Filled Infinite/Deep Storage Unit

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jonspeeth, Mar 7, 2021.

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    Description :
    An infinite storage unit that can hold an infinite amount of 1 item. Inside the unit you could extract the items or change which item it holds (changing the item it holds resets the amount of items inside)

    Version(s) :
    Preferably it would work on 1.8-1.12, but if it can't please make it for 1.8

    Commands :
    /DSU give <player> <amount>

    Permissions :

    Links :
    (What the DSU would Ideally look like)
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    This plugin is probably very complicated, but it is like a must have for skyblock
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    Like it, but more updated. That one hasn't been touched in 2 years, and can't use hoppers. Not to mention it just flat out doesn't work on 1.8
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    I will give this plugin a go. I already have a basic idea of how it will work and it shouldn't be too hard. Seeing that shulker boxes only came out in 1.11 update (your request is to make it compatible from 1.8-1.12), do you want to use a different block for DSU and if so, which one?

    PS: Ignore the last question. I'll make the block configurable through config.yml so that it can be set to anything

    Kind regards
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    I believe that I have managed to develop this, just like you want it. Below you can find a detailed documentation of how the plugin works.

    Supported version: 1.8 - 1.12.2 (support will be extended in future versions)


    --> Allows player to use the /dsu command


    /dsu give <player name> <amount> -> Gives the player the amount of DSU


    dsu-material: defines material that will be given to play as a DSU unit
    world-name: name of the world (will get removed in future version when I optimize back-end code)
    hopper-move-all: defines whether DSU takes all items at once from a hopper or only x amount at a time
    hopper-move-amount: if hopper-move-all is false, this will determine how many items at once a DSU will take/give

    NOTE: !!! Make sure that dsu-material is a block that actually exists in the version you are using (shulkers don't exist in 1.8) !!!


    The plugin is made to work as similarly to the attached video as possible. The interfaces look exactly the same, as does the text and everything else.

    When first placing the DSU, it will have a Barrier block set as default, meaning it's not accepting any blocks yet. You can change that the same way it was done in video (click the block, select new block when the inventory opens up and confirm your choice).

    Once a block is selected, the DSU will only accept input/storage of that block. If player wants to manually put in the item, they need to go to main inventory (first one that opens up) and LEFT CLICK (shift+left click and other combinations may not work) the item to store the entire stack (or the current amount of clicked item) in the DSU.

    Another method of storing the item in DSU is through hoppers. Attaching hopper on the top side will act as a input and will put items in the DSU, but only if it's the one that is selected in DSU, otherwise the item will remain in hopper.

    If hopper is attached below the DSU, it will act as output and DSU will start filling it with the stored materials it has.

    I did quite some testing on both 1.8 and 1.12 version and it worked completely fine. Be aware that if you want to use shulker box as DSU, you must specify the color first, as that's how the API handles it (PURPLE_SHULKER_BOX).

    If there are any issues, questions or further requests, feel free to post them here and I'll reply as soon as possible ^-^

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    2 issues: when you shift click item in the GUI it adds to your inventory, and when you try extracting an item when the DSU is empty it gives you a zero stack of the item but other than that, it is awesome!
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    Here is the release which fixes both issues mentioned above. There is still a way to take out items with shift+left click, but it's way harder to do it now (it will be fully fixed in future versions).
    The stacks of zero items have also been fixed.

    Everything else still functions as mentioned in the original documentation.

    Kind regards

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