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    Thread outdated!

    Announcer - Automaticly announce messages!
    Version: v1.1.0

    Announcer loads small text files and broadcasts them in a configured interval.

    • Announce txt files automaticly to the server
    • Announce files manually
    • Supports color codes (&0, &1, &3, ...)
    • Interval can be set in Ticks, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days
    Download Announcer
    Source Code
    Test it on Parallel-Universe.de

    • announce <filename> -- Announces a file to the server
    • reloadannouncer -- Reloads the plugin
    1. Just put the Announcer.jar into you plugins folder
    2. create you messages as *.txt files with the messages in the specific folders
    3. restart/reload your server
    4. The configuration file will be auto-generated on the first start
    • Announcer.announce- allows the player to announce messages
    • Announcer.reloadannouncer - allows the player to reload the plugin
    • Operators and the console always have all permissions
    Version 1.1.0
    • Fixed typo (anounce -> announce)
    • Added SuperPerms support
    • Fixed the commands not being registered if there are no scheduled messages
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release
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    title is missing plugin version
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    fixed that
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    Managed to miss the second N in "announcer/announce" every time. I'm not trying to be nitpicky here, but it's even in the plugin title. And it's not a purely aesthetic difference. Imagine a player hypothetically telling another player, verbally, about this plugin. The other, spelling it correctly, would search Bukkit.org and not find it. It might also lead to confusion with people trying to set permissions or use commands if they somehow glossed over the typo without noticing.
    If this title spelling choice is completely intentional, please disregard all the above except the word "verbally" and just pretend I randomly decided to post the word "verbally" for no reason at all. And this disclaimer.
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    Fail, I'll fix that when I add SuperPerms support
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    New version released!

    Version 1.1.0
    • Fixed typo (anounce -> announce)
    • Added SuperPerms support
    • Fixed the commands not being registered if there are no scheduled messages
    Watch out!
    The permission nodes have changed with this release!
    Anouncer.anounce -> Announcer.announce
    Anouncer.reloadanouncer -> Announcer.reloadannouncer
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    seems cool.
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    Also... is interval minutes or seconds or???

    ALSO! i cant get it to work i have file setted up like this:
    &aBuild RB 1060#
    &aRemember report if you see someone grieffing!
    &aSoon 24/7!
    &aDo not ask "can i get admin/op"
    and it says : - The given requested announcement is not available!

    EDIT5 : LOL sorry for all this stuff... but its working but they all come in same time :D
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    My plugin is lightweight, simple to configure and uses files (which I prefer to config entries).
    I developed it for the needs of our server and I decided to release it here

    @JanTTuX: The plugins supports different time units:

    t = ticks
    s = seconds (1s = 20t)
    m = minutes (1m = 60s)
    h = hours (1h = 60m)
    d = days (1d = 24h)

    if no unit is given, the plugin assumes m (minutes)

    Oh and you have to make a file for every announcement

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    How to make it go on a new line?

    Edit: herp derp, got it! THANKS ALOT FOR THIS AWESOME PLUGIN!
    AutoAnnouncer never worked for me.

    Can I suggest a permissions node to disable the announces for whoever has the node?

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    I don't take feature requests for this plugin, because I'm developing it for my server
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    Please make it so we can change the tag and also add a command were you can broadcast in game like /announce [message]
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    all that is already possible, didn't you read the thread?
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    Is is possible to add this

    Rang A:
    message 1 + 2

    Rang B:
    message 3 + 4

    Rang C:
    message 5+6

    So that new players get an announce to register, registered users get another message :)
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    I'll think about it, but it my take a week or to as i'm currently finalizing a bigger project. And there won't be any releases from me til a recommended build of craftbukkit is released.
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    Might be a silly question but does this support colors? and what kinda of codes if so? Thanks. I am really liking this plugin for its easy flexability and extremely low ram usage. Colors would be nice though. But if that means adding a bunch of code. forget it. whites fine with me.

