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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by DemmyDemon, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Curious is there a way to test the ping of a certain individual?
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    If you had read the thread you would have know that there is, but it's blocking. I'm working on a way to solve this so it doesn't actually cause lag...
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    Thank you, this plugin is great :)
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    You're very welcome!


    0.3 is out, which supports inferior permissions solutions as long as they have plugin name "Permissions" and provide .getHandler(), which returns an object that provides .permission()
    That should cover Permissions and a few others.

    Let me know if it blows up in your face.
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    I read the clear English on this page. I was simply giving my feedback as to why you received those private messages. If that is how you are going to treat your plugin users then I think I will just not use your plugin then. If you cannot handle constructive criticism then I know exactly where this plugin will end up. Good day.
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    I'm sorry about barking at you, but it is in clear English in this thread that I would be reverting the change. The change has been reverted. How's that for handling criticism?
    I did listen, and I have now made it usable with Permissions (and friends) again. How much better could the listening to criticism get?

    I truly am sorry about the wording. Just take into consideration how frustrating it is to donate your free time, of your own free will, just to have people tell you you suck because you're an early adopter of an API.
    No fun. Not very inspiring for future development. Very inspiring towards usage of rather coarse language, and for a hothead arrogant bastard such as myself, I feel I've been pretty well contained this time around.
  8. Thanks for the downgrade to the old Permissions systems' :). Keep up the good work :D
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    You're welcome.
    Let's hope its short-lived, because for developers the new system is far far superior.
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    I agree with that.
    honestly when they release the converter from 3.1.x to bukkit permissions I'm probably gonna hop over. until then I'm being lazy and not changing what's working for me lol.
    But according to the 3.1.x thread and github, the author has been inactive for a couple weeks already, and didn't mention why or if/when he'd be back.
    I'd prefer 'official' support if stuff breaks :)
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    There is already a converter here:
    That's what I used, anyway. Works flawlessly and requires only slight retouching.

    Still, I'll have to insist that we don't turn this into a PermissionsBukkit support thread.
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    I do thank you for apologizing. I know how frustrating things can get when donating your own time to do something for free (as I am a novice programmer).

    I applaud you for adopting PermissionsBukkit extremely quickly but dropping the others wasn't a good choice, that was all I meant by my earlier post. I wasn't yelling at you, I wasn't threatening you with a lawsuit (lol). I was simply telling you how I felt regarding it. :)

    Trust me. I am someone who likes to adopt new things quickly (eg. Windows betas', etc) but sadly as I said a few of my plugins do not work at the moment with it (MCDocs is the first that comes to mind) even with SuperPermBridge. :(
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    ... why do you keep iterating over this? I realize dropping Permissions support early was a poor choice, so I reverted the change. Can we let it go?
    Also, you weren't yelling at me, fine, but you kept bringing it up again and again and again, explaining the same thing over and over.

    Dude, I'm not three years old. I get it.
    Can we move on now?
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    Seriously? I gave you a compliment and simply made idle conversation in the last post regarding early adoption and what not....and you attack me ONCE AGAIN?????

    Do you really NOT want people to use your program? Do you feel ANY kind of comment to you is an attack??

    I brought it up once....you flamed me for constructive criticism....I merely responded and didn't challenge you again on it....you flamed me again.

    I'm sorry but forget this plugin; as long as you feel you can attack your users like this for simply speaking to you then I wash my hands of it.
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    Haha, what? That was an attack?
    Aaaanyway, whatever, let's just move on.
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    Could you please add the following config entry:

    And please disable "Permissions plugin not found, defaulting to OPS CHECK mode" in logfiles - thats really annoying

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    It doesn't say that any more. Not since 0.1.
    What would "usepermissions" toggle on and off, exactly? I'll be happy to try and make this work, but you'll have to tell me what you want it to do.
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    Ill try v0.3 :)

    PS: problem solved, log file seems to be fine now
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    Hope it serves you well.
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    Feature request: a /ping command, if possible.
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    Already requested, already working on it.
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    thanks for the plugin. VERY helpful for both the admin and the players.

    Would it be possible to include a logging feature so that it would record the TPS and a timestamp every [LogInterval] minutes?
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    Sure, that's not a big problem at all.
    A separate log, or the main logfile/console?
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    A separate log would be easier to parse (IMO). Thanks!
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    /lagmem output seems to be not true

    lagmem said: 5000/5461 MB, 91%free
    top said: 2.3 gig ram used by minecraft server
    31402 minecraf -20 2.3g S   62 28.9  30:54.53 java

    I think lagmem only looks for ram used by worldserver, he ignores ram usage of dynmap and other things running on this thread. Also my ramdisk tmpfs values are not recognized. ( Debian Squeeze, Linux )
    df -H | grep ramdisk
    tmpfs                  4.2G   1.2G   3.1G  27% /home/ramdisk

    additional info:
    > 8 gb of RAM
    > 6gb allocated with "-Xmx6144M" for minecraft server
    > other java parameters in use = "-server -Xnoclassgc"
    > ramdisk size is dynamic ( current about ~1.2 gig, see above )
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    The memory used by Java (the VM, the bytecode parser, the garbage collection etc) and the memory used by the application itself is two highly different things.
    Depending on how you told Java to behave towards memory allocation, it might be slightly off, or completely and utterly different.

    The whole point of lagmeter's RAM usage indicator is to tell you how much memory is available to the actual software running in the VM according to Java, and how much of that is in actual use. Well, inversely, actually... It tells you how much is not in actual use, but the effect is the same.

    It has very little to do with your operating system's view on reality, as it's not asking the kernel. It's asking Java.

    Also, why on earth would it recognize your ramdisk? It's not measuring disk space at all, and Java has no idea that your ramdisk is actually in memory and not a physical disk. That's the whole point.
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    But Dynmap ram usage is not recognized, although it runs on the same process id
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    Okay then. How can you tell? If you give me the details on that, I could probably find a way to get lagmeter to be able to tell the right way.
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    Cant find any code related to memory usage polling into your sourcecode.

    Did you try something like:
    Runtime r = Runtime.getRuntime();
    mem1 = r.freeMemory();
    mem2 = r.totalMemory();
    mem3 = r.maxMemory();
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    I was going to scoff at you for not even looking at the source code, but then I realized I have forgotten to push those changes to GitHub. [sheep]
    Anyway, what I want to do is not to show how much memory you're using overall, but how much is available (and free) inside the VM. When I get home from work I'll push the code, and point out exactly how it's done.

    Why would you want to know how much memory is free on the server Bukkit runs on?
    You want to know how much memory is available to bukkit when you ask, right?
    I mean, if you hit the maximum allowed memory for the VM, allocations will fail, even if the system outside the VM still has 20GB available.

    [edit again]
    I did push the code yesterday, but I was very busy, so I didn't have time to implement the logging or comment back on how the memory usage is measured.

    double memUsed = ( Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory() - Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory() ) / 1048576;
    double memMax = Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory() / 1048576;
    double memFree = memMax - memUsed;
    double percentageFree = ( 100 / memMax) * memFree;
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    This may have been said before, but I'm just saying.

    WorldEdit has this. Just type "/debug clock" or "/debug info" for these stats. :)

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