Inactive [INFO] MinecraftViewer v1.0d - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images with live player stats [1.2.5+]

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    Steve Member

    MinecraftViewer - Generate Server Banners / Sig Images featuring live stats:
    Version: v1.0d

    This plugin works with to create banners & signature images for your Minecraft server featuring live stats graphs for your players, perfect for forum signatures :)

    Example Banners
    Small Banner - 350x20
    Large Banner - 560x95

    • Adds query protocol support to your Minecraft server
    • Works with to generate banner image featuring player stats graphs
    • Multiple Background Images to select from
    • Custom Background Images Supported
    • Supports Dynamic IP servers via DynDNS
    • *New* Native Support in Minecraft v1.0+ (no need for a plugin anymore)
    Getting Started - Minecraft Retail v1.0+
    1. Enable Query Support by setting enable-query=true in
    2. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Getting Started - Old Beta Versions of Minecraft Only
    1. Download the CraftBukkit plugin
    2. Place the MinecraftViewer.jar in you server plugins directory
    3. Restart your server or reload the plugins with /reload
    4. Visit to create and configure your server banners
    Known Issues

    • IKVM's DatagramSocket handling functions are broken which prevents MinecraftViewer from working correctly, use a standard JRE instead of IKVM to fix.
    Version 1.0d
    • Added a potential fix for buggy JRE or possibly LINUX kernel not timing out socket receive calls, causing a shutdown hang.
    Version 1.0c
    • Added potential fix for buggy JRE closing UDP ports when receiving ICMP port unreachable packets
    Version 1.0b
    • Added debugging option to help support
    Version 1.0a
    • Added comma separator between world names for multi world servers
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
    Also Available - Voice Comms Status Blocks

    If you like this you might also like which generates live status blocks for Teamspeak, Ventrilo & Mumble to embed on you website.

    Example Status Block generated by
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    Come on... As usual, you host it yourselves which is unreliable. Why are people so greedy with status scripts? Why don't people like you just share it and make it open source? Really annoying, no point, no thanks.

    I do like that you release this plugin for people who "really" want it, but it's useless and pointless if it's hosted on your server and not the server owner (manual).

    It's all about advertising your site on someone elses status banned! Woohoo!!!! Sort of revolves like the governments of this world, which is sad though...
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    i dont get you...
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    Steve Member

    Not sure why you seem to have a problem? We've spent a long time developing the plugin and the site for everyone to use, I don't think putting the URL of the site for others to get a banner for their own server is a problem is it?

    If you have a problem accessing the site please let us know, our hosting is top quality and any issues reported are taken seriously, just drop us a ticket: Multiplay Support

    We will be posting the source but we need to get some updates into the core bukkit code first, which are pending, before we do. If you would like to test it check it out its available on

    So as you can see not only have we developed the plugin, developed the site but we are also working hard with the bukkit developers to add new features and improve old ones contributing to this excellent open source project.

    Finally on one's stopping you using the plugin and writing your on banner signature generator using the query protocol the plugin provides, but we wanted to give everyone a quick and easy all in one solution, not something that everyone has to spend time and effort to make work.
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    I generated a banner but had the default "Unknown Server" in my config, how long will it take for it to generate a new banner? I have changed the server name in the config and reloaded the server.

    Also, it thinks my server is in the UK... it's in the USA
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    Steve Member

    Banners are cached for 10minutes to ensure they are served quickly when used in forum sigs etc. After that it will update.

    With regards the country, that's a good catch. The default is UK, as it has no way of reliably detecting its location we'll add the ability to edit this on the site.

    Added GeoIP lookup for the country as a temporary workaround until we have the ability to edit it on the site.

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    Don Redhorse

    any ports which needs to be opened in the firewall?
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    Steve Member

    Forgot to mention above, you do realise we're the current host for these forums, so I think you can see from that our hosting is pretty good :D

    It uses the same port as your server, but its UDP not TCP, so if you only added TCP for your server you need to add UDP for the same port as well.

