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    This addon is exactly what I was looking for! I'm running into a slight problem (the config file isn't being generated) but it seems like once I get that taken care of, it'll work like a charm for my server! (It'll be used as a racial ability :] )
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    SWEET! Using And Testing now :D
  4. Juze: Plague likes to tack changelogs onto the end of my posts, so I figured I'd let you guys have your fun.

    * Added a changelog
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    You do know you'll have to change the changelog?
    You need to put "v1.0 Initial Release"
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    LOL, just do it nicely okay? :D

    EDIT: Did it for you because you made me laugh.
  7. I like you, you didn't mess up my font sizes and bolds. Good job and thanks!
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    Hats off to you, sir, for another great plugin :D
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    This this... is awesome! Several plugins try the same but do fail.. this is epic. Truly.
    Dunno if you take requests, i'm already happy with this but perhaps food for thought if you want to develop
    it further; perhaps hook it into iConomy and make the permit cost 'money' and perhaps the 'tick' too but
    no feather consumption. But thats just food for thought as said, love it, looove it!
  10. Thanks. I don't mind good suggestions but making my code depend on any plugin not written by me goes against my current principles, so I'm afraid there won't be any iconomy here. Feel free to suggest more stuff and also let me know if there are bugs.
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    Ah no worries, love it like this too!

    As far as bugs go:
    it seems if I do shift while in the air it still consumes 1 feather. And its not the usual tick per <time>
    if i press shift 6 times it doesn't only activate windows sticky keys, but it will also consume 6 feathers in the same time i press shift. Hope thats clear ;)

    if i hold shift, it works perfectly as intended ;)
  12. The thing is, being in the air doesn't necessarily mean you're gliding or rising.

    To be gliding you must be falling at glide-threshold speed exactly, and have feathers in your hand (the plugin will then try to keep you at this speed). It may take a short period of time after you start falling to activate gliding. Just give it some time and don't hit shift repeatedly; If you're actually flying (holding shift) and release it in the air, it should not consume an extra feather to start gliding; After gliding activates, you should be able to hold shift again to rise without consuming an extra feather either.

    If in this situation it's using feathers too fast that may be because you lagged earlier and the server is trying to catch up.
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    Ah yes that makes sense ;) Thanks for the explanation.
    I'm gonna continue being an annoyance to you though, gonna suggest something else xD
    without resorting to permissions to check who can and cannot, could you check the op.txt file
    and -perhaps- set make an option to let OP's perhaps stop mid air by holding a button?
    I would personally welcome that to make it not only insanely fun ( we have been using it like madman here )
    but also useful for the admins, a sort of magic carpet idea if you will.

    And considering op.txt isn't based on a plugin.. you might want to consider that,
    again..again again, i'm loving it, i should say, we are loving it just the way it is already so completely optional.
    can't blame a man for trying ( i hope ;) )
  14. If you use the whitelist ops always have permission.

    I'd add that feature if I knew a way to do it efficiently. Unfortunately Wings cannot actually defy gravity, it works by manipulating the player's entity's velocity vector heavily. Maybe this could work by creating a block below the player's feet? Then when you take off the block would disappear... Except what happens if you go away without flying? If you just walk away or teleport do we just leave the block there? We can always remove it when the player logs off, but what if someone modifies it in the meanwhile? Should we monitor all blocks created during this manner? Is there potential for an escalating burden on the server? There's a lot to think about...
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    /facepalm you are right ofcourse. dumb dumb.

    as for your analyses. I do know what you mean. ( actually 90% )
    But considering you made this mod .. like a pro. I'm sure you can think of an efficient way haha
    I realize Zombe's flying mod is client side, and he's manipulating something completely different most likely...
    but then again, perhaps its something you can use? Just throwing it out there in the open.
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  17. Holy crap, I had no idea. Time for a ninja rename.
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    I know that many plugins are broken by others not updating, but many developers find a way to just add permissions support. From where I'm standing, that allows for your plugin to be independent while adding a lot more functionality for the large amount of people who use permissions.

    But in the end this is a great and intuitive plugin without it, so the choice is up to you.
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    ok, I loaded the plugin, manually created the config.yml and saved it to the plugin/flight folder. I start my server and get the 22:18:59 [INFO] [Flight] Enabled! message. I have no errors on my server log at all. In game I can successful purchase a flight permit yet I am unable to fly. I press shift (sneak) with a stack of 24 feathers in my hand and nothing happens, no feather is consumed no error is displayed. Any idea?
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    Just downoaded your plugin, and im not getting any errors. But now it doesnt create a .yml file in the plugin folder. I just get a Permits.dat in it, do i have to make it manually or?


  21. jalaki: Maybe another plugin is interfering? Did you try disabling all other plugins?
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    jalaki; U sure this is set up right?

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    Hooray again! It's working like a charm! I'm running into a small problem, though. I can't figure out how the whitelist is supposed to be formatted. The example comment only has one name!
  24. It's YAML, so just like all the other hundreds of plugins.

    name: ['a', 'b', 'c']
      - 'a'
      - 'b'
      - 'c'
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    Permission Support!!! Get with the program!!!
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    Nate Wiebe

    Will use if you decide to change your policy and add iConomy and Permissions support, otherwise you are limiting this plugin's potential.
  27. I don't give a flying fuck whether you use it or not. In fact, I don't want you to use it. I forbid you from using it. Don't you dare to ever use this plugin. And get the hell out of my thread ;)
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    Guys if you want permission support there's other flying plugins out there that support it. Just search a little.
  29. ZachBora, the next time you come here to advertise other plugins I'll have to get angry. Have you no manners? It's ok when I do it, it's not ok when anyone else does it. This thread is for providing support for this plugin, nothing else. I'm close to removing this plugin from this forum already.

    New version up, added Tjezee's thing to stop in the middle of the air (read top post for details).

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