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    iMOTD - The simplest MOTD, ever.
    Version: 1.20
    Craftbukkit Version: #1000

    This is an improved version of my old plugin, EasyMOTD.
    This now has support for Permissions + a configuration file! (You can edit the message now :p)

    Upon starting your server, the plugin will load and a new configuration file will be created under "iMOTD/config.yml".
    You can change the MOTD by either changing the config.yml or in-game. Read on down for the permissions.

    The special MOTD
    Don't get this confused with the normal MOTD, the normal MOTD everybody can see, but the special MOTD is one that only people with the permission node "imotd.special" can see.
    It may be a weird feature however it is very good on my server whenever I need to remind some users that have that node to type commands to see new features, etc.

    /imotd [this command reloads the config.yml]
    /imotd set <message> [this command sets the MOTD]
    /imotd sets <message> [this command sets the Special MOTD]

    Ability to see the special MOTD.

    • Displays a MOTD to a User upon Login
    • Has a special MOTD for users with the "imotd.special" Permission Node
    • Can use %player% in the MOTD to display the Player's Name (will add more soon).
    iMOTD.jar [1.20]


    Version 1.20
    - Added %player% in the MOTD to display the players displayname.
    Version 1.10
    - Added commands to set the MOTD /imotd set <message> and /imotd <sets> message
    Version 1.0
    - Released Plugin
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    Download Link please
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    When I try to run /imotd I get informed that "You cannot use this command!", even though I am op (I don't have any permission plugins installed). Is op unsupported?

    Also, apparently I am unable to run imotd commands from the server interface. Could you possibly add this capability?
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    is there a way to change the MotD colour?
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    Works with #1060.
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    is there any way with this mod to add colors and line breaks to the MOTD?
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    Colours should work fine using &4 blah.
    Line breaks, not atm.
  9. no color support?
  10. Post above you:
    Really? :p
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  11. yep , it wont work.
    i had &5 message <- and when i log in server there reads &5 themessage :)
  12. Then that, my friend, is much more helpful as a bug report than just asking if colors are supported after the post right above yours says they are. :) I would recommend posting your config, your startup log, and your versions of all things relevant.
  13. Seriously the color wont work.
    My config:
        specmessage: '&4Forums:'
        motdmessage: '&4%player%, use /cprivate to lock doors,furnaces,chests which are yours.'
    I reloaded the plugin:
    [iMOTD] iMOTD has been enabled.
    2011-09-13 08:54:34 [INFO] [iMOTD] Created by CainFoool
    2011-09-13 08:54:38 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-09-13 08:54:38 [INFO] semirotta lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    2011-09-13 08:54:39 [INFO] semirotta [/] logged in with entity id 4730 at ([Semiminecraft] -302.75, 93.0, 20.46875)
    it gives nothing to log. Colors just wont work,ive tried &2 , &e , &9 , &4.
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    Try setting it in-game.
  15. like /imotd set &4Forums: <-?

    EDIT: works :) great ty! wonder why it wont work through config -.-?
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    I would love to see multiline support :D
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    It appears that using & in-game with the keyboard maps to § in the yml file. So, for easy editing, make the file once through the in-game interface and then edit with a text editor and copy/paste the § symbols to add colours. It is difficult to determine what is parsing the motd text, as it seems to be something that speaks UTF8, but the UTF8 entity LINE SEPARATOR doesn't seem to work, so it seems that multiline support would have to be hacked into the motd plugin itself.
  18. This is awesome and easy lightweighted plugin. Unfortunately i got LogBlock and it has its own MOTD possibility also so i changed into that :) but i used this for long time and it really is good.
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    Can we add seperate lines to the MOTD or will there only be 2 Liney availeble? : )

    Well, good alternate Plugin!

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    Wow, LogBlock looks very cool (and more powerful than the whole-database backup/restore mineos_crux is giving us). Thanks!
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    A good idea would be to add color codes like &4Welcome to my server!
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    Its extremely unhelpful when you use those shortened url's.....wget command in Linux wont work with them. if you would please give the correct url that be great.
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    need 1.2.3 update pls
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    Do you know if this plugin will allow for entities/cave mapping to work with Rei's Minimap??
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    UGGGH!!! This plugin would be PERFECT for my server, but it DOESN'T WORK!!!!! D= I'm getting an error that I don't understand when I try to load it.

    OMG That's why I wanted this plugin, but... It doesn't work for me for some reason.

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    Diff messages per group?
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    I can't download the plugin. Check it
    Please find a way to help and fix this!
    And if you can give me some images of this plugin and showing me what it looks like on the server, that would be nice. ;)
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    Update to 1.4.2 to support colour codes!
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    is it updated or no?

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