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    pStatus - Player status'
    Version: v0.3

    pStatus provides players with a way to set a status to tell other users what they're up to.

    • Allows players to set their status
    • Allows players to view another players status
    • /status [PlayerName] - Views a players status, if the player has no status nothing will be shown.
    • /sstatus [Status] - Sets your status.
    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2782516/pStatus.jar
    Source: https://github.com/zeoed/pStatus

    Version 0.3 [8/15/2011]
    • Updated for CraftBukkit build #1060
    Version 0.2 [8/11/2011]
    • SQL Injection and special character errors fixed.
    • Source Code released.
    Version 0.1 [8/11/2011]
    • Released pStatus.
    What's next:
    • Give admins a way to change other users status'.
    Thanks to:
    • alta189 for his SQLite library. Without his library, pStatus would not be what it is.
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    why on earth would you release something that can cause someone's entire SQL database to be hijacked?
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    I thought about that, but then realized it's their choice to download it before it's secure.
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    how about adding an obnoxious warning message to your OP?
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    yes, thank you.
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    Happy? More like being safe?
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    :D MySQL ftw

    On a serious note - could you at least have a flatfile option? Some of us don't use MySQL :)

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    After all your trolling. D:
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    It uses SQLite to connect to a local database, not a MySQL database. Therefore you won't need to have a MySQL server.

    Version 0.2 released. Major bugs fixed.

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    Not the point - point being I'd like a nice flatfile based one using the configuration object as an option - if you like - I can write the code for you and you can put it into the next version?
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    Sure, I'll add it. You can find the source at the Github link and work off of that.
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    Sounds good - I hope your code is nice and commented :p (I don't have github on my current machine so I won't be working on things till at least next week Wednesday - after I finish a MAJOR plugin job I have to do and update BMR to 1.6) so much to dooooo lol
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    I'll go and do some commenting, it's pretty straightforward though.
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    Dude, I love this plugin, Great Job! Im recommending this plugin to all server owners I know! =)
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    Thanks, I appreciate it :)
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    I have a couple of suggestions, if this plugin is still active.

    Firstly, you get an internal error if you use the /status command without any parameters.
    You should have it print the syntax (perhaps for both commands) to help players use the plugin.

    Secondly you should have an option having it broadcast when a player changes status server-wide.
    For example "%player% changed status to %status%"
    With this it would probably be a good idea to include a cooldown before you can change your status again to avoid spam.

    Perhaps make a config where you can turn broadcasting on and off, change the cooldown and maybe customize the broadcast message.

    It works great on 1185 by the way, except the internal error with the /status command.
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    Ill fire up Eclipse this afternoon and add those features. I havent updated it in a while and it could use one.
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    Appreciate it!

    Do notify me when you release it and I shall test it as soon as I can!
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    I'll probably have it out by tomorrow afternoon, maybe two days at latest due to school.
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    In reply to the request above, I have updated pStatus with the new features added.

    Change Log:
    • Added config file (Created under \plugins\pStatus\ on first run)
    • Fixed Internal Server Error
    What will be added in next release:
    • Custom broadcast messages
    • Cooldown to prevent spam.
    • P.S. Once I have a little break from school, I'll add these two in.
    To generate config:
    1. Start Bukkit
    2. Wait for your server to load all the way
    3. A file will be generated under %rootminecraftserverdirectory%\plugins\pStatus
    4. Do not edit the line for first run data or the config file will be over written.
    5. Edit config file to your liking
    6. Restart server
    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2782516/pStatus.jar
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    It generates the config on first run, but after stopping the server and changing the broadcast option to true and starting it again it overwrites it and sets it to false again.

    And I haven't changed the second line.

    I'd say you could have broadcasting enabled by default, as it is how most users would expect it to work.

    There's also a severe SQlite error in the console on startup:

    [SEVERE] [pStatus] [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (table status already exists)
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    Thanks. Ill try and fix that this afternoon.

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