[INACTIVE/WIP/MECH] MyEnderChest v0.1dev - Player owned Ender Chests made simple! [1.3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jacob Marshall, May 26, 2012.

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    Jacob Marshall


    Version: 0.1dev
    Side note: I do not expect that this plugin will be approved before the upcoming release of Minecraft 1.3, nor would I want it being approved before then.

    This plugin is 'thinking ahead' a little. I though to myself that Ender Chests are probably going to be one of the most useful blocks in the game after Minecraft 1.3 is released, however there is just 1 floor. Ender Chests are currently the same for every player on the server. This means that Ender Chests are not player owned. Which basically means that you have to share the Ender Chest with everybody else on the server! Well, I have decided to start development on this plugin to allow this floor to be fixed, below is a video showing you what i've already been able to accomplish after 20 minutes of hard work. I retextured the chest in Minecraft 1.2.5 to look like the new chest, just to make it seem a little more realistic for now.

    I will probably end up changing the name of this plugin, not to sure about the name currently. What do you think about the whole thing in general, and do you think its a good idea?
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    Jacob Marshall

    Have you played the latest snapshot?

    Basically instead of having a chest that has the same contents for everybody, any ender chest has the same contents per player. Meaning each player gets their own secret, chest that only the player can access.

    Watch the video, if you haven't already.
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    No, I don't play snapshots. Thank you though, I never knew about that! Looks cool!
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    nice, ahead of the game. I haven't played the snapshot yet, but I've been playing some tekkit lately. that has a mod in it for ender chests. I'm guessing your plugin makes them work sorta like that older mod.
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    This will be a really good thing to have;
    I quite like the idea of how the same enderchest is used by all players only problem how do admins get into other peoples enderchests.
    Maybe Lwc will implement this so its for 1 player only but you can /cmodify people and the actual chest is locked :D
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    Will u make it so some enderchest are public and some private?
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    way to think ahead ;)
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    Jacob Marshall

    If a player wants their own ended chest, they need a permission node, otherwise they just see the vanilla ended chest contents.

    Also admins will be able to open anybody's ended chests, because otherwise its a great hiding spot for greifing tools and stolen diamonds.
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    Can u make it so if ppl use /enderchest toggle they can toggle between public and private chests?
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    Jacob Marshall

    Yah sure, sounds like a good idea!
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    That's awesome I think, do you think you'll add an option for public enderchests or shared enderchest (when you confirgure an obsidian chest with some name, you can configure anothers chest with the same name and they'll have the same content) ? ^^
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    Brilliant work :D I think you a ahead of mojang by quite a bit.
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    Jacob Marshall

    I could do that, however I am currently working on allowing people to toggle from the servers vanilla ender chest and their own private ender chest. Then I can worry about that, thanks for the idea, ill keep you posted!

    Thanks Doc!
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    An idea I had was to have the player be able to set one chest as their mailbox/delivery box. Have it so that a player will right click the delivery chest with an item/stack, that item/stack will go into the chest without it being opened. That way the player's claimed chests will have that item delivered to them.
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    Omg the sound of your mouseclick, I don't know why but I love it!

    Oh and cool plugin.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Ill happily write another plugin for that called EnderMail if you want.

    Haha, thanks. I hate the sound of my trackpad... but meh.
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    I'll be looking forward for this.
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    so hows the coding of the feature coming along?
    cant wait for 1.3 :D
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    Jacob Marshall

    Its been a couple of days since I worked on this, I'm pretty sure I have ALL the main features done for now... now I just have to wait for 1.3 to come...

    I've also been working on a Survival Games plugin, but thats no excuse :p
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    I would definitely use that plugin.
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    Jacob Marshall

    PM me and i'm sure we can sort out a split deal. You did come up with the idea after all.
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    Erm don't hate me if i say this,but I remember reading about bukkit ending in 1.3?I think it was 1.3,because there will be no use of bukkit due to a new mod api thing....
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    Jacob Marshall

    I'm not too sure how true that is. It definitely makes sense, but I just don't see that happening.
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    I know i mean bukkit is bukkit.Its been around for a long time i just can't believe they would just pack up and go just because of a new mod api.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Well, i'm pleased for your concern, however please stay on-topic. Maybe you can start an help thread somewhere else, to ask if that statement is true. For the mean time, I will continue to work on this plugin as if nothing will happen to Bukkit when 1.3 is released.
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    Jacob Marshall

    This idea has been added to minecraft since 12w24a, I'll probably not take this mod any further, or maybe I'll reverse the mechanic... Not too sure yet, but I'm a tad sad I didn't get to release this plugin in time for 1.3
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    Tag me when there is a 1.3 RB / beta build.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Actually md_5 this plugin idea has been added into the pre-release of minecraft 1.3 already. Would you be able to remove the thread?
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    ok I tag you (you're it)
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