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    Thomas Bucher

    SphereWorld - Creates a World of Spheres:
    Version: v0.5

    You need another Challenge on your Server..
    SphereWorld makes it. You will start planting Trees, just to get the Material needed to reach the next Spheres ;-)

    NOTE: Ice spread around on the Floor still makes the Map nearly unplayable in 1.6..

    • Creates a unique World of Spheres
    • Can be run as default or any world of a Multiworldserver
    • Pot Worlds
    • Seeds for World and for Spheres
    • Random Type (Pot / Sphere)
    • GlowStoneRings
    • OtherWorld
    • Protection for the Glass. PotProtection < 65 / SphereProtection = all (Op can still destroy the Glass)
    • Added Protection to Floor
    • Change Initial Generation
    • Water / No-Water on Floor (icebug)
    • No Spawn on Floor
    • Added some Grass / Longgrass to Otherworld
    • ....
    pictures (open)






    NOTE!!! Make a Backup of your Stuff.. I am not Responsible if you "*** ** ****" it up.


    Download The Plugin 0.5 MC 1.7.2
    Thanks to oliverw92

    Download The Plugin v0.4f MC 1.6

    Download The Plugin v0.2 MC 1.5
    Source Code is in the jar file.
    or at GitHub

    Download the Jar into your plugins Directory,
    Adjust config if you want or just restart the Server

    Config (open)

    The Config-File:
    usefloor: true
    worldsize: 2000
    mindist: 80
    useglass: false
    maxradius: 40
    spherechance: 100
    minradius: 8
    killonfloor: true
    maxheight: 80
    world: sphere
    minheight: 40
    usehalfglass: false
    userandomglass: true
    worldseed: 123456
    sphereseed: 123456
    otherworld: false
    useglow: false
    glassblock: 20
    potprotect: true
    sphereprotect: true
    floorprotect: true
    nofloorspawn: true
    nowater: true
    autosavechunklist: true
    autosaveinterval: 30
    Explain of the Config:
    usefloor -> Creates a Floor of a Bedrock and a Watertile if set to true
    NOTE: usefloor: false will give you some Error: Floor is missing, with most Teleport plugins etc.
    NOTE: only set it to false, if you use this as the only World on your Server!!
    worldsize -> set the Size, the Spheres will Spawn on each Side of the 0,0 Point.
    NOTE: A worldsize of 2000 Gives you around 1500 Spheres.
    mindist -> Minimum distance between to Sphere-Centerpoints.
    NOTE: Make sure, they to not intercept each other mindist should by > maxradius * 2
    useglass -> Will the Spheres be surrounded by Glass?
    NOTE: True is a good joice here, else there will be lot of water and lava floating..
    maxradius -> Maximum Radius of a Sphere.
    NOTE: should be < minheight + 2 and < 128-maxheight
    minradius -> Minimum Radius of a Sphere.
    minheight -> Minimum Height of a Spherecenter
    NOTE: should be >= maxradius + 2
    maxheight -> Maximum height of Spherecenter
    NOTE: should be < 128-maxheight
    world -> The Name the Spherewold will have. (The plugin creates a World with that name)
    NOTE: Initial the World should not exist. It should not be entered.
    killonfloor -> Kill players that are on the waterlevel (out of Universe)
    usehalfglass -> Only use Glass up to see level. No Glass on Uppersides
    NOTE: set useglass to false, for this to work, if you want half glass Spheres.
    userandomglass ->Random use Full Spheres or Pots
    NOTE: set useglass and usehalfglass to false, for this to work, if you want random glass Spheres.
    worldseed -> seed of the world (only numbers)
    sphereseed -> seed of the spheres (only numbers)
    otherworld -> Generates another World.. Very Strange (Nothing todo with Spheres)
    NOTE: all the Glass and Distance Things have no influence on otherworld
    useglow -> If set to true, the Spheres get some GlowBlock Rings.
    glassblock -> set the Type of Glass you wanna use.
    NOTE: Makes only sence, if you use it with usehalfglass.
    potprotect -> Protects all Glass from Sphere below Block 65 (Seelevel)
    sphereprotect -> Protects all Glass from the Spheres. (Op can Destroy only)
    floorprotect -> Protect the Floor from being Build on..
    nowater -> Genereate no Water on the Bedrock (reduce Ice problem)
    nofloorspawn -> Dont Spawn monsters at Bedrock Level
    autosavechunklist -> Enable this to Autosave the chunklist
    NOTE: if the Server does not shut down correctly, unsaved chunks will be regenerated
    autosaveinterval -> Minutes between autosaves

    Try the Defaults first, as they should work out of the Box.

