Increased Map Height (128+) Test Plugin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DeLux, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. Lol, I don't know :D Ask @Afforess , I believe he did alot of it.
  2. Spout make my day and support map height in multiplayer !!!!
  3. Cant get it to work.
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    Would you mind if I expanded this and fleshed it out?
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    I sure hope so, I'm waiting for a good stable version of the height mod, and I have been watching fishtaco's progress on his.
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    Erik Vikersveen

    We have been using FishTaco's heigh mod on our server a long time now, and managed to make some pretty amazing stuff because of it. My heart would sing if FishTaco's mod would work with Bukkit!
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    Read the latest commits on Spout and SpoutCraft. The commits would indicate that its coming soon.
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    Until Minecraft properly supports a custom height, we can't provide an API for this as it crashes unmodified clients. We can't knowingly support something that will clearly be so volatile. We already get a lot of flak for bugs in vanilla Minecraft, I'd rather we not introduce more. At the end of the day, adding support for this will just create an unneeded support load for us, as we end up having to deal with the blame for clients crashing and the only thing people can point at is that they run Bukkit.
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    Good points, but we know that it's coming at some point in minecraft though, as the ability to modify the height for levels has been made easier and easier with each release. Most people who are running 256 tall maps understand it will require a modified client, such as Spoutcraft, and I certainly wouldn't give flak to you guys for not fully implementing it yet (at least I wouldn't).
    What will no doubt happen though is someone else will build the functionality first, so that those of us wanting this functionality can do it. Requiring spout would be no problem for most of us until the real functionality is released to the public via notch or bukkit.
    Good work on bukkit, and thanks for all the hard work.
    *My two cents*
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    Just tested with RC and dev builds of spoutcraft on CB 1.0.1-R1. I could build *at* 128 but no higher. I'm going to try and recompile it with cb101r1

    EDIT: Recompile didn't change anything.

    EDIT2: getDefaultWorldGenerator isn't being called although the plugin is loaded
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    Would be pretty epic, maybe the plugin author could fix this and maybe integrate it in Spout :)
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    Spoutcraft already support this.

    I tried setting the following in my bukkit.yml to see if that was the obvious step I was forgetting:
        generator: TallMapPOC
    To which I get this:
    2011-12-13 16:07:41 [SEVERE] java.lang.StackOverflowError
    2011-12-13 16:07:41 [SEVERE]    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftWorld.getGenerator(
    2011-12-13 16:07:41 [SEVERE]    at com.toadwater.tallmappoc.TallMapPOC$WorldGenWrapper.getFixedSpawnLocation(
    To which the last line repeats a bazillion times and then the server hangs.[/code]
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    I have seen misconceptions regarding this and that over the heightmod in progress here and I want to clear the air regarding where Spoutcraft is concerned (so people better understand).

    1. Spoutcraft (the client) has for a while allowed a player to build past y=128 BUT this is map controlled via the server.
    2. This proof-of-concept plugin not only sets the map to be a height limit of 256 (by adjusting the bits), it also adjusts the generator so "sea-level" is 128 (for the most part) and to build up from there.

    If any of this is wrong (pretty sure it isn't) then a Spout Team member can correct me :p.
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    Isn't that already the case everywhere?
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    I edited that...thanks for catching it!
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    Wouldn't one generally expect the the sea level to be at the half way point? Less you're just going for towering skyscrapers and have't a care how deep your oceans or ground are.
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    I know other height mods result in terrain generation proportionally stretching to the new height, so sea level 128, diamonds found at 40, etc.

    Is this plugin working on 1.0.1 for anyone else? I am having the case of the stupid and can not figure out what I am doing wrong.
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    I dropped it in my plugin's folder, let it regenerate a new map and connected with Spoutcraft.
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    Spout's works at 2048 with 2 gigs allocated, took a bit to generate but runs fine long as it's not generating terrain.
    I suppose should note that the spout's terrain generation is bugged.
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    I dropped it in but no regeneration happened with me :/
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    NinjaZidane strange. Full server log please?
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    This is with an existing world. Same results with no world too.
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    Everything looks....fine. Have you tried building past y=128? Does it take longer to sign-in the first time for the server after it has generated?
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    I can confirm that I get the same results as croxis.
    I tried using the both the latest RB and CB 1529 dev version as someone else suggested.
    Tested with vanilla MC client with just the mod added, and with Spoutcraft client.
    No other plugins beside the POC plugin.

    New world and existing world both have sea level at 64 and no block placement above 128.
    No sign of regeneration or generation that exceeds the standard height.
    Hope this helps.

    I am really looking forward to extending the vertical on my server.
    I hope this sparks a full working plugin.
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    Aye I tried, nothing past 128. Really hard to tell if it takes longer as I don't have a base line. It doesn't *seem* to. /pl shows the plugin loaded. Do you mind posting your CB version and double check your bukkit.yml?
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    Believe it or not I didn't change that and I am running the RB.
    I merely put it in the plugins folder and started her up. How much RAM do you have allocated to your server? I have 5GB personally.
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    Wait, do I have to make changes to my Bukkit.yml? <- latest attempt with Multiverse

    mv create testi_256 normal -s fcsi -g tallmappoc
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    I'm testing it on my desktop with 4BG, although that shouldn't impact anything.

    Is it possible for you to bundle up your server and post it to dropbox or something so I can see what the differences are?
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    I am totally looking forward to a height increase mod. Even just doubling it to 256 would be very nice. I just feel that I hit bedrock or the sky limit way to easily...
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