Infinite chests

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    I'm not sure if this exists or not, but I would like to place a chest, and put a sign above it with the name of an item. Every time I open the chest I want it to be full of that item. I don't have the time or knowledge to implement it, but it would be pretty nice for an admin room or something.
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    Hook onBlockRightClick or blockinteract or whatever it's called, like all of the protection mods do.
    Then something like
    (if clicked block is a chest)
    World world = event.player.getWorld();
    Location loc = event.getBlock().getLocation();
    loc.setY(loc.getY() + 1);
    Block signBlock = world.getBlockAt(loc);
    if(signBlock.getMaterial() == Material.SIGN) {
    Sign sign = (sign) signBlock.getState();
    Material mat = Material.getMaterial(sign.getLine(0));
    if(mat != null) {
    loop through all of the inventory slots in the chest
    set the itemstack to type "mat", amount 64

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