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    BlockCount - The Block Counting Plugin:

    Version: v0.3

    This project is now on BukkitDev! Download/Info here:
    I will still offer support in this thread.

    First of all I have to say, that I am a German hobbyprogrammer, so you
    can expect some bad english. ;)
    With my plugin you can help your users measure their building area,
    buildings ect. Basicly there are 2 main functions, the countingstick
    and the selection feather.
    The countingstick counts every block you rightclick on. This helps
    you counting blocks of asymetric structures.
    The selection feather works just like the wooden axe in worldedit.
    You can easily select an area by setting 2 points with left-/rightclick
    and with the command "/bc info" you'll get all informations you need,
    to be specific the height, length, width, volume and top-area.
    With this your users can plan the dimensions and scale of their house or
    project better.

    • Sinlge block counting with stick
    • Area/region measuring with feather (2 point selection as seen in Worldedit)
    • Displaying height,width,length,(surface-)area and volume of selection
    • Enabling/Disabling on command
    • Configurable items in config.yml
    • resetting counting sick and selection on command
    • Permissions node: "BlockCount.use"

    • /bc - enabling/disabling pluginfunctions (on disable items will act as usual)
    • /bc info - displays information of the selected area
    • /bc reset - sets counting stick to 0 and resets the selected area
    • /bc help - displays all BlockCount related commands
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    nice plugin, very helpful for building!
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    Such a nice plugin but its extremely similar to world edit, you should add some new features cuz World Edit can count all the blocks too.

    //count<block>[​IMG] [​IMG]Count the number of blocks in the region.
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    Thanks for the reply!
    Of course I am planning to add new features. This plugin is made for the "normal" users of your server, who normally don't have World Edit permissions. And as far as i know //count <block> only counts a specific type of Block in your region. My plugin gives you information about the dimensions.
    I would be happy if you can suggest me more features to add, which might help Users building their houses and projects.
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    Sorry bro, i wrote the wrong command.
    /distr[-c][​IMG] [​IMG]Get the block distribution in the selection.
    bout the suggestion, i have no creativity but i'm sure a plugin to build roofs with stairs would be pretty cool or something to freeze blocks like lava/water/sand/gravel to dont let em spread until ur done
    anyway looks like ur plugin is even more detailed than world edit's /distr
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    Well that command does basicly the same as //count. It counts the amount of blocks of a specific type in your selection. BlockCount is more about the outer dimensions of your selection, like height,width and lenght, which are (in my opinion) more usefull for a simple user, than knowing what your selection is made of (anyway i think i will add this in future releases).
    Thanks for the suggestions, but i think that freezing blocks would cause too much trouble, as you can grief others easily with it.
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    thanks :)
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    looks good. I'll install this in a few days and let you know how I get on.
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    Any chance the selection stick is configurable? A lot of plugins seem to use that item, maybe wood shovel or hoe is an option?
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    I will add a config file, where you can change the Items. If you'd like, i could give you a modified preversion with other Items. The config file will be addet within the next days. :)

    EDIT: New version 1.0 with config.yml and /bc help command uploadet! Aviable for download after approval on BukkitDev!

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