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    Docmand - Documents and Commands
    Version: 0.6.04

    New version 0.6.xx released, featuring lots of new functionality including permission and multiworld support.

    Docmand allows creation of custom commands that will send the content of files or urls to the player.
    It allows for custom message on Join (MOTD) and Teleports.
    Complete with tag system that can transform tags in content to java code and thus enabling a very large portion of customization.
    You decide what the plugin should do (In the frame of the functionality the plugin allows you too)
    Consider it a very feature rich MCDocs replacement.

    Download and put in plugins folder. Reload server.
    cbDocmand will auto generate default config file, and some example files.

    cacheTime - All files/url are loaded in to memory and stored, this cache time tells how long to store this before getting an updated text, in seconds
    linesPerPage - How many lines is shown per page when creating pagination, shows up to linesPerPage + 1 before it will create pages
    logLevel - (currently not in use) What level of log to show. 0 = nothing, 1 = litle information, 2 = more information, 3 = all debug information
    paginationHeader - What the pagination header should render as, 3 variables can be used, %x and %y is current page and total pages respectively, and %commands will render as the 3 pagination commands defined with pageCommands
    pageCommands - Defines the commands that can used to traverse the pages.

    Edit and add as many Files in the files folder as you wish.
    Edit and add as many Events in the events.yml file as you wish.
    Edit and add as many Parsers as you wish, advised to not edit the default parser since this will be updated with new versions, but you can add new files. All .yml files in the parsers folder will be loaded, so feel free to add new parsers to support your favorite plugin, and share them in the Forum.

    Messages sent to the player will be colorized using the standard minecraft colors when written with &x where x is between hex 0-f.
    Messages sent to the player are automatically converted to pages, if more than 9 (or what is specified in config) lines is present.
    Pages can be viewed by typing the next, previous or page command as defined in the pageCommand config.
    E.g. a command /rules will be sending 16 lines to the user. The content is automatically split into two pages and a header presenting the pagination will be sent
    Page 1 of 2 (/next, /prev or /page <x> to select page)
    The user can then send the command /next or /page 2 to view the second page

    You can reload all configs with the command:
    /docmand reload - Requires the permission docmand.reload

    Docmand Permissions
    * docmand.reload - Ability to reload all docmand configs, events, files and parsers.
    * docmand.all - A user with this permissions will skip permission check for all events.

    There are 3 concepts you will need to know about to use cbDocmand: Events, Parsers and Files

    There are 3 types of Events
    Commands which triggers when a player enters the command
    Joins which triggers on a join event
    Teleports which triggers when a player either teleports via command or plugin or netherportals to the specified world

    Events are specied by writing an element that contain one or more event descriptions (In no particular order).
    You can specify several events to one trigger, e.g you can more than 1 join event, or more events to a command, based on permission and world. etc.
    All events that is fullfilled will be triggered, so if an event specified no world or no permission it will be triggered alongside those that have a world or permission specied.
    Event desciptions supported are: World, Permission and Actions.

    World event description:
    You can specify one or more worlds the event will trigger for,
    they can be specified using multiple descriptions, or as an array.
    World: World
    World: World_nether
    World: [World,World_nether]

    Permission event description:
    You can specify one or more permissions the event will require in order to trigger
    If multiple, then all all permissions written needs to be set for the player in order to trigger
    can be specified using multiple descriptions or as an array
    Can be set to any permission, so you can reuse permissions used for other plugins, or create your own, etc.
    Permission: someplugin.somepermision
    Permission: someotherplugin.someotherpermission
    Permission: [someplugin.somepermision. someotherplugin.someotherpermission]

    Actions event description:
    You can specify multiple actions to trigger.
    Actions are key/value based, so key is Action type, and value is content for the Action
    Actions are specied in a Actions event description.
    Actions are triggered in the order they are specified. All actions that renders some text to displayed to the user
    will be merged together, to form one piece of text, this text is then automatically cut into pages (pagination).
    all remaining Command actions will triggered afterwards in the order they appear.
    - Text: 'Some text here'
    - Command: /somecommand

