Inactive [INFO/ADMN/GEN] HandCommandID V1.0 - Get names, IDs and Meta Data from one command! [1.4.5-R0.1]

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    Tired of Googling for those item ID's, trawling through pages to find Damage Values? Don't bother!This super-lightweight plugin gives you the functionality to find the ID and the Meta Data (damage values) of the item you are holding by simply typing the command "/handid". The actual mechanics of the plugin (ie. Getting the item in-hand's name, ID and Meta Data) was done in about 10-15 minutes, however I spent an extra 2 hours adding catches to find and fix plurals and vowels ("an obsidian" instead of "a obsidian"), simply because I can't stand incorrect grammar (I know it's not important but it's nice to be able to read something without shaking your head in disapproval).

    Commands and Permissions:

    1 Command: /handid: Reports the name, ID and Meta Data of the current item you are holding
    1 Permission: handcommandid.use

    • Extremely simple setup and usage
    • Very lightwieght (only 4.3kb)!
    • Offers detailed information about the item in-hand
    • 100% gramatically correct: Nearly all of the time spent developing this plugin was getting it into completely correct grammar
    Possible Uses:

    • Making server shops: It is very useful when adding items such as potions, dies & wools, music discs, mob eggs etc as it gives the Meta data of the items.
    • Quickly getting the ID's of items for many uses, such as the /give command and to configure other plugins.
  2. if this works with enchanted items excellent anyways nice!! i like the colors/grammar
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    O Hellz yea, i need a light weight plugin cause i have like 60 plugins in my server already, thnx me mate

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