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    This plugin outputs a JSON file containing player locations for use with various Minecraft mapping software.

    1. Put MapMarkers.jar in your plugins folder
    2. Run your server once to generate a config file
    3. Edit plugins/MapMarkers/config.yml to your liking

    SETUP FOR MINECRAFT OVERVIEWER (Courtesy of FlukiestEmperor)
    0. Perform installation (see above)
    1. Edit MapMarkers.yml so that markers.json is placed in the same folder as your Minecraft Overviewer output
    Alternatively don't edit MapMarkers.yml, make a symlink (Linux):
    ln -s path/to/minecraft/server/bin/world/markers.json path/to/minecraft/map/markers.json
    2. Put player.png, player.php, and player_markers.js where the overviewer index.html is. (Optionally web_assets in your overviewer source directory)
    If you don't want to use player skins as the markers (requires PHP, allow_url_fopen, and ideally write permissions by your PHP user), copy player_markers_noskin.js and rename it to player_markers.js
    3. Add a line to your source overviewer index.html that reads:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="player_markers.js"></script>
    4. Run overviewer and everything should work

    0. Perform installation (see above)
    1. Edit MapMarkers.yml so that markers.json is placed in the same folder as your Pigmap output
    Alternatively don't edit MapMarkers.yml, make a symlink (Linux):
    ln -s path/to/minecraft/server/bin/world/markers.json path/to/minecraft/map/markers.json
    2. Put player.png, player.php, and player_markers_old.js where the pigmap HTML is.
    If you don't want to use player skins as the markers (which requires PHP, allow_url_fopen, and ideally write permissions by your PHP user), copy player_markers_noskin_old.js and rename it to player_markers.js
    3. Add two lines to your source template.html that reads:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="player_markers.js"></script>
    4. Run pigmap and everything should work

    plugins/MapMarkers/config.yml contains all settings

    saveInterval (default 3000): How often to output the markers, in milliseconds
    outputFile (default world/markers.json): Where to place the output file
    dateFormat (default yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss): How to format timestamps in the output JSON.
    writeSpawn (default false): Whether or not to place spawn markers (one for each world) in the output.

    • Fixed for new configuration and event handling (Now works in 1.1-R6 and 1.2-betawhatever)
    • Updated quit event signature (fixes the nag errors)
    • Updated player_markers.js for the latest version of Overviewer. Pigmap and old versions of Overviewer are in the _old suffix (unchanged from 0.3.2)
    • Readme file contains the right instructions pointing to the new config location.

    • Properly included player_markers_noskin.js in the zip
    • Fixed a bug in player.php
    • Config file is now located in plugins/MapMarkers/config.yml. The plugin will automatically create the folder/file as necessary.
    • JSON output now includes world name instead of GUID.

    • Removed the constructor for compatability with new versions of Bukkit.
    • Plugin now handles player teleport events.
    • Timer now uses the bukkit scheduling stuff instead of a separate thread.

    • JSON output now has IDs indicating the marker type
    • Optional spawn markers (see config file)
    • JSON output includes world GUID
    • Player skins as can be used as icons
    FUTURE(Possible features)
    • Easy multiworld support.
    • Commands to add custom markers
    • Server weather and time
    • Player-controlled hiding of their position.
    • Zoom-to-player and track player

    Most recent version available at: (Direct Jar)
    Older versions can be downloaded from:
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    What other plugins are you using? My server runs MapMarkers and Permissions 3 with no issues.
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    i figured out that My Home / MyWarp
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    work well on bukkit 950 with overviewer 1.4-89 after having made ​​the changes mentioned on the previous page.
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    The changes mentioned on the previous page should already be fixed in 0.3.3.

    EDIT: Works in 953 with no modifications, so I'm going to bump the supported build number.
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    How can I get this to work with multi-world, because right now I have two worlds, a regular world and a "_nether" world? or will it just track people in my main world an not nether? My web server has two maps, an "x.x.x.x/map/world" and a "x.x.x.x/map/nether"
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    Please make a video tutorial how to install the plugin
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    picturs please?
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    Anyone have a latest player list working with the latest overviewer?

    Tried the one from post 55 but doesn't work.

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    I haven't updated my overviewer install recently. I'll check it out soon, probably around the same time I update my personal server to build 1000 to make sure MapMarkers works.
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    That is the most pointless post i've ever seen!
    EDIT: I just realized this was almost as pointless -.-.
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    would rely need help with this. is it multi world compatible?
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    So I can link back I created a issue on the overviewer tracker asking for multiworld here and reasons why it should have official support.