    The 4 Action types supported are:
    Url: defines a url where content will be send to the player
    File: defines a file placed in the files folder of the plugin where content will be send to the player
    Command: defines the command to trigger (NB: Triggers a chat, so if command is specified without / the player will chat the message to the server)
    Text: content to be send to the player, the same as file/url but without the need for an external file

    All Actions can contain parse scripts, which is written as %someparse%
    parse scripts supports arguments such as %someparse("World",4)%

    For joins and teleports the event descriptions are written as multiple events in the Joins/Teleports category
    Commands events however needs to have a command assigned.
    This is done by writting the command name, and under the command you specify the (1 or multiple) event descriptions

    Commands support arguments (parameters)
    help worldedit
    help tp

    In this example, if a user write "help me" it will default back to help, the plugin looks for the best exact match.
    But if a user writes "help tp" it will trigger ONLY the events specied for this command, and will not default back to help command

    Commands also support argument parsing. So arguments specified after the oommand will be send to any parsers written in the content as $n (Where n is the argument number)
    E.g, if the user writes:.
    /help worldedit hello rules.txt
    The plugin will trigger the help worldedit command, and parse hello as argument $1 and rules as argument $2.
    E.g (for help worldedit command)
    - File: worldedit.txt
    - Text: 'You wrote $1'
    - Text: '%includeFile($2)%'

    This will get the contents of worldedit.txt, and after that it will write "You wrote hello" and then include the file "rules"

      - World: Test
        Permission: docmand.test1
        - Text: 'You have permission test1'
      - World: [Test, Test_nether]
        Permission: docmand.test2
        - Text: 'You have permission test2'
      - Actions:
        - File: motd.txt
        - Actions:
          - Url: http://example.com/mc.php?name=%player_name%
        - Actions:
          - Command: /rules
        - Actions:
          - File: news.txt
        - Actions:
          - File: motd.txt
        - Actions:
          - File: rules.txt
        - Actions:
          - Text: 'Something test'
        test hello:
        - Actions:
          - Text: 'Something other test hello'
        test say:
        - Actions:
          - Text: 'You said: $1'
        - Actions:
          - Command: '/say &d%player_name% is $1'
          - Text: 'Some $1 and first line from $2: %lineFromCommand("$2",1)%'
        - World: World
          Permission: docmand.permworldtest1
          - Text: 'You have permworldtest1 permissions'
          - Text: 'And are in world %world_name%'
        - Permission: docmand.permworldtest2
          World: [World,World_nether]
          - Text: 'You are in world %world_name%'
          - Text: 'And have permworldtest2 permissions'
        - Actions:
          - Text: 'You have permissions test1 or test2'
          Permission: [docmand.test1,docmand.test2]
        - World:
          - World
          - World_nether
          - Text: 'Hello world'
        - Permission: minecraft.tp
          - Text: '&b/help tp'
        - Permission: minecraft.give
          - Text: '&b/help give'
        - Permission: minecraft.settime
          - Text: '&b/help settime'
        help tp:
        - Permission: minecraft.tp
          - Text: 'You write /tp <player1> <player2>'
        help give:
        - Permission: minecraft.give
          - Text: 'You write /give <itemid> <itemnum> it will you give you the items'
        help settime:
        - Permission: minecraft.settime
          - Text: 'You write /settime <xxx> where xxx is the time in ticks'
      - World: World
        Permission: docmand.test1
        - Text: 'Welcome to World'
      - World: World_nether
        Permission: docmand.test2
        - Text: 'Welcome to Hell!'
    Parsers are made up of a parse keyword, and some basic java code (Only basic code, and only 1 line of code is supported)
    The built in fuctions are called directly, but you also have access to the Player object, and the Server object.
    So to create a parser that will return the world name of the world the player is currently in, you would do something likes this:
    player_world: Player.getWorld().getName()

    This can then be parsed from any Text, Url source, or File source, e.g:
    Welcome to %player_world%

    Arguments are also supported.
    lineFromCommand: readLineFromCommand($1,$2)
    Notice the $1 and $2 they are argument placeholders.
    They can parsed by specifying the parse command with arguments surrounded by parenthesis around them.
    Latest news: %readLineFromCommand("news",1)
    Will parse "news" as the first argument, and 1 as the second argument.
    This command will read the lines from the command specified as /news, and return only the first line.

