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    What I Would Like: Ok, so. I'm starting up a new RPG server (original, right?) and I have custom items with tiers and stats in their lore. I would like people to focus more on upgrading their armour to the next tier than having to constantly repair it, which is normal in vanilla minecraft. Before you say it, I know that there are plugins similar to this out there, and I have tried them all. None of them suit my needs, as what I need is a plugin that makes all items of a specific id, or just all items with durability, have infinite durability. I have tried using Skript to repair the player's held item after a block break event, and repair their armour after a damage event, only with partial success. This method is not solid and sometimes causes glitches like cancelling the block break event too early. Also, it takes a tick for the armour to be repaired after it is damaged.

    It seems I am not the only one out there looking for a plugin like this, as I have searched through countless threads looking for a plugin with similar ideas. One plugin I saw uses the new Unbreakable attribute introduced in 1.7, which could be a starting point. Infact, it is probably the best solution as it stops the item from being damaged at all.

    When I'd like it by: Take as long as you need <3

    Thanks :)
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    im not sure this will help or not, but if you set the unbreaking enchantment on an item really high, it wont ever break. i think all you need is to set it to 10, but on my tools that i want infinite i set it to 100 just cuz. so to sum it up, put unbreaking 100 on a tool that you want to last forever. please correct me if im not cathing your point ;)
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    Hey, thanks for your reply however this is not exactly what I am looking for as the unbreaking enchantment looks ugly and unprofessional on items, especially things like "enchantment.unbreaking.100" and also it will eventually break - just a lot slower. Any other ideas are appreciated :)
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    ketchupcoke I can make this plugin. It will probably be done by the end of today but no promises. Also, what do you want the plugin to be called?

    Edit: Also, do you want config for certain items, for it to affect all items, or a command to make a plugin have infinite durability?

    EDIT: NVM. I will make it highly configurable, along with money support so you have the option to make a player have to pay to have infinite durability.
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    falcon2_0 Hey, thanks for your reply and like I said, take as long as you need. Something like "UnbreakableItems" will suffice.

    A config to select which items can have infinite durability will probably be the most useful not just to me but anyone who happens to find this thread if it is possible. I am assuming the config will effect items globally, for example

    Infinite Durability Items:
    - (itemID)
    - (itemID)

    will make all items on the server with that item ID unbreakable.

    Thanks again, and I will of course credit you on my server :)
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    Hey, just wondering if you've had any luck so far?
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    I'm guessing falcon2_0 has given up on this request, as I have not heard from him since. I would really appreciate it if someone could attempt this, it would be really useful to me as I have almost completed the other aspects of my RPG server.

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