    To Start over:
    1.) Stop the Server
    2.) Delete the Worldfolder "sphere"
    3.) Delete Files plugin/SphereWorld/*.data
    4.) Start the Server again.
    5.) After Startup is Finished, you can port to the World. example: /world sphere

    • /cr
      Regenerates the Chunk you are staying on (OP only)
    • /sphere
      Gives you information about the Sphere you are in (Everyone)

    • Add Bridges between Spheres.
    • Add / Remove Floor on the fly (force reload of all loaded Chunks)
    • Configurable Blocks for level 1 and 2
    • Add Underwater Version of the Spheres.. (We may need some more Light with this ;-P
    • Prevent Creeper from destroy protected Glass
    Version 0.5
    • 1.7.2 Compatible (thanks to Oliverw92 for his Effort)
    Version 0.4f
    • Prevent Glassbreaks from Explosions.
    changelog (open)

    Version 0.4e
    • Added Longgrass/Grass to Otherworld.
    Version 0.4d
    • Added AutoSave To chunklists.
    Version 0.4c
    • Fixed an Otherworld reload Bug
    • Added No Water on Floor (reduce Ice Bug)
    • Added no Spawn option for Floor (No Monsters on Bedrock)
    Version 0.4a
    • Added Long Grass
    • Added Dead Bushes
    • Fixed Interaction with other Worlds Floor.
    Version 0.3d
    • Bugfixes
    • Better Floorprotection (reset on Chunkloads of Floor)
    Version 0.3c
    • Added new Inital generation Process (less smud)
    • Added Floorprotection against Builds
    • Added noice Option for the Floor (made a lot of Lag)
    Version 0.3b
    • Fixed a Bug with Spherechance was nearly 0 again.. ;-)
    Version 0.3a
    • Added Protection to the Spherehull
    Version 0.3
    • Added 1.6 Support
    • Added Another World (OtherWorld)
    • Added Glasstype to Config
    • Added Glowing Rings
    • Added Some Fixies
    Version 0.2a

    • Fixed a Bug where the Spherechance was nearly 0.
    Version 0.2

    • Added World / Sphere seed
    • Added Random Sphere / Pot option
    • Fixed some Glitches
    Version 0.1c

    • Added usehalfglass. Now you can have "open" Spheres. See last Screenshot above.
    Version 0.1b

    • Fixed noglass parameter
    Version 0.1a

    • Added Commands
    Version 0.1

    • Releasing my awesome plugin

    You can try it at: ( Magiccarpet is installed .. /mc ) <- SphereWorld <- OtherWorld

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    Cube worlds would be a great idea.... :D
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    I'm still trying to figure out how you did this ... how do you tell what portion of the sphere to generate when a chunk can intercede any portion of a sphere? I'm trying to create a plugin that generates a Roger Dean-esque environment of floating chunks of rock and land bridges but can't get past the 16x16 chunk generation issue.
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    okay, but that would be awesome
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    Thomas Bucher

    I precreate the Spheres.
    When i generate the chunks, i to some vector mats, to check if a block is in a Sphere or not.
    Very Easy indeed.
    The Trick is, that the Spheres are allready generated for the whole World.

    Sicnerely Thomas
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    Thank you Thomas!

    So, you generate the sphere boundaries and then check if the terrain exists within or outside the boundaries?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Yes exactly.

    Greetings Thomas
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    do spheres have some kind of entrance? so you can build a bridge or something similar?
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    Thomas Bucher

    There is no entrance. if you protect the whole glass, you have to make them as op or you have to create portals.
    If you just protect the lowerglass, the top can be broken by everyone.

  10. Hi there, it's a really great plug-in and i'm glad that something like this had been made, however, would i be able to use the sphere world as the only world on my server, the things is, i don't like having my world3 and world3_nether anymore, is there a way to just have the sphere world on the server without it making a new map every-time?
  11. Finaly got the plugin to work with tp
    (used multi verse command /mvimport sphere normal to import the world to multiverse.)
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    I didnt change the config at all.
    But i only have a certain area with spheres (with about 8 of them), and the rest of the world is just casual. What am i doing wrong?
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    Just found a mod called Inception, it allows for worlds to link together by floor / ceiling

    Now I want to remove the floor from my Sphere World as the Skylands works just fine for me.

    Could Sphere World help (by making the floor toggle actually toggle the floor)?
    Or must I use a massive world edit?

    I made some nice stuff up there and don't want to /cr nor do I want to recreate my sphere world :-(
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    to give you an idea what i mean:

    Its this in all directions. Just a really small are with spheres.

