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    Plugin Info - View and export (xml, txt) basic info about installed plugins

    Version: v0.1.4
    BukkitDev: Link

    This plugin allows to view versions of installed plugins ingame/via console (that's not interesting) and export them to XML and/or TXT file - good for further processing.

    • View basic info about plugins
    • Export basic info about plugins to XML/TXT
    • Supports Help plugin
    • FTP export
    • ApiCraft support
    Source Code

    Params inside "[ ]" are optional. "|" divides aliases. Using "plugininfo" instead of "plugi" is also possible.
    plugi [help|h|?] - Displays help
    plugi list|l [#] - Displays formatted list of plugins and their versions, page number [#]
    plugi list|l all - Displays versions of all plugins
    plugi export|e - Exports info about plugins to file types defined in config.yml
    plugi export|e list|l - List of available export types: XML, TXT
    plugi export|e [param] - Exports info about plugins to [param]-type file
    plugi export|e all - Exports info about plugins to all available file types
    plugi upload|u - Uploads all available exported files defined in settings.yml to ftp (if enabled)
    plugi upload|u all - Uploads all available exported files to ftp (if enabled)
    plugi upload|u [param] - Uploads specified exported file to ftp (if enabled)
    plugi upload|u list - List of available files to upload
    plugi reload|r - Reloads settings
    plugininfo.view - Allows to view installed plugins and their versions
    plugininfo.export - Allows to invoke manual export (only those exports enabled in config.yml)
    plugininfo.export.all - Allows to invoke manual export of any kind
    plugininfo.reload - Allows to reload PluginInfo settings
    plugininfo.upload - Allows to upload exported files
    #Number of shown plugins per page with command "/plugi list [#]":
    entriesPerPage: 9
    #Default export folder:
    outputFolder: plugins\PluginInfo
    #Enables TXT export:
    txtSaveEnabled: true
    #Output filename for TXT export:
    txtFileName: plugins.txt
    #Specific output folder for TXT export, leave empty for default folder:
    txtOutputFolder: ''
    #Enables XML export:
    xmlSaveEnabled: true
    #Output filename for XML export:
    xmlFileName: plugins.xml
    #Specific output folder for XML export, leave empty for default folder:
    xmlOutputFolder: ''
    #Enables FTP upload:
    ftpEnabled: false
    #If true, files are alway uploaded after exporting:
    ftpAutoUpload false:
    #Path to file on server (for example: "dir/dir/export"):
    ftpPath: ''
    #FTP Username:
    ftpUsername: user
    #FTP Password:
    ftpPasswd: password
    #FTP server address (without ftp://):
    ftpServer: address.com
    #Enables ApiCraft support (requires ApiCraft plugin), note: xml DTD is a bit different:
    enableApiCraft: false
    #String dividing plugin name and plugin version:
    delimiter: ' - '
    #String/char used for printing comments:
    commentsChar: '#'
    #Print comments:
    printComments: true
    #Print creation time:
    printTimeStamp: true
    #Print server info (server name, server port):
    printServerInfo: true
    #Print MC server info (MC version):
    printMinecraftServerInfo: true
    #Print CraftBukkit info (version, jenkins build):
    printBukkitInfo: true
    #Print plugins info (name & version):
    printPluginInfo: true
    #Print creation time:
    printGeneratedTime: true
    #Print server info (server name, server port):
    printServerInfo: true
    #Print MC server info (MC version):
    printMinecraftServerInfo: true
    #Print CraftBukkit info (version, jenkins build):
    printBukkitInfo: true
    #Print plugins:
    printPlugins: true
    #Print authors for each plugin (if available):
    printAuthors: true
    #Print plugin description (if available):
    printDesc: true
    #Print fullname of each plugin (name + version):
    printFullname: false
    #Print plugin status (currently not available during initial startup):
    printPluginEnabled: false
    #Print plugin version:
    printVersion: true
    #print commands (if available):
    printCommands: false
    #print command details (if available):
    printCommandsDetails: false
    #Prints "Plugin.isDatabaseEnabled()"...
    printDatabaseEnabled: true
    #Prints plugins required for this plugin to work (if available):
    printDepend: true
    #Print plugins website (if available):
    printWeb: true
    #Print number of plugins:
    printStats: true
    #Specify XSL-Stylesheet document for XML file, leave empty for none
    xslt: xsl-stylesheet_file.xsl
    XSL Transformation files:
    Simple - List of plugins and their versions
    Advanced - Same, but with more info (requires another xml file)

    Add those files (advanced needs to be extracted) to the same dir as the exported plugins.xml and enable xslt param in config_xml.yml (for example "xslt: plugins.xsl"). Opening plugins.xml in web browser will show normal html page.

