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    LoginMessages - gives login messages and /rules command
    Bukkit version: 1185
    Version: 1.5

    everytime someone logs in the servers will say " Welcome to the server <player name> ! Type /Rules for server rules! :D "

    it also provides the /Rules command which is written in the plugins config file.

    Login messages for every player that logs in.
    /Rules command to display server rules to the player. (Rules set in config file)

    /Rules : displays server rules to the player

    Place .jar in plugins folder
    Run server, plugin will generate config file
    replace " <Replace with server rules> " with server rules and save config (note: with diffrent lines just clear the '<replace with...>' to leave it blank. also something is messing up the config and re-arranging the order of the lines, watch out for this)
    restart server / reload plugins

    LoginMessages.jar (dropbox)

    Source Code:

    Version: 1.5 : Added diffrent lines to the rules command
    Version: 1.0 : Added config file, Submitted to Bukkit
    Version: 0.5 : Added /Rules command
    Version: 0.0 : Plugin Completed

    turn off login message
    make login message global or to player
    make configurable login message

    this is my first plugin so be nice :)
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    does the author actually reply to posts or what?
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    is it 1.2.5 competible?
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    Sorry for the lack of replys, for some reason i stopped getting emails about posts here (and i dont check), Im currently re - writing the whole thing with lots of new features, expect it soon anyway!
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    the config file does not creates

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