[INFO] ServerEvents 1.5.2 - Replace TwitterEvents, DeathNotify [BukkitDev]

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    The time stamp is there to avoid duplicate tweets, thus it currently cannot be disabled.
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    Anyone try this on 740 yet? Most plugins I have seem to have converted just fine to 740 - no issue so I doubt it doesn't, but I thought I'd ask so they could update the title accordingly.

    Edit: WORKS. :D

    Edit 2: How do I get Twitter working, though?
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    Released 1.3.7:
    • Added optional config option to server_events.xml, which offsets the Twitter feed timestamp by a specified number of hours; for use on servers with wrong time and admin unable/unwilling to fix server time
    Where the new option goes in the server_events.xml file, if needed:
    You can change the "0" to anything from -24 to 24.
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    [ServerEvents] player did this and that

    Is there a way to change [ServerEvents] to [Something] else?
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    In server_events.xml:
    <chat enabled="true" prefix="[ServerEvents] " prefix_color="aqua" color="white" />
    Change the prefix as desired. For my server, I use a short prefix as well:
    <chat enabled="true" prefix="[#] " prefix_color="aqua" color="white" />
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    I added a few more death lines and more random messages also added some log in and logout messages that include the %n_item
    tested and working

    brettflan, feel free to add this to the jar with or with out any editing and thank you again for keeping this plugin going :)

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  8. Hey this plugin is just what I was looking for, but I'm getting a strange error.
    I have my config set up to only use twitter. I followed the instructions to get the two keys to enter into the config file. All that is done properly. There are no errors while starting up the server, but when It's running. Every time it attempts to send a ServerEvent to twitter I get this error:

    11:21:21 [INFO] ServerEvents: And now since they have logged out and cant dispro
    ve them, some interesting facts about 08Hylands
    11:21:21 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-203376"
    11:21:21 [SEVERE] java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Found interface twitte
    r4j.Twitter, but class was expected
    11:21:21 [SEVERE]       at com.wimbli.serverevents.DataSourceTwitter.displayTwit
    11:21:21 [SEVERE]       at com.wimbli.serverevents.TwitterDisplayThread.run(Twit
    The ServerEvent is generated but it errors trying to send the tweet.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Scratch all this, I removed HeroChat and it seemed to fix it.
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    Hmm. I guess both plugins are using the Twitter java library. Bukkit has trouble with such instances. Might be worth me rebasing the Twitter library in ServerEvents to a unique classpath so that it can't clash with any other plugins.
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    @Brettflan , i plan to add a few more lines to the xml, just wanted to check something, the %n_item if i add that to a line in the deaths section will it record what the player was holding on death or what thier holding know thier dead (which ofcourse would be "nothing")

    im thinking along the lines of

    %n tried to break thier fall with a %n_item
    mrgreaper tried to break thier fall with a Diamond Sword

    No matter how hard %n hit the spider with the %n_item they just couldnt quite kill it
    No matter how hard mrgreaper hit the spider with the Sand they just couldnt quite kill it

    with the new lines i added %n_item to for loggin in and out its worked great, its just the death ones im not sure about (if i get no reply ill just try it lol :) )

    updated server events xml, be sure to replace your secret code etc

    untested as yet (ill edit this post once tested) in the last one i posted it appears server events had replaced my xml with an old one (guessing the newer one wasnt in the jar file) i have re added the missing lines (took a while)**edit** its live on our server, no one has triggered any of the new death tweets yet though but the others are working fine***

    when i have tested a few of the %n_item lines in the death section i will add more, this file represents about 24hours worth of time overall lol thats scary!

    enjoy and as allways Brettflan has full permission to use this xml in any way shape or form for with out him it would be useless :)

    @bretflan can you make a change to the xml system and have one xml that sets the password and twitter secret code thing and another for the comments etc, it would make it so to update to a newer xml all players have to do is drop it in overwritting the old one with out having to sort out the secret code etc (i know its just a copy and paste away but this would be noob friendly :) ) and can we have a new toggleable section "tips" where we could put little tips about the plugins we use that get randomly mixed amoung the random statements.. the reason for a seperate section is admins may not want these tweeted and just want them to go out over server chat

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    Please do try it, I'm not sure and don't have time to check right now.

    Might be worthwhile. I'll consider whenever I next have free time for it (rare commodity these days).

