Inactive [INFO] MinecraftViewer v1.0d - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images with live player stats [1.2.5+]

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    Steve Member

    MinecraftViewer - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images featuring live stats:
    Version: v1.0d

    This plugin works with to create banners & signature images for your Minecraft server featuring live stats graphs for your players, perfect for forum signatures :)

    Example Banners
    Small Banner - 350x20
    Large Banner - 560x95

    • Adds query protocol support to your Minecraft server
    • Works with to generate banner image featuring player stats graphs
    • Multiple Background Images to select from
    • Custom Background Images Supported
    • Supports Dynamic IP servers via DynDNS
    • *New* Native Support in Minecraft v1.0+ (no need for a plugin anymore)
    Getting Started - Minecraft Retail v1.0+
    1. Enable Query Support by setting enable-query=true in
    2. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Getting Started - Old Beta Versions of Minecraft Only
    1. Download the CraftBukkit plugin
    2. Place the MinecraftViewer.jar in you server plugins directory
    3. Restart your server or reload the plugins with /reload
    4. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Known Issues

    • IKVM's DatagramSocket handling functions are broken which prevents MinecraftViewer from working correctly, use a standard JRE instead of IKVM to fix.
    Version 1.0d
    • Added a potential fix for buggy JRE or possibly LINUX kernel not timing out socket receive calls, causing a shutdown hang.
    Version 1.0c
    • Added potential fix for buggy JRE closing UDP ports when receiving ICMP port unreachable packets
    Version 1.0b
    • Added debugging option to help support
    Version 1.0a
    • Added comma separator between world names for multi world servers
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
    Also Available - Voice Comms Status Blocks

    If you like this you might also like which generates live status blocks for Teamspeak, Ventrilo & Mumble to embed on you website.

    Example Status Block generated by
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    I just installed it, it looks great! But I wish the server name was in the plugin config so I do not have to restart every time I want to change the name
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    I don't get what your on about much.

    I gather u want to host it on your own severs maybe that could have been an option but frankly its much more hassle to host your own then to just let a hoster do it for you and besides you're using bugger all of your OWN bandwidth this way as the hoster is most likely using a PAID Web host of some kinds that he probably uses for his own website for his server and has an abundent of bandwidth and wants to share it with u for free.

    Id would not be anything but gratefull.


    looks good will give it shot - u got any data on local bandwidth useage ?
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    Steve Member

    Virtually nothing, your looking at approximately: 27 bytes in and 65 bytes out once a minute.

    /reload will update your server name under Bukkit no need to restart your server :)

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    Oh nice love it when banners with player stats us almost no bandwidth.
    Are you taking custom background by anychance just tell me how and the dimenison in pm and what text I need to put where for the things to work. maybe give me a psd of a template or something.
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    ...and on the tangent of listing the dyndns names for the IP, be sure there's adequate space for the names to not run over things like port # and such.

    For example:
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    So yeah, I wrote an open-source plugin which lets people create their own advertising free banner hosted on their own minecraft server. Yay. :p OPENSOURCE FTW!
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    Steve Member

    Yes we are looking into that, the images will need to be the size of the large banner, no text required.

    An example of what your looking for is:-

    While the name of the site where you can get the plugin is technically advertising, its only so others know where to get it from, so hardly bad.

    Also hosting banners on a minecraft server is a bad idea, LAG!!

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    Looks good simpler then Minequerys is lol.

    Btw Im actually offering to attempt to make more banners for you for the time being until users can upload there own I'm willing to apply effects and things to ones you have to give different variations.

    I believe I pointed that out to the guy who was whining coz he could not use this to host with.
    I just dont why he was complain I'm just gratefull I dont have to host it myself and its free. I already host dynmap but thats not too bad as its not a constant thing that is showing 24 hours a day.
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    Steve Member

    That's one reason not to use the hostname tbh as they can be very long and there is limited space, so possibly better to stick with the IP on the graphic but generated from the hostname each time.
    That way it will always fit and be up to date, what do you think?

    Adding a drop down for some alternative backgrounds would be quicker to develop than custom uploads so if your willing to do some alternatives for people that would be cool IMO, see the example background above as a template.

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    I think it'll work out well. As you can see (at this time), I have put the banners up so you can see the differences.
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    Not really any lag - consider the banner is 30kb and being served from the BukkitHTTPD plugin - so causes no noticeable lag at all. See that signature of mine? Served directly from my minecraft server, with an up-to-date player list and infinitely customisable themes.

    I've been using it on my server since I first wrote it, and there's been no lag. You're welcome to test it yourself and let me know if there is any lag.
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    Sure will get onto it to start with ill do colore changes of the one u posted for me and tints then move on to completely new and varied ones.

    I already got the one u sent me :p, do you plan at some point maybe introduce custom uploads ?

    Im going to assume the informaiton displayed is a static display and cannot be moved around the banner "if it is not let me know" there for I will keep only small img to the left and leave the right side of the banners free and clean as per example.
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    Don Redhorse

    did you install the plugin first?


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    Could we get DNS support for the IP ? and
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    Steve Member

    You can paste in dns entry to the viewer search option but currently it will resolve it and used that from then onwards.

    We will look at updating that so it stores and uses that for lookups each time in the future.
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    Thanks and P.S I already started making some banner imgs for you just waiting till I have like 10 and will send them to you in bulk.
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    im not stupid. of course i did.
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    I like to host scripts by myself so they can't be edited with advertisements, etc. Or changed in the future without notice. Also, unlimited bandwidth (datacenter) doesn't cost me anything. Even if, I could simply pay the cheap 10c per gig. Also I don't use a "Web Host", but I do sell it if you want.
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    Thx but I have a webhost, I guess your probably an owner of an ISP or ceo of some other ISP backbone infrastructure man I wish I had those kinds of resources. The closest that that I will probably get that is being a network techy for an ISP . I get your point now tho and its not a bad point tbh.
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    Server is showing as offline, even though it is up and people are playing on it. Everything is installed and working correctly...
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    These are not much but I came up with some let me know if got any requests for banners, Do you have any PSD files for the main one or the main so I can color it properly ?

    I will keep pumping these out in lots like this so just pick and choose if u like any of them.


    Hmm I took the img from OP so I can use it a reference for next lot I wanna try adding icons infront of the text for the status bits.

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    Steve Member

    What's your server's IP & port we'll check it for you.
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    I would like to add domain names to IP address field.
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    Steve Member

    We're considering it but most of them wouldnt fit, so we may not do it, or we may do it if they fit falling back to the IP if they don't.

    If you're still having issues download v1.0b and drop me a PM with your server IP / Port so we can look at it for you.

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    does it only show the IP or can use set it up to show the address like i can with minequery. because i like your banners alot better i just want to make sure that i can change it so it doesnt show the IP :p
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    Steve Member

    We're in the process of adding this, hopefully we'll have it done in the next few days.
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    k, well ill check back in a few days and probably switch over when you do add it :)
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    what about adding the choice for a custom pic for the banner?
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    Steve Member

    Already answered, see above :)

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