for admins and default users
    • Customizable Errors
    How to Use:

    You just write the text into the specified Lines/Pages in File in /plugins/SimpleHelp including the ColorCodes (Provided with the txt file in rar file) without needing to leave space between the Colorcode and your Messages.

    Permissions Nodes:
    How to Update:

    - Please copy the customized stuff like the lines into another File (Like a backup)
    - Then delete the config File and replace the old .jar File
    - After that you will want to restart the server and copy the old Line/Error Configurations back into the File.

    /help <page> ->   The Help-Command^^(You must not enter a page. By default it's set to 1, so you can just type: "/help" for page 1
    /reloadhelp   ->   Reload the file
    /ihelp <page>

    Download v1.8.2 (readme.txt with colorcodes + jar file)


    Version 1.8 (02.08.2011)
    • Added an error if you type in a not integer page. -> Default(First) Page will be printed.
    • Version 1.8.1: Expanded the page limit to 15.
    • Version 1.8.2: Fixed Out 0f Bounds error.
    Older Logs:
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.0 (03.05.2011)
    • Initial Release of the plugin
    Version 1.1 (05.05.2011)
    • Possibility to reload file without server restart
    Version 1.2 (07.05.2011)
    • Changed the File Type to .YML -> but still not sorted (You can sort the lines by hand)
    • Added an Example
    • 2 Help Pages to use
    Version 1.3 (10.05.2011)
    • Up to 10 Pages
    • Changed/Added Errors for an Empty/Unknown Page
    • Abillity to add more Pages by hand.
    Version 1.4 (18.05.2011)
    • Permissions Support -> Different lists for admins and default users
    Version 1.5 (19.05.2011)
    • Fixed the bug, that the wrong Pages are shown if you type '/help <x>' as an admin
    • If Page 1 is empty and no parameter is given, there will be shown "Empty Page" now.
    • Version 1.5.1: -> Fixed the bug where the wrong pages were shown (/help 1 = help page 2)
    Version 1.6 (13.06.2011)
    • Added The ability to customize the Errors
    • Version 1.6.1: -> Added a new alias for /help -> /ihelp
    Version 1.7 (22.06.2011)
    • Permissions Support is now optional -> Removed the old 1.3 Release

    You like my Plugin?​
    I mean you REALLY like it?!​
    Then please help me to keep this up and​

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    it needs to be indented with spaces - here's mine:
            line1: '&!R--------------------- /HELP 1/2 ---------------------'
            line2: '&!R/help &!w#  &!W-  Views help page &!w#'
            line3: '&!R/who  &!W-  Lists the players online and how many slots are left'
            line4: '&!R/spawn  &!W-  Teleports you to the global spawn'
            line5: '&!R/home help  &!W-  Shows home related help'
            line6: '&!R/warp help  &!W-  Shows warp related help'
            line7: '&!R/msg  &!W-  Sends a private message to the specified player'
            line8: '&!R/r  &!W-  Reply to the last player you communicated with'
            line9: '&!R/me  &!W-  Allows you to emote'
            line1: '&!R--------------------- /HELP 2/2 ---------------------'
            line2: '&!R/kit  &!W-  Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits'
            line3: '&!R/ping  &!W-  Pong! (Check server response time)'
            line4: '&!R/getpos  &!W-  Displays your current coordinates'
            line5: '&!R/back  &!W-  Transports you back to your last deathpoint'
            line6: '&!R/lvt  &!W-  Manages light votes'
            line7: null
            line8: null
            line9: null
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    btw nice plugins
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    First off, love this plugin. Helps on my new server to no end.

    I'd like to throw my support behind this idea. We have 3 or 4 different groups on our server, each with their own set of commands.
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    Do you have any wishes on how to set if a line should be sent to only some people or to everyone?
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    yes, by groupname...

            line1: '&!R--------------------- /HELP 1/2 ---------------------'
            line2: '&!R/help &!w#  &!W-  Views help page &!w#'
            line1: '&!R--------------------- /HELP 2/2 ---------------------'
            line2: '&!R/kit  &!W-  Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits'
            line1: '&!R--------------------- /HELP 1/2 ---------------------'
            line2: '&!R/help &!w#  &!W-  Views help page &!w#'
            line1: '&!R--------------------- /HELP 2/2 ---------------------'
            line2: '&!R/kit  &!W-  Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits'
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    That would mean, that you have to write the complete list maybe twice only to add 1 or 2 things to the Admins ;)
    But if you want it like this.
    I will add it ;)
    Shouldn't take too long to make.

    Thanks for this idea.

