[INFO/FUN] MonsterTriggers v0.5 - Make monsters talk! And stuff. [740]

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    Make monsters talk!
    A fun addon to rTriggers
    1.0 Features:
    • Add-on to rTriggers
    • You can trigger a message whenever a hostile mob targets a player.
    2.0 Instructions:

    Here's what you really came here for:
    # This will get you what you see in the above screnshot!
    #    Everyone see this
    <<everyone>>=<<everyone>>:mobkilledbyplayer:<<triggerer>> has killed a <<mob>>!
    #    Only the killer sees this.
    <<everyone>>=<<triggerer>>:mobkilledbyplayer|Cow:<&5Cow&f>: Oh no!  <<weapon>>s!  My only weakness!
    # This makes a zombie gloat when it kills you:
    <<everyone>>=<<everyone>>:playerkilledbymob|Zombie:<Zombie>: I think you need your brains more than I do.
    # Announces whenever a mob kills someone:
    <<everyone>>=<<everyone>>:playerkilledbymob:<<triggerer>> has died at the hands of a <<killer>>!
    # Makes a creeper say something random whenever it sees a player it wants to kill.
    <<list|Creeper>>=<Creeper>: Ssssswell day, isn't it?
    <<list|Creeper>>=<Creeper>: That'sssss a nice everything you have, there.
    <<customtrigger>>=<<everyone>>:mobdamage|Creeper|fire:<Creeper>: You think fire will sssstop me?
    You'll need to add those lines (and lines like it) to your rTriggers.properties file (because you've installed rTriggers already, right?)

    Usable mobs: Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Ghast, Pig, PigZombie, Sheep, Skeleton, Slime, Spider, Squid, Zombie, Wolf, Giant.

    These have to be upper case.

    3.0 Changelog:
    0.5 (2011/05/11)
    • Requires rTriggers 1.8 or later.
    • New option: playerkilledbymob!
    • Try using this plugin with rTrigger's new feature: the <<near-triggerer|distance>> recipient!

    0.4 (2011/05/10)
    • New changelog format!
    • New option: mobkilledbyplayer. Has replacement tags that accompany it: <<mob>> and <<weapon>>.
    Older versions:
    • v0.3 - Targetsplayer will now only trigger when the monster targets something new (no more spamming targetsplayer when you hit a mob!)
    • v0.2 - Added triggerer support for being targetted. Added mobdamage hook.
    • v0.1 - First version! Yay!
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    Okay, I'm pretty sure most of the actual bukkit dependencies are in rTriggers, so if you update rTriggers to the latest build, this should work again. Hopefully. :3

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