    Why are you having those output to Twitter anyway? I don't think I'll add more sections with the exact same functionality as existing ones just so they can have different options set.
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    yeah i have included a few in my server and will post the result when a player hits on one

    the %players is working great already had one of them occur in a random message

    the %n_item has occured when a player logged on who then wanted to know how it knew what he was holding...fantastic!

    for me time is ok (i spent the first 4 hours of my shift adding new lines and merging the lines that some how vanished lol) coming up with more lines with out resorting to just grabbing one liners off the net is the tricky part lol (may need a new brain) sadly when it comes to programing BASIC is my speed lol java seems like you have to get it to run through too many hoops to do what basic can in 3 lines but then i grew up with spectrums then easy amos on the amiga

    thats the thing we want the random messages tweeted as it makes our players giggle and the ones that display what players are online are useful, but not the tips. no biggie if you dont want to add it just an idea.
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    ok adding @mrgreaper worked, when a player logged in i got a notification that our server had mentioned me "quick someone tell @mrgreaper that stevenb88 has logged in" this is really useful for admins for ban events and server closes or just fun lol this also means #trend will work perhaps i should add some lines that have #server_events and see if we can trend it lol

    however i have bad news on death it looks at your hand object after death not before so always generates a "nothing" when i do another xml i will remove the death sayings that use hand object code :( (i`ll do some more saturday)
    feel free to give me more detection things to work with :) not sure what though lol
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    Hi there,

    This looks like a great plugin! I have a question regarding TwitterEvents. My server doesn't run on my own computer (a company hosts it) and thus I install all of my plugins via an FTP host (FileZilla). Does someone know how I would run the twitter4j-core jar within FileZilla to enable the twitter events?
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    u dont run that one, you run the plugin jar file (on your home pc, follow the instructions to get the secret code etc then add them to the xml file(grab from my post further up(new and shinny) or created when the plugin runs first time(older but tried and tested)) and your golden
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    Hi there,

    im getting this error message
    15:24:00 [SEVERE] java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Found interface twitte
    r4j.Twitter, but class was expected
    15:24:00 [SEVERE] at com.wimbli.serverevents.DataSourceTwitter.displayTwit
    15:24:00 [SEVERE] at com.wimbli.serverevents.TwitterDisplayThread.run(Twit
    15:24:00 [SEVERE] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    can someone help me??
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    Yes the files are in my server folder
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    You're absolutely sure? That should have done the trick. In that case, I'm currently stumped. Anyone else having that problem?
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    Maybe i have a conflicting plugin i will test with only the serverevents plugin
    Edit: still the error message
    Edit2: I found the problems 1 it doesnt work if i had it in my old folder and it doesnt work with bananatweet Maybe usefull to post at the begin post??
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    Anyway to add the option to remove the timestamp from twitter messages?
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    I assume bananatweet is another Bukkit plugin which interfaces with Twitter?

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    yes when you use the /say commando it also sends the message to the twitter account
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    Hi,Clearly I'm being a muppet somewhere, but I can't get this working. I'm trying to install it on a headless system (unraid server) so I need the 'secret key' from running the server jar on a different computer.

    But first, the download is a zip - thats just a test right? I have to rename it .jar, the jar isn't in the zip. I didn't see that mentioned anywhere.Secondly, I can't get the jar to do anything. I've tried running it from my OSX desktop, from terminal, and from my parallels XP machine. but its doing nothing. Any tips to get it running ok, and what is it supposed to look like?

    update: Just tried copying it to my plugins folder but its not running. Trying to java -jar ServerEvents.jar says its not a proper jar file "Invalid or corrupt jarfile ServerEvents.jar"

    All I did was rename the .zip to .jar on my mac and copy it across to the unraid machine

    update2: Seems like 'archive utility' on OSX is crap. Tried on a PC and it unzipped properly to a .jar file..

    update 3: got it working in the end \O/
    BTW, great plugin. Turned off the random messages, mainly just want it to track people coming and going. The messages when you die are a nice bonus :)
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    The Twitter Replace is not working at a Linux maschine? :(

    Because... Bananaplugin are running nice with linux :)
    The Twitter Replace from you Plugin working for me only on Windows :(

    Without Error .. Same Configurations at Windows and Linux
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    What do you mean by Twitter "Replace"? Though honestly I'm not really the best to explain how to get Twitter working; even though I'm the current maintainer for the plugin, I've never actually used the Twitter functionality myself.
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    Sorry for this^^

    I mean the car Twitter posting form you plugin;)

    It Is not Working ... Because, only on Linux ... On Windows it works great..

    Because... Same Configure:'(
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    Noob question, how can I disable that everybody sees the tweets in game?

    Edit.: Found it.
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    It would be very cool if the server would follow everyone back and you could send it DMs like "players" and it would reply all online players and so on. You could also ask "plugins" or "version" and so on... Would be a very cool remote control system!

    It works very good for me... This is what I did:


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