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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by DemmyDemon, Jul 12, 2011.

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    nice ! Totally going to use this.
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    Good to hear it might be useful for others as well. Please let me know if you have any feedback.
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    wow its even working nicely, had a explosion with 2000 TnT and Lagmeter said 18,5 (good i think^^).
    But it was delayed, the client is causing this right?
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    set off the tnt then teleport to diff area of server and you wont get that delay.

    so yes its client ;p
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    works great! :)
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    Will try this today on my 400+ server
  8. Great tool, thanks for making this :)
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    You're all very welcome to it.
    Thank you for giving feedback, and let me know if you have any suggestions.

    As for the "Is this the client" on the TNT? Yeah, that's most certainly the client. The server is done calculating that long ago, all that's left is for the client to animate it.

    I find that anything above 15 is playable-ish, but below that it starts to suck really bad.
    20 is ideal, of course.
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    Thank You Soooo Much for Using My Video. Great Plugin by the Way, I use it on my server and it works great. I tested it by downloading 3 torrents in the background and the /lag said 16/20 then I stoped the downloads and it said 20/20. Thank You!
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    Hey @DemmyDemon very nice, thank you for this Plugin.

    I've got 20.0 TPS, If I do a Map (13MB 16,7k x 7,6k) and a map backup (3 Maps), 18,8 TPS.

    Would be nice, If /lag would show the TPS and the Ping ;)
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    Very cool, thanks! Been looking for something like this. I'm also looking for something that shows and lets a user see their ping to the server.
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    Such a simple idea, very innovative. 10/10.
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    This is just what I needed, thanks
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    Of course I used the video, it's brilliant, thanks.
    You're very welcome, and thanks!

    I've looked at pinging the client and all sorts of stuff like that, but I'd have to do it synchronously, and that means the whole server stops and waits while I try and reach a user. No good.
    Besides, the delay between when you say /lag, and when the server responds, gives a fair idea of how much network latency there is.
    You're very welcome to the plugin, I'm glad it's useful! Thanks for the feedback.

    Experience tells me it's the simple ones that get popular ;)

    You're welcome. Enjoy.
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    what are the permission notes
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    thank you !
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    Leon Philips

    I cant find them either... (i Guess you ment nodes :p)

    I guessed it - > works for me
    - 'lagmeter.*'
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    From the feature list: Supports Permissions, but does not require it (Permission: lagmeter.command)


    You're very welcome :)

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    Leon Philips

    okay ;)
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    I made it a bit easier to spot :)
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    Sorry my english is not good, but i have a question.

    When my player type /lag and shows 20tps than its the connection to my server good?
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    It doesn't tell you anything about the connection to the server.
    It tells you that the server's performance is excellent as 20 is the best you can get.
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    oh thank you :) i love you for this informations ^^
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    Let's hope it serves you well!
    Let me know if there are any problems or questions.
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    Great plugin. It always irritates me when people say there's lag, as if it's the server's fault. I have yet to see my server go below 20.0 TPS. awesome.
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    For testing purposes, I told BananaMapRender to render the entire universe. I assure you, going below 20 is not hard if you put your mind to it! :D
    Enjoy the plugin.
  28. God. I must say thanks again. Thanks to your plugin I was able to detect that nocheat was causing really bad server lag when 20+ people are online.

    Thanks so much for this :D.
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    Thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad it helped you!
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    Hey DemmyDemon, I did a Tutorial/Review video of this plugin. :)

    Not that you need another one or anything, I do a Bukkit Tutorial/Review video on my YouTube channel every weekend and I was short for time so I did one on LagMeter -- Short and sweet. :)

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