    #Released version 1.4
    Checkout the Changelog!

    Permissions ;)

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    Can you make based on actual group name rather than permission? We have a moderator group which sits between our normal users and administrators and they have different commands.

    As for copying and pasting all the lines, that doesn't bother me and it seems like the best way to do it.
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    I have a problem. If I'm typing "/help", plugin shows first page from HelpLines[Admin], it's good. But if I'm typing "/help 2" (or any other page), plugin shows me pages from HelpLines[Default].

    What I'm doing wrong? :)
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    That won't work.
    Because everybody can create their own groups with their own name.
    So you can't make the Plugin Group-Name-Based.

    @GT-Rustik: I'll check that.

    #Released version 1.5
    Checkout the Changelog!

    @GT-Rustik: Bug should be fixed now :)
    Thanks for posting that.

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    Is the sourcecode public? Do you mind if someone forks it?
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    Yes, Thank You! And now this plugin is awesome ^^.

    Hm.. I'm noticed one thing. If I'm typing "/help", plugin shows page1, its ok. But "/help 1" shows me page2, "/help 2" shows page3. Is it bug or feature? ;)

    I think it's even useful - for example, I can set page1 as main help page (which call by simple "/help", where users can choose categories, located in next pages. And access for them - "/help 1" for category1 (page2), "/help 2" for category2 (page3) etc - in my opinion it is logical and understandable for user :).

    Maybe make this feature like an option in config-file? Or add page0.
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    I really love this plugin :)
    Good job!
    But why can't I configure custom help lines like this:

                - 'SimpleHelp.staff'

    Is that possible?
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    It seems strange you can't check what group the user belongs to and then check to see if a group of help commands exists for that and if not, display the default.

    But then again, I don't know Java programming. Thanks anyway. I will still use your plugin. Maybe one day we can figure it out.
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    Suggestion: Ability to create named help pages. Instead of (or in addition to) numbered pages, you could name custom pages for example: "/help Craftbook" etc. Wouldnt think it would be that different programming than numbered pages except for the strings.
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    Hmm Microsoft would say "It's not a bug, it's a feature" But if i am seriouss, it shouldn't be like that ;)
    I would say that bug is new since latest Version. Will release a new one in a few minutes.

    Permissions is created to let the admins freely decide, how to set the permissions and stuff.
    You can also choose your own name for the Groups.
    I have no real idea, how to check for every group, which name it has and then check the permission for it.

    Will see, if i can add this in the future :)
    But maybe it will be an optional feature.

    This is not possible, because there is only one permissions node and that's SimpleHelp.admin ;)

    #Released Version 1.5.1
    Checkout the Changelog!
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    It's looks like it is old jar-file on SimpleHelp_1.5.1-link. :oops:
    Bug whith wrong pages is not fixed.
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    Looks like I forgot to change the file xd Sorry.
    Now it's done.

    BTW: The Links stays the same even when updating the plugin ;)
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    Thanks again! Now waiting for new ideas and updates. :rolleyes:
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    But hey, when i use simplehelp.default its the default and simplehelp.admin its another, so there is no way of making it for example simplehelp.boro to show boro's help lines :?
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    I know.
    You can only use
    That is for the adminlist of help.

    If you want a group to see only the basic/default help you simply leave out the permission node.
    You can't define your own List -> HelpLines[Boro]
  22. not working
    An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command
    when i write /help or /reloadhelp

    i got the .jar in my plugins and it wont seem to work
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    Hey Chewing-Gumm,

    your plugin inspired me to create my own Help-System plugin, which has some features I needed and SimpleHelp didn't provide. It may also be interesting for other readers of this thread, maybe even you.
    Let me know if it's ok to link to it from here.


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    Does this fight with Essentials?
  25. I just dont get this work.
    Id need a help for plugins & commands liek:

    could someone help? :E
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    Is there anything in detail, what you can post me?
    Like the console report when you try to use the commands??
    I really liked to help you.

    If you want to, you can post your link here.
    1) No Spam! You can post it once and it's enough i think ;)
    2) Why do you want to post it here?
  27. I got another working from ToastedJelly. Useful, easy to edit, works fine :)
    thank you anyways m8
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    Thanks, but I don't want to spam your thread - I just felt some guys here that asked for some features should know about it, but I PMed them directly and that's it.
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    Essentials seems to be overriding this! Why so?! I'm using build 803 and Essentials 2.2 and your current version. (Yes, 1.5.1)

    EDIT: Oops! I made a plugin typo. :s
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    Plugin is working with newest BukkitBuild
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    I get this with Bukkit 818:


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