    Arrays/Lists are supported:

    Parsers also support void methods, so you could do the following:
    Add a event

    Text: You were damaged 5 hearts %damage_player(5)%

    Add a parser
    damage_player: Player.damage($1)

    And now you have a command that writes the message "You were damaged 5 hearts" and then triggers the damage.

    Built in functions (More will come)
    readLineFromCommand($1,$2): Args - Command, line number -> Includes the first x number of lines rendered from a command
    readLinesFromCommand($1,$2,$3): Args - Command, start, end -> Includes lines from start line to end line of lines rendered from a command
    getOnlinePlayerNames() -> Returns a comma seperate list of online players
    getPlayersInPlayerWorld() -> Gets the online players in the world the player is currently in
    includeFile($1): Args - Filename -> Includes a file from the files folder
    includeCommand($1): Args - command name -> includes the content from a command

    server_name: Server.getServerName()
    player_name: Player.getName()
    players_in_world: getPlayersInPlayerWorld()
    online_players: getOnlinePlayerNames()
    online_players_count: Server.getOnlinePlayers().length
    lineFromCommand: readLineFromCommand($1,$2)
    player_world: Player.getWorld().getName()
    linesFromCommand: readLinesFromCommand($1,$2,$3)
    include: includeFile($1)
    includeCommand: includeCommand($1)
    Files refered to with the File command type, must reside in the cbDocmand/Files folder.

    Hi %player_name% and welcome to %server_name%
    There are &d%online_players_count% &fplayers online
    &aOnline: &c%online_players%
    &aAll News: &b/news
    &aRules: &b/rules (or /serverrules)
    Future/Ideas/Current issues
    • More built in functions
    • More code support (Math, etc)
    • Add more supported Base classes that can be accessed in the parser (currently only Player and Server).
    • Clean code, and throw code in repository.
    • Add more default parsers.
    • Spout support?
    Change log

    • v0.6.04
      • Compiled against CB 1185, no code update.
    • v0.6.03
      • Proper working fix for bug tried "fixed" in v0.6.02.
    • v0.6.02
      • Minor bug fix setting canceled event, fixing triggering duplicate commands for other plugins. Issue #1
    • v0.6.01
      • Minor bug fix for join events.
    • v.0.6.0
      • Multiworld support
      • Permissions support
      • Multiple actions
      • Recursive parse, keep parsing until no more to parse
      • Fixed pagination and parsing, incl. wordwrap
      • Allow you to remove lists completely (Commands, Joins, Teleports) from events.yml
      • /prev, /next and /page <x> for pagination
      • Custom /prev, /next /page commands
      • Custom pagination header
      • Command arguments
      • Some Docmand specific permissions (docmand.reload, docmand.all)
      • More parsers: Include file, include command
      • Many more examples in the default events.yml file
    • v. 0.52
      • Quick bug fix
    • v. 0.51
      • First release
    End notes