    Using CB818.
    Its the only plugin iam using.

    another question:

    Is it possible to make the sphere world to the world, first time player will spawn in?

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    Having some issues with this -

    I added it to my server, reloaded, changed the config, reloaded again, and when I tp to my sphere world, its just a regular world - no spheres or such. BUT, if I do the command /cr, it regens that chunk into part of a sphere (or if I choose poorly, into nothing at all :)

    My guess is I FUBAR'ed the config, but I couldn't find where I messed up:

    I'm using Craftbukkit 860, and version 0.4f of SphereWorld.

    I have a crap ton of other plugins, but not multiverse. I'm going to install that right now in case thats my issue.

    sphereprotect: false
    maxradius: 32
    glassblock: 20
    bridgetype: 1
    usefloor: false
    worldsize: 2000
    dobridges: true
    nowater: true
    autosavechunklist: true
    spherechance: 80
    autosaveinterval: 30
    minradius: 5
    killonfloor: false
    worldseed: 6432334
    maxheight: 96
    usehalfglass: false
    mindist: 100
    useglass: false
    nofloorspawn: true
    sphereseed: 457893452
    otherworld: false
    userandomglass: true
    potprotect: true
    useglow: false
    floorprotect: false
    world: Heaven
    minheight: 34
    Ok I got it working. I had been deleting the files before restarting server, to minimize downtime, but your plugin is very persistent about its data files :)

    Following the instructions to the letter fixed my issue. Thanks for the great plugin!


    Now I'm having a similar issue to Moe - parts of my world are generating normal rather then in spheres. At first it was just a few spots, and //chunk and //regen or /cr would fix it, but as I move out from my current area more and more areas are generating normal. This didnt start happening until after I stopped the server from the initial generate. I haven't touched the files or anything.

    Here's the dynmap of my server, the sphere world is the one named "Heaven", click on the arrow on the right side to open up the world choice sidebar.

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    Thomas Bucher

    1.) Stop the Server
    2.) Delete
    3.) Start the Server

    This happens, if the Server Regenerates some startarea after the first restart.

    Sincerely Thomas
    See above.

    Sicnerely Thomas

    Also it may be that it doesn work with new RB.
    I am very sick atm, and cannot test / confirm /correct it atm.

    I will investigate the problem once i am back home. (2 Weeks)

    Sincerely Thomas

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    Well then don't worry about it!

    Minecraft is just minecraft. Get better!
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    I have this installed on craftbukkit 860 and have created the sphere world as a second world. Everything seems to be working but I am unable to teleport to the world. I am getting an unknown command when I try the /world sphere command.
  19. Thanks for your plugin, hope your feeling better to update this awazing plugin :)
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    Looking forward to using your amazing plugin! Get well soon.
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    would be neat to add the chance for a glass ring around some of the spheres :)

    Get better first though !
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    King Rat

    Just started using this on my server, and it's brilliant :D Was great fun to explore, and mining is great!

    My only problem was the amount of ores in the spheres... Diamond, redstone, etc seemed really rare, and since so many monsters spawn in the caverns, it was a bit disappointing fighting through them, not to find anything round the bottom of the spheres. And I seemed to be a few errors where occasional chunks generated like a normal world, and were just floating there o.o Apart from that, it all works fine, so great work! Working great on 860 :D
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    OP, you should use the new generator API in Bukkit.
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    Quick question, is there any way to get sphere world -and- other world to work in the same server?

    How would you go about setting that up?
  25. Hey,
    Awesome plugin!!!
    I like it very much!!!!
    Could you please make the water material on the floor chooseable ?
    The floor filled with lava or any other material would be the ubber awesomeness :-D
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    I love both SphereWorld and OtherWorld. Is there a way to simulate both of them? Or do I have to choose which I love more?
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    Please once you are feeling well again. Both Sphere world and Other world running simultaneous would Be AWESOME PS love the plugin thanks!
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    Can we turn off monsters in the spheres? My main world/server has them off but they appear in the spheres. Or maybe select which type of monsters to spawn. I thought it would be great to populate them with little slime creatures :)
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    hey guys
    how can i set a spawn in tihis sphere world?
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    hey i was wondering. is it possible to create spheres around the current worlds i have. I have 3 worlds right now. I wanted to make it so that i only have 1 world but 3 spheres. each sphere represents each world i have. so instead of having 3 seperate worlds. i want to have 3 spheres which act as 3 worlds.. How can i do that can u help me please?
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    Sorry im soo late on this reply. I've had this same problem with a couple plugins like iConomy and Neometeorites.
    I found a fix, when you download the plugin rename the .zip or .rar to .jar.

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