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  1. @firecombad4 The 'hello' was actually a debug thing I was using, evidently forgot to remove it. You can just open up index.php and remove that. As for the fact it doesn't display anything else, after visiting your players.php file, it seems that you have set it up incorrectly. http://biomecraft.com/online/players.php appears to show the configuration file rather than the onlineplayers.txt file. Assure that you have put all the files in the /Website directory into your http://biomecraft.com/online/ folder, and adequately applied the chmod.
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    all the file permissions are 0666 like you said and it all looks right, the files in plblic_html/online < i had to create this directory ,
  3. @firecombat4 It appears as though your txt files must be named incorrectly. players.php should be showing the onlineplayers.txt file, but the information from the config.txt is showing up. As I said before, I suggest you double check your files. Have you changed any contents of the php files?

    EDIT: Also, the configuration that is showing up for you is the one that is supposed to be in the Minecraft /plugins folder, not in the web directory.
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    ah got it now, thanks a lot :D :D :D lots of help haha,
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    Is there any way to disable showing the server port in the window? I want to have a list on my webpage but having the server address and port is redundant when its all over the website.
  6. @fatman2778 You could just use the Simple List mode. That will only display the list of players.
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    I enabled it but I really like having the online indicator. Some users find it useful as it lets them know when the server is back from a restart or maintenance. I was looking through the players.php file but I wasn't sure what i could remove to disable the port number. I found how to remove the server address in the config file but there's nothing for port. It would be handy if there was an option in the config for people that have their servers running on different ports.

    EDIT: After shutting down my server i notice that the indicator doesn't change either....
    NVM it just takes a little while for the change to appear :p
  8. @fatman2778 I'll add an option for that when I have a bit of time to.
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    Thanks I can live with it for now. Its just useless for me when right beside it is info on how to connect to the server with the ip and port.
  10. @fatman2778 v0.9.3 now includes an option just to hide the server ip and port.
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    I done all using instruction, and i got this http://cybershockx.com:8107/stats.html

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/website/phpUpdate.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    setInterval("phpUpdate('/website/players.php')", 10000);
    <body onload="phpUpdate('/website/players.php')">
    <span id="a1"></span>

    config.txt in Website
    #Text name of the server

    #Enter the IP / hostname of your server.

    #Enter the password to connect with your Minecraft server
    #Default is admin.

    config.txt in onlineplayers
    #Enter the url of the players.php file, including http://

    #Enter the password for the scripts to connect. You must add
    #this into the other configuration file. Default is admin.

    #Enable automatic updates, (true / false).

    I don't know what i done wrong, please help me with this plugin
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    I think i can help you. your stats page is a html file witch means it can't run the code its need to, change the file from stats.html to stats.php and it should work if your webhost allows php
  13. @Godvil Exactly what Moon_werewolf said, the file should not be a html, it needs to be a php script. Try changing that. I see a few other sources of error, but it'll be easier to fix if you get the basics of it working first.
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    I dont know if im just blind or what but I cant find the new option to show ip in the web config...
  15. @fatman2778 You have to add it yourself. Just put this on a new line anywhere in the config:
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    okay thanks. I tried adding it under simple list but it didnt seem to have an effect. Ill try adding it to the bottom :)
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    So, i need to run it on PHP. I tryed already, and when i go on stats.php, browser just try to download stats.php file.
    Or it means that my host don't allow PHP?
  18. @Godvil It would be your host. I'm not entirely sure, but I think, if you are running a Linux OS, the settings for that would be in .htaccess files. However, I don't provide any support for PHP / host related issues. It would either just be a setting to download rather than open, or, that you possibly do not have PHP installed.
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    I think it's problem in host, because i run stats.php on the BukkitHTTPD plugin. Right?

    Can i install PHP on the BukkitHTTPD?
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    Huhu @Flabaliki

    Could you please upload your last 0.93 Version?
    I had Autoupdate: true.

    With the latest build the nodes doesn't work for me, because I'm using GroupManager, not the (to) new Permission System.
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    Can you add an option for just show server status and numbers of players connecter but not theirs name (opposite of SimpleList)
  23. @Shooty Yeah sure, I could give that a try.
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    Thanks :) !
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    sounds cool! what was the map file? (check first post)
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    hy really good plugin im always trying to find ways to show the server status on my website although im wondering if you could make it so tht LGSL could ping it ??

    thanks in advance :D
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    Really great plugin, I commend the makers! Only regret is not tied to mysql: / Dear developers are doing so well if if the MySQL IP: Port statistics show all ...
  28. @CDJ445544 I just linked to a Minecraft world map, by accident when I first posted this :p

    @marshmallow Don't really know what that is.

    @PyPKjE I don't entirely understand what you are getting at there. You want it to use a MySQL database?
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    Nathan C

    Very nice.

    Although how would it be possible to make all the test it displays white?

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