    I was thinking is there a way to make this work in conjunction with fake logout/in plugins such as Administrate and invisible plugins such as Vanish.

    How I would predict is a fake/logout makes the marker disappear as if you logged off.
    Vanish without fake logout makes the marker stay at its last spot before you vanished.

    We rely on vanish for player tracking and are thinking of using fake logout so players think no-one is online when they do stuff.

    And players rely on mapmarkers for there positions as it currently is players if are observant can see can if a mod/admin is watching them when were inadvisable.

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    I can not get MapMarkers work.
    I have no markers showing up ..

    I use the Overviewer: 0.1.4

    I have done as described:
    1. Put MapMarkers.jar in your plugins folder:

    2. Edit plugins/MapMarkers/config.yml to:

    Then I have done as described in the thread.

    The address of the index.html:

    As you can see, markers.js looks good i think:

    Can it be some wrong with player_markers.js?

    I use MapMarkers 0.3.2 at the moment.
    And i have tested 0.3.3 with no luck.

    And all is running on a windows server with bukkit recommended build 1000

    Any ideas?
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    I'm noticing that my character is dangling around in 1038.
    I login, I move around, and the json is built correctly. But when I log out, my character stays in the json file forever.

    Is this a known issue in 1038?
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    writeSpawn: false
    outputFile: C:/output/markers.JSON
    dateFormat: yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss
    saveInterval: 3000
    You have markers.js and not .json.
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    @TJ09 I can also confirm that MapMarkers screws up when the server is empty. When it empties it fails to remove the players from the Markers.json file.
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    To those of you who are getting players "hanging around" when the server is empty, there's a bug in the source. I've fixed it since @TJ09 seems to be M.I.A. at the moment. The fixed version can be found here:
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    I've tried with .json as well, which it is right now.

    The problem seems to be that MapMarkers.jar doesn't create the markers.json file at all.

    I have tried to delete the folder MapMarkers and removed MapMarkers.jar
    Then I put it all over again.

    But when i start the server, it doesn't create the MapMarkers folder?

    When i check the console of the server i got no erros and it says that MapMarkers 0.3.2 is loaded.
    Can it be some other plugin that prevents MapMarkers to work properly?


    I found the problem ..

    MapMarkers would not work when I start the server through RemoteToolkit.

    When I start using clean craftbukkit build everything works fine, and Markers.json is updateing like it should!
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    ok look i couldnt be stuffed (No offense) to read all of the stuff but what im looking for is like to be able to set a marker there and then if that could like give me the co-ordinates to that specific chunk/destination ;).
    so if there was a way to basically set the marker at that chunk/destination and then make it to tell me the co-ordinates that would be th BEST thing that could ever happen to my server as i have lost my city thati have made and now i have made a new world set the spawn there and well errr i lost my old spawn :L soo um yeah :p
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    plz update link to new 3.3 version
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    VanishNoPacket has jsonapi support for hiding vanished players please support this feature in the markers.

        The call is isVanished with arg of player's name. Returns true/false
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    The download links in the original post are dead. Could someone reupload the latest version please? I have 0.3.2 but I need the latest.

    EDIT: Link works again.
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    Nice! I had some problems configing this, but now it works at last :) Live with skins and everything.

    Might there be an idea to have a boolean in config.yml where you can choose if you want to keep disconnected players or not? Kinda like an "last online position" with an all gray skin maybe?
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    Just to update about my last post here.

    The Vanish no packet guy has a modified version working with his plugin were using.
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    Hrm, have you considered multiple world support as a feature? Like, just have different .json outputs for each world? Or is that possible and I'm just an idiot?
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    I have a problem i can't see that anyone else has posted.

    The issue is that each time i run it will overwrite the index.html and thus remove the player_markers.js which i've added.

    Is there somehow i can config the overviewer to add the line, or what can i do?

    MapMarkers version 0.3.3
    Minecraft-Overviewer 0.3.0-169
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    You change the files In the overviewer templates folder not the output folder.
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    @Revenger Ah. Nice! I didn't know such files came with the overviewer.

    I edited the /Minecraft-Overviewer/overviewer_core/data/web_assets/index.html now :)
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    So I have my map located on a server that uploads the map to a shared hosting server once a day, I'd like to store my Markers.json file on my dropbox folder so it updated more often.

    So in player_markers.js I edited it and made it list line, however it doesn't work. Any help?

    $.getJSON('', function(data) {

    As you can see, the file is there and the data is working, but the map will not pull that info and add the player locations.

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