[INFO] LightLevel V.4 - Display Light Level of a block [1.1-R7]

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  1. LightLevel - A diagnostic tool that displays the light level of blocks
    Current Version: v0.3 - Download - OLD Bukkit
    DEV Version: v0.4-DEV - Download - Bukkit 1.1-R7+

    Want live help? Join #lightlevel on EsperNet

    To Fix "[SEVERE] ebean.properties not found":
    Simply create a file "ebean.properties" in the same folder your Bukkit jar is in. If you ask about this in the thread, I'll tell you to refer to the large red text in the OP.

    I created this as a small diagnostic tool to verify my crop lighting placements. It's very simple; only one command 2 commands and it does support permissions, if you really want to restrict this sort of thing for some of your users.


    Video HOWTO (Thanks iffa)

    • Simple lightweight way to verify light levels
    • Numbers are color coded (RED: Hostile Mobs, Yellow: No Mobs, GREEN: Friendly Mobs)
    • Allow use of a "wand" (defaults to torch) so you can left click on blocks and get light level readings fast!
    • Wand toggles; /llwand turns it on or off, that way you can go back to your normal punching goodness!
    • Wand preference saves per user between sessions with use of built in database, no externals to install! Yay!
    • Utilizes permissions (lightlevel.use)
    Download V0.3
    Download V0.2
    Download V0.1
    Github Source

    Config File
    The config file is super simple, and should look like this:
        default: true
        item: 50
        enable: true
    default: Do you want users wands to be enabled or disabled by default? This only applies to first run, once a user picks enable/disable, it will persist through server restarts.
    item: Item id of the wand
    enable: true/false, do you want the wand enabled or disabled for ALL users?

    • Nothing right now
    [] = needed; <> = optional
    /lightlevel: Displays the light level of the block you're looking at, current limit is 50 blocks
    /ll: Displays the light level of the block you're looking at, current limit is 50 blocks
    /llwand: Toggles use of the wand on or off
    Please Post any questions/comments/requests!

    Version 0.3
    • Actually fixed NullPointerException in rare cases
    • Add ebean persistence
    • Add /ll convince command, much faster to type
    • Add /llwand to toggle on/off wand
    • Add config file to configure: Wand item id, Default wand, Wand disable
    Version 0.2
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Very handy and straightforward. I am sure I will be needing this in the future!
  3. Hahaha! I just made an almost EXACT replica of this plugin a few days ago. What a coincidence. :)
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    This is so useful... I made a short video.
  5. Haha, yea I searched around and couldn't find one so I threw it up here!

    Awesome, thanks, placed in OP.

    And finally:
    Version 0.2

  6. Haha, I didnt release mine cuz it was quickly thrown together in like 10 minutes. Yours has colors! Which is already more features than mine does. :)
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    Any way you can add in the ability to say left click a block with a <configurable item> to see it's lightlevel, instead of command based? Maybe add a toggle to turn it off and on?

    /LL turns on lightlevel so now left clicking with a torch(or any item) checks light level.

    Would be great for checking a bigger area easily.
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    I just came to ask this myself. Would make this 1000x faster to use and set up large places easier. Great plugin just needs a bit more function.
  9. @Nananea
    Sure guys, I have a G15, so I just macro'd it :) I'll see what I can do, may take me a day or two though...
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    Ohhhhh...good idea....*programs her G15*
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    I can confirm it working fine on 733. Thanks for the useful tool!
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    this would be cool if you could change the light level :L i cant find ANY plugins that do that! :(
  13. Almost done with this update!

    Not really the intention of this plugin and not sure that this is not currently possible , sorry.
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    Awesome, thanx for that gonna make a great addition to the server.
  15. The initial work is done I'm just adding some polish, should only be an additional day. I had a long day with MultiVerse today.
  16. Sorry @Scyfi and @Nananea for the delay, was getting super busy with WolfPound and MultiVerse (both just had new additions to bukkit that broke them :( broken plugins come first)

    I also decided to add persistence in this rev, which I was going to wait.

    If you want the "wand" functionality, upgrade now!

    Version 0.3
    • Actually fixed NullPointerException in rare cases
    • Add ebean persistence
    • Add /ll convince command, much faster to type
    • Add /llwand to toggle on/off wand
    • Add config file to configure: Wand item id, Default wand, Wand disable
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    Awesome thanks so much, works great!
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    Very cool man thanx a lot!
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    Not sure what's up, but a custom wand doesn't seem to do anything. CB740 (tried goldhoe and goldshovel so far)
    EDIT: Oooh it's LEFT click...
    EDIT2: Default wand enabled doesn't seem to work.. everyone still needs to type /llwand...
  20. bah, knew I forgot something, I think that's a bug I forgot about :confused:

    it was late... I should be able to get an update out soon... but... the good news is that even on server restart everyone's wand preference will be saved! :)
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  21. Just a side note, I will be traveling this next week and will have very spotty internet, so I hope nothing breaks this plugin, I will try and check in daily but no promises :)
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    Ian Yang

    Thank you for making this :) Very nice plugin, but I encountered an error.
    If you check the light level of a block in water, it shows the Get closer! error even if your are 1,3,5 blocks away
  23. Hrm... I'll take a look. Currently in the middle of a move, so It will be a week or so maybe...
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    this looks like a useful addition to my server. any chance to see an update on this anytime soon or is MV2 taking most of your time?
  25. If you were referring to the topic version, I'd just forgotten to update it, it works fine in all latest builds.

    As for that underwater error, no, MV2 is consuming all of my minecraft programming time.
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    oh alright, cool. Hope MV2 goes well!
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    Is it possible making redstone switches depending of light level ?
  28. Hmm, so you're basically saying a redstone switch would activate at a given lightlevel? I think it should be possible, since it's really easy to get the light level of a given block. The source is on Github, and is licensed under free BSD, so feel free to have at it!

    I don't think you were implying, but I'm just clairifying: Don't think this feature belongs in this plugin (lightlevel).
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    Ok so I'll have a look on it
    Just want to make RP gates closing at nights for example

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