Inactive [INFO/CHAT] AutoAnnouncer v1.7-03.23 - Send ads/announcements/messages [1.2.5]

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    Dev Bukkit:

    Info below is outdated. Go to Bukkit DEV

    AutoAnnouncer - Global announcements every few minutes

    Latest Version: v1.6-03.03
    Tested with CB: 1.1-R4

    • /announcer help|? - Show help
    • /announcer on|off - Start/stop AutoAnnouncer
    • /announcer restart - Restart the AutoAnnouncer scheduler
    • /announcer interval <minutes> - Set interval time between announcements
    • /announcer random <on|off> - Set random or use consecutive announcements
    Default Settings.yml

    Supports Colors:

    Multiline feature:

    Permissions Node:
    If permission not found or not used only OP can use the commands.
    For all command:

    • Interval time adjustable.
    • Random/Consecutive setting.
    • Colors support.
    • On/Off AutoAnnouncer.
    • Commands in-game
    • Permissions support (Optional)
    • Permissions groups support.
    • Editable Tag.
    • YAML settings.
    Version: 1.3-06.25
    Goto bukkit dev for latest version

    Source Code:



    Version 1.3-06.25
    • Add editable Tag.
    • Add Permissions groups support.
    Version 1.2-05.01
    • Minor tweaks for MC 1.5.
    • Add multiline feature with &NEW_LINE;.
    Version 1.1-04.10
    • Finish reload, interval and random/consecutive commands.
    • Delete debug message.
    • Show message for commands in-game.
    • Minor bug fixes.
    Version 1.0-04.08
    • First release
    • Implement reload, interval and random command.
    • Ability to add, remove announcement ingame.
    • Ability to send announcement to specific grups.
    • Multiline in announcement.
    Do you have problems?:
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    @TheDeclonedCrafter ??? the announcement dont show in the console!! the plugin only have a timer and print the line (in the console dont show ANYTHING). i dont use logblock but is something wrong with it, is not my fault.
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    How to add announcements?
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    never again quote that long post!
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    Ok sorry D:
    But how do you add announcements?
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    @sharkale Can you update it for bukkit #1185 ?
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    I Would like to request an option to send different types of messages to different groups, also set it with different time interval, if that would be implemented this plugin would be perfect for my needs,

    i wish to send repeatedly messages to default members to read the Signs and visit our site in order to get builder Rights. but at the same time i do not wish to spam those that are Builders with those messages, instead send them messages, like remember to vote daily for our server, etc.
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    tha d0ctor

    please update for RB, its doesn't cycle anymore
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    can you please add a funktion to stop the output into the console ?
    its spamming it full ^^

    sry for my bad english :)
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    I don't know why but i'm the admin of my server, and they see the message but me, i can't see the message, why ?
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    ckeck your settings, make sure
    # true: certain groups in permissions | false: to all
    ToGroups: false
    so everyone gets message,
    btw this plugin is spamming ControlPanel
    INFO: Need area protection? ask mod
    INFO: Need area protection? ask mod
    INFO: Need area protection? ask mod
    INFO: Need area protection? ask mod
    INFO: Need area protection? ask mod
    INFO: Need area protection? ask mod
    i recommend you find other one
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    @LadyVodka need area protection? this isnt my plugin. if you dont like it dont use. if you dont known how to manage a server is not my fault. and repeat if you dont like make your own.
    learn to read the post.

    and for all. i have no time now. in a week i update the plugin.
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    If I knew java I'd totally help with this plugin its awesome! keep it up I can't wait for the 1.8 update!
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    Need area protection is my text -_- , if u dont know how update plugin properly , ask someone else to do it for you .
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    is this cool plugin gunna be update for bukkit #1185 ? or dos it still work
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    hello, can u implement the possibility for reload configuration by console?
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    I believe you can just /announcer reload/restart.
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    the command woks only IG.

    by console not works.
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    meh wait for the update the plugin hardly works at all atm.
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    Is ur pic someone taking a crap and reading a book through a portal? AWESOME!
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    Doesnt work on RB. :(
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    Sad to see this Dev go, @ChefWalker it's working fine for me
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    There will be no update huh? Makes sense.
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    I took the time to update the plugin so it works for 1337
    No changes to the java were made
    This plugin was the best :D
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    Uhm when I try to turn AutoAnnouncer on (Using "/announcer on") it says: "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command." PLEASE can you help????!!?!?
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    how create message ??????????
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    This is a great plugin, but I need help. For some reason, the colors aren't working...

        Tag: '&Dark_Purple;[Announcement]'
        ToGroups: false
            - 'Default'
            - "&Dark_Purple;Sign up for the forums at [our website]"
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    Dont work for 1.0.0 using dev bukkit build. *sad*
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    Im having the same problem. It says 'No announcments to do' when I type /announcer on. Can you please post a picture of what the settings are supposed to look like? That would help a lot!

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