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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: InfiniteChest

    What I want: I want a plugin where you can create infinite chests. You would be able to put all of the items in a chest in any slot, and set it to an infinite chest by using the command below. When a player opens it, they can click on an item and get 1 of that item. They can click it multiple times for more. You would not be able to "steal" or drag any items. If you click the item, it's automatically put into your inventory.

    You would be able to remove an infinite chest by breaking it.

    Ideas for commands:

    - /infinitechest - Sets the chest you are looking at as an infinite chest.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions. (Default: OP)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.
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    Just get Infinite Dispensers?
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    Take a look at ChestCommands.
    And you can also use Essentials' [FREE] Signs for that.
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    mrCookieSlime How can you use a sign for a chest..
    He doesnt want to use a sign, if he wanted to Im pretty sure he would know about free signs because essentials is used A LOT
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    mrCookieSlime ah as I was posting my previous post I saw the chest commands, and I automatically though "powertool" then I realized it can be set for everyone, so I didnt know how you would use it, as I do not use chest commands but I still think he has his heart set on a chest.
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    As I said, he could use BlockCommand to bind the Command to a Chest.
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