Inception Revival/Rework

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    Original project:

    The idea is to mimic the top 5 or so layers of one world directly into the bottom 5 or so layers of another world, and allow players to teleport from one world to another. So let's say you have a Skyland, Main world and Nether and you want them all connected.

    Above: Nothing
    Underneath: Main World

    Main World
    Above: Skyland
    Below: Nether

    Above: Main World
    Below: Nothing.

    This could also be used to create infinite loops if, for instance the bottom of you "Bottom most" world was linked to the top of your highest.

    In the previous inception plugin, teleporting worked well, however it did cause a few bugs when flying up to the next highest world. The layer mimicing never worked.

    Potential awesomeness coming from this plugin:
    - builds that are larger than level height and span multiple worlds and types
    - falling/digging into the nether as a replacement for nether portals (requires open top nether)
    - potential for infinitely looping tower spanning several worlds or one world
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    I can do this but when you say "build that are larger then level height and span multiple worlds", that's not really true because you won't be able to see the world above the build height. It will just teleport you. But sure! I'll get started.

    Edit: I'm tired it will be done sometime tomorrow. Expect it no later than 5:00 CST tomorrow.
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    Well this actually should shift down the buildable level height a few blocks to allow some space for the fake levels. The fake levels are important so that you can stairstep up into the next highest world.
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    Alternatively, blocks placed in the top few levels of the lower world could get copied to the bottom few levels of the upper world, and vice versa.

    Going between the World and Nether would be more of a challenge, especially with existing maps. I would suggest making the default "overlap" about 5 blocks, i.e. top 5 layers of the Nether are copied from World's layers 5 to 10, and World's layers 0 to 5 are the Nether's 245 to 2050 (is the Nether 255 layers? Can't remember).

    The initial copy could be done per-chunk (or a chunk radius) whenever someone is transported between worlds.

    I am rather bothered that Inception is broken and would also like to use an updated version, if you don't mind. :3
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    I'll be working on this plugin more tonight. My dev page was taken down because it copied the idea and name of Inception. :/
    I'll probably give it a new name like Interception (as in worlds intercepting a player as they fall or go up).


    New Dev Page:


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