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    SimpleAFK - A simple to use AFK system with advanced features
    Version: v0.9.1​
    Tested against CraftBukkit Release Build: 1.1-R4​
    SimpleAFK is a very basic AFK system, though higly configurable and with some nice features. Initially I created this Plugin for my own Server but when it got more features and I saw no other Plugin offering a similar feature set I'd though I'd also release it here.​
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    Version 0.9.1
        - Fixed ConcurrentModificationException on Auto Kick
        - Fixed possible NullPointerException

    Version 0.9
        - Option to disable "pushing" of players who are AFK
        - AFK-Booter (kick AFK players after a specified time)
        - Broadcast Message on Afk / Back
        - Code completely rewritten from scratch
        - Finally fixed WorldGuard-NPE Bug when no WG is used
        - Changed Config file completely! OLD CONFIG FILES
        - Moved to Bukkits new EventHandler System
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    Version 0.8
        - Fixed a nullPointerException bug
        - Optimized code structure

    Version 0.7
        - (Hopefully) fixed a problem generating the config file
          on Unix based Systems
    Version 0.6
        - Different Auto AFK times for protected and
          unprotected regions (Using WorldGuard)
        - Problem fixed with Essentials
          (Now overriding Essentials /afk command properly)
    Version 0.5
        - Automatic enable (set Player as AFK after X
          minutes of Idling)
        - Optimized code structure
    Version 0.4
        - Changing Display Name of a user when beeing AFK
        - /afklist
          Displays a list of all Players currently beeing AFK
        - Fixed event prioritys (Thanks to Dinnerbone for his
          great explanation of these!)
        - Fixed console output (Colors not printed to Console
          anymore for console info messages)
    Version 0.3
    First public release
        - Auto-Disable on Player Move
        - Enabled Multi-Line-Messages for all messages
        - Auto-Generated Config is now much better
          structured and commented
        - Removed Version string from Sendmessages
          (so there is more space for the actual messages)
    Version 0.2
        - Right Click on Player to check if he's AFK or not
        - YAML Config file for configuring: Texts,
          Enabled/Disable automatic Chat messages
          (Supports colored Chat Messages)
    Version 0.1
    Initial beta testing release
        - /afk [message]
          Set yourself as AFK and automatically write a Chat
          message that you're AFK. Leave [message] blank to
          reset you're AFK status.
        - /isafk [name]
          Check if a player is currently set as AFK
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  2. Teleporting is very easy. If you need help, contact me, I'm interested in a quick release =)
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    I am not so much concerned about the teleporting per se, but more about what to do when more than 1 player needs to be teleported (or in other words: how to avoid teleporting a player "into" another player or wall). One way I could think of is that each player is able to define his own "safe place", what do you think about that solution? Or maybe you got another idea how to solve it? :)
  4. I would use one global place and players with a special permission cane define own places. And you should add a boolean to the config whether it is enabled...
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    Of course I will add an option for the configuration file, I like to have my plugins as "flexible" as possible.

    And I am investigating this further. Don't worry, this update won't take as long as the last update :rolleyes:
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    If this actually gets implemented, you'll probably be my favorite dev ever. :D
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    bassfader - Could you maybe make it where if an AFK player talks in chat it will make them non-AFK? I have a problem where people use /AFK just to talk with the nametag after their name, quite annoying.
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    Its allready planned and I am working on it ;)
    This will be either included in the next major version (finally v1.0 ^^) which is currently in the "planning" stage, or if I've got enough time I'll implement it in the upcoming new minor release (v0.9.1) on which I am currently working and which will be released most likely this weekend.
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    Can you add the ability to have the players teleported after they afk? One of my admins had an idea of having them teleported into a cryogenic freeze area so people can visit them >:D
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    Allready working on it ;)

    New Version v0.9.1 Uploaded:

        - Fixed ConcurrentModificationException on Auto Kick
        - Fixed possible NullPointerException
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    Thanks for keeping us updated!
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    Mista Epic

    Can you make it so if you're AFK you go into god mode and you can't be moved, but when you move your character or use an item you stop being AFK? You can toggle being AFK with /afk.
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    There is allready an option to stop "pushing" of other players while they are AFK. Though I don't think Godmode would be such a great idea since most likely people would be "abusing" it (e.g.: "oh a enderman and my health is low... lets go quickly afk so he can't hurt me").

    But I am working on an option to teleport players to a "safe place" when they are going AFK.
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    permissos which are not to take the auto afk?

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