Increased Map Height (128+) Test Plugin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DeLux, Nov 29, 2011.

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    I managed to compile the craftbukkit & place the plugin on first page as only plugin - and server is up and running.

    However when I try to mod the minecraft.jar with the class files and delete meta-inf, minecraft itself refuses to launch!

    Connection to server unmodded just crashses the client, so I assume I do have the server working but not client.. and with spout I only got outdated client message.. How did you solve this to connect to server?

    Got it to work, spout had revered back to 1.0 for some reason!

    So yes, I have indeed a test server running 256 map height now, niiice! Hopefully, both vanilla client & bukkit will support this without need to modify and custom builds so many more players can reap the benefits of higher worlds!

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    This seems to be the only promising attempt at changing height/depth of a map, isn't it?
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    You get a world where the sea level is "128" and the cap is 256, thus everything is double in each direction. Much more usefull than the original limit where sealevel is at.. 64? and the sky cap is 128.

    After I get the jungle biome from 1.2 and the... cats (sigh) and the implemention of 256 map height on top of that, I don't think I have need of Mojang's "updates" ever again. The community's mods & plugins are light years ahead.
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    But right now the only way of getting this into my server is compiling it myself and starting a new map, right? Do you think there will be a plugin of this?
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    I have (after 1000 swearwords) compiled the craftbukkit.jar with the 256 height support. I have only tried on a new map yes, I was thinking of importing my real map to see what happens, but at least its possible to "copy" with editing programs what you want from the old map to the new 256 map.

    And you need spoutcraft to connect to the server with 256, I could not get the client minecraft.jar to work with the class changes that was linked in the first post, maybe because of the update to 1.1 client

    Question is now, how can we get the authors of craftbukkit to include these changes into craftbukkit, so we don't have to compile the changes ourselves with every update?
    Then it's up to server admin to use the plugin for 256 maps or not.

    But one thing I noticed on the test server I made, chunks loading seems to take much more time (waymore than double in this case then). I mean 2x loading time I can understand since its 2x bigger map, but it feels like its 4 x slower.. (?)

    **** EDIT ****

    I created a issue/ticket/pullrequest/whatever here:

    Hopefully bukkit would implement this as a standard feature. Please go there and vote &/ comment so we can get the map height increase as standard! The more activity / attention this gets the higher chance we have it in! Spread the word!

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    With spoutcraft, there is no need of what was in the first post, those were vanilla client changes.
    All you need is: craftbukkit & spoutplugin from my repositories, and spoutcraft.

    Are you running the game on the same computer as the server? Twice the load on server plus twice the load on the client could easily make it four time.
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    Well yes I do but I have a core i7 920 @ 3.8 ghz and 12gb ram & SSD discs... and according to task manager and such, nothing is even close to overloaded, 2GB ram reserved for Java craftbukkit test server and 1 player on test server only (myself)

    Problem is that Spoutcraft does not work good for all users (it even does even crash for me from time to time after MC1.0+). And other users report of having very low FPS with spoutcraft sadly. It also seems to crash when toggling "fog" on these higher worlds..

    Yeah so far it will ofc work good for us as long you yourself have time to update your repositories, but once you get tired of changing the code for the new Recommended builds & Minecraft updates, then we are in trouble unless the bukkit dev's pushes this into their code.

    But thanks for your work so far - finally I get to play SMP with bukkit plugins on higher worlds! Cheers!
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    What I mean is that the server have twice the memory bandwith usage and the client too. Knowing that both sides are very demanding in term of memory bandwith, you have your answer.
    Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that both minecraft client and servers are not designed for multi-core... For better CPU load balancing, you need to switch the java instance for the client to one specific core and the server java instance to another one.

    As for spoutcraft, you have way more graphic options than in vanilla, so you have to tell your players to turn off some of the high-demanding choices like "far view", "dynamic updates", "smooth lightning" and "terrain mipmaps". In my case, my computer is close to yours, i7 920 @ 4ghz, 6gb ram and a radeon 5850, but even with that, there are a lot of options that I have to turn off if I want to play the game smoothly in spoutcraft.
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    Was a long time I set up the java 7 64bit for my server, just run the bat file for it now, have to check so they are for sure running on one core each, but I can't ever rember any core going over 50% in any case.

    Considering personally that spoutcraft had 200+ FPS it should not be a problem graphic wise, however toggling the fog option to furthest away seems to crash spout instantly for me 90% of the times, even tried to put 2GB to spoutcraft itself but its starting to get ridicilous that you would need more ram than that for a basic block game...

    In other news, Spoutcraft stopped crashing after I started it with Java 6 instead of Java 7

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    Erik Vikersveen

    Oooh, thank you all over the place for that one!
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    Its amazing!
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    Doing some work right now, I might implement a plugin for this, quick preview of low level sea with 256 height world:

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    oh very nice! Do you happen to have the custom cb build for RB #3 done as well maybe?

    edit - if possible I would suggest if you have time to make a config file for the plugin where you can set min, max & sea level heights for world generation?

    so for instance you could have the world generate as normal from 0-128 or whatever, but build up to 256 anyway

    Only really high mountains would go over 130 to x
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    Erik Vikersveen

    Sea level at 64, and mountains up to 256, would be epic. Being eable to dig down 128 seems redundant, but building 192 up is awesome!
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    still waiting for a 1024 at least
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    Well a 1024 is not really (practically) possible with the current map saving 16x16x128, would need cubic chunk for that which spoutserver has in making, no timeframe from what I know though
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    I was able to compile your latest code from your git archive, but I am having a problem with the world. It appears that your code is only able to handle the 128 tall world now. Did you perhaps make it a setting that I have to change somewhere, or is it actually broken right now?
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    Yeah read it today, very nice change for vanilla MC then as well. Don't care much about world generation, as long as you can build manually higher
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    I'd like to see higher mountains and deeper valleys; If the biomes remain untouched I may use one of the single-player mods to generate a world and then import it into the newly supported map height minecraft/bukkit.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the last update I made in git have two parameters to add into the
    heightbits=6...8 (only 6=64, 7=128 & 8=256 for now, higher values won't work)
    sea-level=0...height (lower than 100 for a 256 height world and you won't ever see the blue liquid anymore)

    For now, people interested in higher worlds should be able to work with my repository, I won't make a plugin since Jens will release an equivalent.
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    Deleted user

    Doesn't the landscape on the left look like an elephant O.O.
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  23. Yeah just be sure not to open your map in Single Player or without the Plugin installed.
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    I could really use 256 height in bukkit. Don't care so much about generating terrain or anything like that. Just semi-stable and the ability to use some bukkit plugins. I want to import a 250 height megaobject from classic... which I have managed to do with (modded) vanilla but its buggy and crashing, and beside that I need to be able to use bukkit with it (to disable some physics for sand/gravel and some things like water/lava flow and fires).

    Am I just going to have to wait for official stuff? :(
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    1.2 will support 256 natively, so bukkit will as well when it updates :)
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    I can't wait... :(
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    Sweet. <3
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    From what I see the new format uses cubic chunks. Depending on specific implementation this may work out quite well.
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    It's out!

    It's also got fucked up lighting and they seemed to have forgot to include the cave/ravine generator.
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