    Thanks again for this plugin.
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    normal color codes: &0, &1, &2, ..., &f
    as I wrote in the thread:
    btw: i'll set up a devbukkit page this weekend, there will be more information

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    Sorry I must have missed that.. and wow yea.. right there on the 3rd line DUH.. im sorry. jeez.
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    no problem :)
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    what code is green
    and where do i need to put it (can you show an example)
    thnx already for the great plugin
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    &9Denkt dran euch für das Donnerstags &eEvent &9im &eForum
    &9Anmeldungen werden bis &eDonnerstag um 18 Uhr &9entgegen
    That's one of the messages from my server

    the color codes can be found by googling "minecraft color codes"
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    I'm currently cleaning up and improving the plugin
    A new release and a BukkitDev page come with the next RB of CraftBukkit
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    If your still working on this plugin, may i suggest you add this feature:

    When noone is currently connected to the server the Announcer doesnt announce, Announcements.

    Just because this spams the crap outta my server log and if i was trying to find something it would that forever. Cheers
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    yeah I'm still working on it. currently I have some issues with the stupid new configuration API, but when i've fixed that, this will be added
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    The plugin is currently awaiting approval for BukkitDev:


    Once it is approved you can download the new version 1.2 from the files page there.

    • Removed Permissions support (use SuperPerms!)
    • added chat colors to commands
    • reworked config handling
    • moved automated and manuel announcements in one directory
    The last change is actually a breaking change for current setups.
    All files have to be placed in the announcements folder which will be created on the first startup.
    The configuration has a new entry which specifies which announcements should be announced automaticly.
    That way you can also specify the order in which the announcements are posted.

    For any feature requests or bug reports please open an issue on my Github page: https://github.com/quickwango/Announcer/issues
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    nice plugin! i prefer files to config lines as well. however...
    You give absolutely no examples in any of your information on explaining on how to set up the config file.
    interval: '15'
    instantStart: false
    debug: false
    directory: plugins/Announcer/announcements
    announcements: []
    You dont even put an example of the time interval. you put a number with no T,S,M..
    how am i supposed to know that it goes 15t or 15m. what if i tried m15 or 15 m, which i did.
    I dont want to have to play guessing games to complete a config.
    and on top of that you dont give any examples on how to put the adverisements in with correct spacing.
    im getting errors all over the place. and i know what im doing i run servers and edit configs/ add plugins daily and the informatin you provide with your plugin is very lacking when it comes to setting it up.
    i dont want to have to read every single post on this thread just to figure out my problems!
    EDIT: with the information provided this is how far i got:
    interval: '15'
    instantStart: false
    debug: false
    directory: plugins/Announcer/announcements
    announcements: []
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    I'll change the default config in the next release, so that anyone can see how it works

    the announcements field is a simple list:
    [] indicates that the list is empty, so there won't be any automatic messages

    - example
    - example2
    thats a list with two entries, Announcer then tries to load the files example.txt and example2.txt (in the given order), which will then automaticly announced to the server with the specified interval. if the announcement file has spaces (or other special characters) in its name, then you have to encapsulate it with quotes (single or double doesn't matter).
    -> normal Yaml syntax for string lists

    the interval time format is easy as well. The plugin uses a fomat which is easy to write and easy to parse.
    if there is no unit specified, the plugin uses minutes as default.


    15 = 15m => 15 minutes
    300s = 300 seconds
    1h => 1 hour
    2d => 2 days
    5000t => 5000 ticks

    the timer of craftbukkit uses the server ticks for delays, so the delays might not be exact when the server lags (doesn't get its 20 ticks per second)
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    yes i realize its a very simple config, but like i said, in the number setting you gave only a number. there you didnt put any letter following the number, so one could only guess whether to put the letter before, behind, or space them apart.

    secondly, for the "empty advert list" using the [] threw me off as well. and i dont know the structure for yaml so i didnt know that string lists use '-'. the [] threw me off because when i saw that i immediately thought oh that must be [advert1|adver2|advert3] and so on, or with commas. i tried both. realize im not a coder so you just have to make sure that your tutorial or what not is also understandable to people like me with no coding background at all =P.

    and sorry for the previous post, i spent about an hour trying to figure this damn config out with no success. I've installed quite a few plugins with ease on my server. the only difference is you are lacking a "tutorial for dummies" which someone like me needs, which normally plugins provide. =P
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    I think thats because I hate to document my stuff.
    I also thought that most of the admins would know at least the yaml basics like lists

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