Industrial Craft for Bukkit

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Fousek, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Hi ,

    I know that this mod is client side and server side mod and also it works only on original servers,
    but I like to try to modifiyg this mod for bukkit.

    I am new in this programing in java but I studying IT school, so I belive that it will be good for me to learn JAVA code.

    This is big oportunity for me to learn it. But i dont know how bukkit server works with plugins, so if will be someone so pleasent that will help me i apriciate it. I belive that I am not onlyone who wants get IndustrialCraft to Bukkit.

    And also what programs I will need for programing this plugin? Because i try to find some but everytime i got some error when I open the class file to sea how that mod works.

    And all credits will go to Ablaka not to me. I just want this mod working with Bukkit.

    Thanks and sorry for my english. I am from Czech Republic

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    So if I am right I shoudl first to put this mod inside of snapshot and then to load it as external libery?

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    I would like to help you! I love industrial craft and buildcraft, they are both fantastic mods, I have myself looked into porting them over. Let me know how I can help
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    This is sort of like a bump, but if you are still working on this plugin type of deal, keep going! This is amazing, because I love bukkit, and I love industrial craft! If you're not working on this anymore, then let my words persuade you into starting it up again! I cannot program or anything, I can only support.
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    dont know anything about making plugins... but if u do it ill get it... sounds great dude good luck
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    You should look into Spout and bug the spout devs..... ;)
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    Also: Notch's mod API is coming (*fingers crossed*)
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