    For "plugins_def.xml" in advanced xsl: This file contains additional info about plugins (bukkit forum id, plugin type, other sources) and xsl transformation will use this info (matched by name).


    Version 0.1.4
    • Removed support for GroupManager
    • Added support for PermissionsBukkit and SuperPerms
    • Updated plugin.yml to support SuperPerms
    Version 0.1.3
    • Added ApiCraft support
    • Cleaned up the code (partly rewritten according to MVC)
    Version 0.1.2
    • Added FTP export
    Version 0.1.1
    • Added option to specify XSL-Stylesheet document for XML export
    • Permission "plugininfo.export.all" now also contains permission "plugininfo.export"
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial release
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    tha d0ctor

    hey man I love this plugin! way to go thanks now I can keep everyone posted with my exact plugins at all times on my website!

    the only features I could think to add would be color and font formatting and you should make it so the pages display as a webserver much like API craft or DYNMAP so you can view the txt file or xml (or html/php in future?) from:

    httP://serverip:port/plugininfo/plugins.txt etc...
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    I've been thinking about html export and I'd like to do something a little bit more complex (let's say a custom template)... For a simple html output I'll add support for using XSLT files.

    And for the "webserver" thing, so far I've been using this with separate web server (Apache), but I could do that... Maybe, I have never worked with http requests in standard java :)
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    tha d0ctor

    Check out API craft for some code ideas for this, its really a nice clean plugin, keep up the good work!
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    How do I export a txt file in a remotely hosted server?
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    I'll add ftp upload in next 24 hours (hopefully :) ).

    EDIT: Done.

    I created simple XSL transformation documents (transforms xml data into standard html webpage):

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    tha d0ctor

    hey, for the FTP upload can you please add a feature to upload any other file too please

    just have a banket text file like "upload.txt" that is formatted like

    "file location" "file name" "file extension" "ftp root dir" "ftp user" "ftp pass" "ftp address" "auto upload yes or no" "autoupload interval"

    cause I have a few files lile MCMMO stats and a few other things I'd like to autoupload to my FTP, thanks!

    great update by the way this plugin rox0rz j00r s0xorz
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    I could do that... As simple as possible, because There are a lot of tools for more complex usage.

    Updated to 0.1.3 - Added ApiCraft support
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    tha d0ctor

    excellent, can't wait!
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    I am not sure how to use the export to text or anything with this plugin. Can I get some guidance? Looking foward to using this for a forum changelog of sorts.

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    1) Create config files (by starting MC server).
    2) Change config file "config.yml". By default no export is enabled during server startup, so if you want to enable XML export, change "xmlSaveEnabled" to true. Same goes for TXT export ("txtSaveEnabled"). You can also change filename and export paths.
    3) Additionally you can configure level of exported information in "config_xml.yml" and "config_txt.yml".
    4) Restart MC server or use command "plugi reload".

    XML/TXT export will by now initiated during every server startup and you can initiate manual export by typing "plugi export".
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    Kevin Robbens

    This might be what I need, does this work like AutoHelp?
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    Wanted to say what an extremely useful plugin :) Thanks for making it!
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    I seem to have a problem...
    Bukkit 1185
    Windows 7 x64
    It was working then i restarted my server and this error popped up.
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    Are you using latest version of PluginInfo? It's strange because this plugin never interacts with Sign block entity or any other block entity for that matter.

    It seems like a conflict with another plugin.
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    Rename the plugin to Pluginfo! :)
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    Is this plugin dead or being updated? It no longer works in 1.2!
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    I was going to ask the same... or atleast move it to inactive plugins :)
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    Long time no see NateLogan. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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