Increase Mob Spawn Rate!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by wildshoetwt, Mar 18, 2011.

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    So I figured this was a basic thing and I'd find many plugins that did this, except much to my dismay, I could not find ANY, only mods that decreased spawn rates....

    so yeah increase spawn rates, and if possible a way to make animals neutral so they attack when attacked, or give monsters/animals increased health...

    Anybody up for this task?
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    I'm interested in this too, or any other ways to make darkness that little more challenging :)
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    Yeah, it seems almost ....suspicious that there is not a plugin for this yet, perhaps it isn't possible?
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    Yeah it is a little. Also doesn't seem to be mods to add mobs, ie making ghast or zombie pigmen spawn in a non hell world. Only seen mods to prevent spawns :/
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    conversion of mobs to other mobs is possible see Dawn of the Dead server where they only have zombie type mods running around

    still..increasing the mob spawn rate is not possible across the board, there is bSpawn which lets you spawn a wave of monsters, but that is not what I'm looking for.
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    bump, mobcontrol errors to death, and doesn't seem to do anything to the spawn rate, setting creatures like animals to neutral doesn't actaully make them neutral


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    bump again :)
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    I would also be interested in a plugin like this. However I would prefer a Decrease Mob Spawn Rate. I am currently looking for a way to nerf or slow down ghasts destroying the nether as people on my server explore. Currently looking at CrowdControl, MobControl but not having much luck. My ideal situation is not to remove damage or change the ghast, just make it spawn more rare in the nether. Right now we average 30-40 just in the visible range around the spawn point.
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    ditto, +1, like... for performance issues I'd like to decrease rate and set a world mob limit.. once X amount have been reached, spawn no more...
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    there's enough addons to remove monsters, this plugin would increase monster spawn rate
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    I'm also looking forward for this plugin, all the others are outdated.
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    im trying to make an arena. and i sorta kinda need this mob to make my server fun :'(
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    For an arena you need to use a mob-spawning utility. This just wants more things to spawn around.
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    so no one has made this mod yet?

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