    Added this to the MinecraftViewer FAQ - What ports are used?

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    Sweet plugin. :D

    Sweet plugin :D

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    Steve Member

    Glad you like it! If you have any ideas on improvements etc let us know.
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    I like the idea behind this. I will see if i like after i install and try
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    it says unknown server name im the banner how do i fix this ps im not a multiplay server
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    Geoff Winans

    I think what the first complainer wanted was the source for the image generator. Somewhat reasonable request, but I digress. You spent your time on it, your choice.

    It'd be nice to host the image generator locally.

    On a side note:

    The world list shows all worlds, looks goofy. Here's the output:

    worldminigamesnethercreative (invades the status graph)

    Maybe a way for us to tell what world names we want sent or split the list?


    Or default to adding commas.

    world,minigames,nether,creative (but this also invades the status graph).
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    Steve Member

    Nice catch Geoff, it should be comma separated.
    v1.0a should fix that, download link in OP, let us know if that fixes it for you.
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    steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve you missed my question :oops::'(
    why does my banner say "unknown server" under server name?
    is it because its not multiplay?
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    What was wrong with using minequery?
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    Steve Member

    You set your servers name in

    I've added a new MinecraftViewer FAQ: My server's called "Unknown Server" how do I change it? with more details.

    When I looked at that I spotted a few things:
    • It doesn't use one of standard server query protocols, although I do like its us of json
    • It's quite heavy, using a separate thread per request which could be used to take the server down.
    • It's tcp based, which works well for what it does but isn't ideal for a query protocol
    • It requires additional configuration, so not as simple as it could be
    Overall Minequery is a good plugin, it just wasn't quite what we where looking for :)

    Didn't miss you rockxz2135, was just updating the FAQ for you when my net connection went down, see my answer in the post above :D

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    Awesome development!

    A little request. I'm using a wrapper to run Bukkit, so that Bukkit is running on an internal IP (, and the wrapper, which is bound to the external ip, passes everything through to it.

    Currently I'm running Minequery which I modified so that it looks in for the setting server-ip-external and binds to that if it has been defined, other wise it uses the server-ip value.

    Something you might consider for this?

    EDIT: Just released that what I'm requesting might not actually be possible with MinecraftViewer.
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    Steve Member

    If the wrapper passes everything through it should work, but the protocol is UDP not TCP, so your wrapper would need to deal with that.

    Out of interest why the wrapper?
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    I recognize that it's not what you were looking for, but just curious if I can still interface with it, or query it like I can Minequery, for my own status checking purposes on my own site...
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    Steve Member

    Sure you can, it talks gs4 which is a standard protocol supported by tools such as qstat
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    Small request: When inputting a web address for the ip, don't strip it back down to the IP address :3

    Other than that, very nice plugin, and the banners are nice and clean.
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    I second PsychoNecrosis, I also prefer it to remain on the domainname instead of the ip-address. It also might be a problem when an ip is changing for people on servers with dynamic ip. They can they use something like a dyndns?
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    Any plan on allowing us to use our own images or perhaps a choice of designs? I would like to have this banner on my website, but the color scheme and images just does not go with my design. i don't mind advertising for you guys, after all, you did put up all the work. I was just curious if the design could be changed or modified?

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    when i try to create the banner it asks me to type in my IP and port so thats what i do. and then it says that it cant connect to my server. why is that?
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    i'd like to change the banner and all that as well.
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    No response from server (timeout)
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    Steve Member

    Thanks for the feedback, will look into this.

    I assume your referring to the background image? If so that's something we're considering as an enhancement.

    Did you checkout the MinecraftViewer FAQ: I've installed the Canary plugin but it doesn't work

    Did you checkout the MinecraftViewer FAQ: I've installed the Canary plugin but it doesn't work

    Its something we're considering as an enhancement yes. The small banner can already customise all of the colors :)

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