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    ChestTrap - You opened the wrong chest.
    Allows admins (and players with permission) to create traps from a chest. The chest then becomes un-openable, and it kills you on the spot.
    This is still a WIP... but please help me test this out. Please post questions, comments, concerns, feature requests (might not get to them), and bugs here.
    I highly recommend AGAINST using this in production. Any data-loss is your own fault for not using proper precautions.
    Permissions nodes:​
    • chestTrap.createTrap
    • chestTrap.removeTrap
    How to use:
    /ct create - creates a trap out of the chest you are looking at
    /ct remove - removes a trap

    Right clicking on a trap will kill you outright.
    I also need help getting a better title description (and maybe even a title).

    I'm horrible at making interesting titles.

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    Hey, I'm back from vacation. Did anyone find any bugs/glitches?
  3. wow this is quite a good idea since i have a few douchbags i want to test this on :D i will test later on
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    Lol. Tell me how this goes!

    and later I will add more possible traps (angry wolves, dropped from a high place, inventory cleared, etc...)
  5. Tested. Works like a charm without a single error :D Adding configurable traps would also be cool like /cd create Angrywolfs. Now to wait for some greedy bastard to try and open the cheast labeled "My diamond chest. Dont open!!" Also a suggestion for the title would be chestrap- Test your users trust! just a suggestion, nothing too bad with the original. Its how i got here :)
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  7. well, i am a admin so im not sure, i will get one of my friends to test that out soon :)
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    Ok. Almost done with 0.0.3a.

    Just need to work out two things.
    1. The inventory doesn't update when it's cleared
    2. The wolves that spawn aren't angry.
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    wow this is quite a good idea since i have a few douchbags i want to test this on :D i will test later on​
    Thanks, I've gotten the idea actually, all credit to Tyzoid ofcourse.

    About the title, how about: ChestyGoBOOM
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    I'm glad you like it. I will try to finish it... but the wolves refuse to be angry.
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    Got the angry wolves working (finally) :)
    Should be done and released later today.
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    Sorry about that :(
    Finally got the link on bukkitDEV
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    This is the best plugin idea I have seen in a long time. How about making the mother of all chest traps -right click the chest and it sends out a redstone current, which could trigger... anything! I'm not too familiar with plugin making, though I do have some SSP experience, so if I'm mistaken and a redstone-generating chest is not possible, no worries, I'll think up another nefarious trap...;)
    BTW your Colors plugin is also awesome.
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    That was the plan, however, you would need to have a switch nearby - or a button, depends what I implement.
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    Great! I think I might use this instead of a chest protection plugin. I understand it doesn't protect chests that have stuff in them, but I think the possibility of dying/being attacked by wolves/etc. would be enough to deter most would-be thieves to not thieve.
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    When I get around to programming more, I'll add a switch that makes the creator immune.

    But yea. This does address the problem of chest protection more creatively.
    However, the only problem is, this plugin doesn't *yet* block the destruction of the chests.

    And also, this doesn't work too well with double chests.

    I still need to fix that.

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    Finally put up the link to 0.0.3a

    Enjoy. Still working out some issues though...
    such as, if you place a chest next to a trap chest, it may or may not result in a trap chest.
    If you break one piece of a double chest, and it is a trap chest, it may or may not result in a trap chest.

    But that's all I can think of right now.
    I think that the easy answer is to block any chest place/destroy adjacent to the trap chest.

    Anyway, enjoy the latest version!
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    What about having, in addition to the /ct create and remove, you have another command, /ct expand, so you could create doubleChestTraps in this manner:
    1) /ct create, blah blah blah...make a working trap
    2)/ct expand
    <plugin says: 'Left click your chesttrap'>
    3)left click your chestTrap.
    <plugin says: 'Place another chest adjacent'>
    4)Place a chest adjacent, (If not adjacent; plugin says 'Chest not adjacent.' & prevents placement)
    <Plugin duplicates ChestTrap settings of Chest1 onto Chest2, and minecraft merges them into one chest automatically.>
    Destroying Chesttraps should not work, unless /ct remove is stated first.
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    I'm going to make it so that the creator of the chest trap (or chest trap admins) can place/remove trap chests, and they will automatically expand to the new block. I just need to finish coding it.
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    Man, haven't finished this yet...
    Might get this updated... I've been pressed for time.
  22. Could the chest move the player INTO the block ?
    The chest open, the player is moved into it and the chest close, then player suffocate.
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    If the ground was only 1 block thick below the chest, the player would just fall through.
    I could do that, but I'd have to first set the block beneath the chest to glass/stone/whatever.

    I still have to get a release out first.
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    i can make a video for this plugin :) i'll tell u the link when it's up

    i'll make a Video on it :)

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    @ZacTheDead Maybe you could wait a week? I should have a release ready by then.
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    ik this is a bit old but ill give the redstone idea a try :D
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    If you could do that, I would be very grateful!

    I've been up to my neck in other matters, and I haven't had time to code much of anything recently.
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    Could you make it so there would be an option to automatically ban the player trying to open the chest?

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