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    Playtime - See how long you and others have been on.
    Version: v0.7

    Playtime simply shows how long you or another player have been online.
    Playtime also logs total time played, and can show this as well.

    Playtime supports language translation: Simply edit the "lang" file to change anything Playtime says.

    Playtime has been translated into German, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, and French:
    Playtime supports and is tested with PermissionsEx. Playtime also supports default Bukkit Permissions! (also the first plugin to do so! Not that that matters much.) And will support any permissions plugin that does the same. Playtime also tentatively supports Permissions 2.7.4 and 3.1.x, but is not tested against these.

    If you translate this plugin I would be very grateful if you would send me your lang file so that I may share it with others in this post.

    • See how long a player has been online
    • See how long you have been online
    • See how long a player has been online total
    • Supports PermissionsEx, Permission 2/3, Bukkit Permissions, and defaults to OP

    • /playtime (player) - Provide no player to check yourself, provide one to check that player.
    • /totalplaytime (playtime) - Provide no player to check yourself, provide one to check that player.
    Nodes (open)

    • playtime.* - Implies all others
    • playtime.self - Needed to check one's own playtime
    • playtime.other - Needed to check another player's playtime
    •* - Implies .total.self and .total.other
    • - Needed to check one's own total playtime
    • - Needed to check another player's total playtime

    Download Playtime

    • Version 0.7
      • Updated for new event system
    • Version 0.6
      • Never released
    • Version 0.5
      • Fixed totalplayertime not working all the time.
    • Version 0.4
      • Update for CB1060 and NPE fix.
    • Version 0.3
      • Added /totalplaytime [ Thanks for the bugtesting help @dbizzzle ]
    • Version 0.2
      • Added support for Bukkit Permissions! (First of many to do so!)
      • Version 0.2.1
        • A /reload no longer resets play time
    • Version 0.1
      • Initial release.
    Playtime was suggested by @19jojo93
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    Hey, I was trying to make a plugin like this, could you post source code so I can see how you did it?
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    i like this, how about a way to see everyone at once?
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    i just tested the permission playtime.self doesnt work then iget the message: /playtime (player)
    btw can u also implant a afk check so players cant cheat time? (if it isnt implented yet)
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    What Permissions plugin are you using? Also, if you do not have the permission it currently just defaults to the standard error message, which is "/playtime (player)"

    Not sure about an AFK check, could be expensive in terms to processing power, but an /afk command could possibly work, with some modification to the time calculation.
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    1. thx for this plugin i thought i have to write my own that does this but you saved me a lot of time
    2. would you like to add mysql to your plugin so i can display how long a player was online on my website?
    3. here is an lang file with an german translation:
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    1. You are most welcome.
    2. Well, this does not currently track total time one has played on a server, but if there is more demand for it, I will add it as an option.
    3. Thank you very much, it is in the main post now.
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    @NuclearW : i used the permissions you pasted in the main thread nothing more
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    I mean which plugin, PermissionsEx? Or Permissions 2.x? Or even Permissions 3.x?
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    groupmanager from essentials
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    This plugin currently does not support GroupManager.

    Please stay posted for more info regarding Bukkit Permissions, though.
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    essentials groupmanager has a jar that makes it work as both groupmanager and permissions
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    I do not test with that plugin, but I will look into it.

    In other news, v0.2 now supports Bukkit Permissions!
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    can you intergrate the afk check then cus there are plenty plugins that handle auto afk
    can you also make it write total playtime in a file instead of the time you have been online since login
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    is this just play time since login, or total combined player time since first time login?
    total would be amazing
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    can u make a auto message in this plugin?
    example if i play 1 hour its say "You Play This Server 1 hours"
    and every hour same message with othe number?
  17. Awesome plugin, just what i needed :)

    I translated the lang file to Danish:
    lang (open)
    not-online=<player> er ikke online.
    online=Du har været online i
    online-other=<player> har været online i

    EDIT: When you type the command without the permissions to do so it says '/playtime (player)'
    That could probally be fixed by setting 'return false;' to 'true' after it checks for permissions.
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    This is amazing, just perfect!

    Thank you :)
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    Version 0.2.1 - Reloading does not reset play times now

    I did, and thank you, the lang file is in the first post now.
    Glad you like it.
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    How about adding the command /totalplaytime, which counts while the player is online, but doesn't reset to zero when they log out =) ?
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    I'll work on that.

    Version 0.3 - added /totalplaytime

    Thanks to @dbizzzle for testing help

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    Wow, can't believe how speedy you were with that :]

    Will try it out asap!
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    perfect, just what i was after :)
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    Swedish translation
    not-online=<player> är inte online.
    online=Du har varit online i
    online-other=<player> har varit online i
    Always make sure to save the language file in UTF-8 mode, not in ANSI or the like.
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    Fun plugin, why wouldn't I make a Dutch translation?

    not-online=<player> is niet online.
    online=Je bent in totaal zo lang online geweest:
    online-other=<player> is zo lang online:
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    Thank you very much, I did make sure to do so, and it is now in the first post.
    Similarly, thank you very much, it is in the first post now.
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    Has anybody else had a problem with players /totalplaytime resetting?

    I'm not sure when or why it resets, possibly on server restart or crash? Some of my players got over 24 hours already and its reset twice now!
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    My guess is crash, as it never has a chance to put the time down to file! I'll put in an option for totals to be auto-saved every x minutes next version.
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    @NuclearW Do you think you could use mySQL as I would like to add a counter for each player on my site, and do not want to use big plugins that have stuff I will never need. Also, regardless of adding mySQL, do you thinkg you could add a /totalreset or /tptreset command so we could easily just reset the counters?

    Also, would you be able to make /totalplaytime <player> available when the player is offline?

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    I'm able to see offline players totalplaytime, you need to type their full name case sensitive

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