    I hope you like it. Comment, ideas, bugs, parse commands(parse command files prepared to be used for other plugins) are very welcome.
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    Installing this onto my server as we speak. We'll see how it works.
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    When I download this I get the following error:
    18:02:52 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling cbDocmand v0.51 (Is it up to date?): null
    	at net.pb_software.cbDocmand.DocmandListener.addEvents(DocmandListener.java:228)
    	at net.pb_software.cbDocmand.DocmandListener.loadEvents(DocmandListener.java:222)
    	at net.pb_software.cbDocmand.DocmandListener.loadContent(DocmandListener.java:156)
    	at net.pb_software.cbDocmand.DocmandListener.loadConfigValues(DocmandListener.java:68)
    	at net.pb_software.cbDocmand.DocmandListener.loadConfig(DocmandListener.java:78)
    	at net.pb_software.cbDocmand.DocmandListener.<init>(DocmandListener.java:445)
    	at net.pb_software.cbDocmand.cbDocmand.onEnable(cbDocmand.java:26)
    	at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:126)
    	at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:885)
    	at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:278)
    	at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:178)
    	at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(CraftServer.java:161)
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:286)
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:273)
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftServer.java:149)
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:337)
    	at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)
    I've tried downloading both from here and from the page on DevBukkit, both of which say 0.52. Is a link pointing to the wrong file or something and I'm still getting 0.51 (which the error message seems to imply) or have I fatally misconfigured something?
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    Yeah, the version number is incorrect, I forgot to update when I uploaded. I'll be coming with a new update (hopefully) tomorrow or soon.
    You error seems to stem from a bad events config file. The error basically happens just when it's trying to read from the events config file. Have you edited the file? Or is it the default file?
    It seems to be that you have deleted the Joins or Teleports section. Currently it should be there, the plugin expects the sections to be there, you just leave them empty. I will make sure that the next update will still work if the sections are not there ;)... For now just add the section back in..
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    Excellent! That does appear to have fixed it all. Thanks!
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    Updated to version 0.6.0.
    • Multiworld support
    • Permissions support
    • Multiple actions
    • Recursive parse, keep parsing until no more to parse
    • Fixed pagination and parsing, incl. wordwrap
    • Allow you to remove lists completely (Commands, Joins, Teleports) from events.yml
    • /prev, /next and /page <x> for pagination
    • Custom /prev, /next /page commands
    • Custom pagination header
    • Command arguments
    • Some Docmand specific permissions (docmand.reload, docmand.all)
    • More parsers: Include file, include command
    • Many more examples in the default events.yml file
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    does this work with superperms and mchat and permissionsbukkit
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    It does work with superperms/permissionbukkit. What functionality from mchat are you asking about?
    So far Docmand doesn't support other plugins yet, you can interact with the player object and server object. I'm not really sure how you interact with other plugins yet, as I've not looked into it yet. If you know the correct code, the plugin should theoretically already support talking/getting information from other plugins, however currently it only supports parsing Strings, Integers and Booleans to function calls(parsers), and mChat api shows it needs the Player object which Docmand doesn't support YET, it will however soon, and at some point it will support extension code so people can write extensions that handles the communication with other plugins. So it will at some point support mChat and other plugins, but currently it doesn't really. I could code a function or two to support mChat, but the idea is that the plugin shouldn't support a specific plugin, it should be able to support almost any plugin using extension classes, and parsers, but I haven't had time for that yet, and whatever sparetime I have I'm currently using on another plugin. But check back, or tell me the specific parts of mChat you are looking, and I'll see if I can make a version just for you ;)...
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    i asked because mcdocs has to read the prefix/suffix for it to work. is it the same with this?
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    Currently Docmand does not support any group prefix natively, so no it doesn't read them, because it currently can't. So this has no problems with that. If however you want prefix/suffix support, this is not natively supported by this plugin yet, but you might depending on the plugin write your own support for it. But if you don't want prefix/suffix group support, then this is no problem at all.
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    thank you because the problem with mcdocs is it uses that and it doesnt work with permissionsbukkit because it has no built in API
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    @cyberdude Can you update it for bukkit #1185 ?
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    I will during the weekend. Have you tried it with 1185? Does it error? I haven't had time to test it yet.
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    havent tested it yet to, but just asked it before i got any errors :)
    Just did a test, and as far as i can see no errors.
    All commands works.
    So i would say #1185 works !
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    Thank you :).. I will spend a couple of minutes later today to test it myself, then I'll update the title :).. I didn't suspect there would be any breakage either.
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    No problem :)
    Well i am like: you never know, everything can break :)
    Thanks for the plugin, i realy like it :)
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    Compiled and tested against CB 1185.
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    does this work with permissionsbukkit.
    i am an admin and i am opped and have docmand.all
    but when i try /docmand reload i get unknown command
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    Reload command needs docmand.reload permission, the docmand.all permission is for skipping the permission check specified in the Actions you create. ;)
    Then it should work for you. It only works with BukkitPerms(permissionbukkit, bpermission, etc)

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