[INACTIVE][WEB/ADMN] milkAdmin - Free Web Administrator Tool v0.0.55- Backups, Starting and Stopping

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    [​IMG]MilkAdmin [ALPHA]

    Liked MilkAdmin? Well, good news!

    It's out again: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...0-05-14-full-webserver-in-a-plugin-766.17249/

    A free, open-source admin tool thats compatible with every OS.
    Designed to be simple, easy and functional.
    How to use? (open)

    1. Download milkAdmin.zip
    2. Extract into the directory craftBukkit is in.
    3. Go into your web browser and go to http://<server ip address here>:64712
    4. Login (username is admin password is admin)
    5. Create a new administrative user (username CANNOT be admin)

    Restarting/Starting/Stopping/Restoring not working?!? (open)
    This requires the wrapper made by drdanick: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...view-full-remote-console-access-r10-a6-2.674/
    Use this server wrapper to launch your server and restarting will work.

    Editing strings (open)
    Go into milkAdmin/strings.txt and edit the strings in there.
    Editing strings (open)

    Current strings available to edit:
    • banned
    • giveitem
    • takeawayitem
    • port

    Features currently implemented:
    • SHA-512 authentication
    • Restarting/Reloading/Killing server
    • Users online
    • Free/Total Memory
    • Server Version
    • Broadcasting messages.
    • Chat (type in the console, dont use /say)
    • Performing Server Commands (start commands with a /)
    • Backups
    • Starting and Stopping Server
    Features in next version:

    • Finish off web interface (players)
    Features coded but not in interface yet (should be in in a version or two):

    • Kicking User
    • Banning User/IP
    • Giving/Removing item from player
    • Getting and setting health of player
    • Changing display name of players
    • Teleport players to x, y, z/another player
    • Get IP: Port of player
    • Saving server
    • Editing/viewing inventory
    Features planned:

    • Fixing up web interface
    • Adding in all the features
    • Plugins
    • Mobile Theme
    • Fixing of properties
    • milkAdmin Account Management
    • View of logs
    • Dynamic Signatures
    • Scheduling
    • multiWorld Backups


    Why use MilkAdmin?

    There are a lot of alternatives out there that seem to have more features.
    Well for a start, MilkAdmin is very easy to install and requires almost no technical knowledge whatsoever to install and run. Not to mention that the server uses only java so configuring a complex webserver is not required as most gamers that play minecraft are gamers and not professional server administrators.

    A list of reasons why to use MilkAdmin;

    -Very easy to install and use
    -Does not require technical server knowledge
    -Does not use an external webserver
    -Does not require configuration
    -It's free and open source, I like to be forked on github :p
    -It uses a relatively small amount of memory
    -It's cross platform (will work like a charm on Linux, OS X and Windows)

    And I hope you enjoy my program we put time and effort into it, we appreciate your donations it encourages us and helps every step of the way!

    Thanks to
    • drdanick
    • cayde Dixon
    • d3x
    • RandomSRVApps (for testing and more ;) )

    • Fixed major bug.

    • Backups /Restoring
    • Fixes
    • Starting and stopping server
    • Edits to the Web Server
    • More

    • Added console in server

    • Fixed Firefox
    • Added save-all option
    • Fixed restarting server
    • Fixed RTK errors
    • Added focusing Broadcast Message clears the box

    • Added port changing
    • Added customizable strings

    • Initial commit. Nothing really special here.
    Source code available at https://github.com/Snowl/milkAdmin

    Want to support me? Like this plugin? [​IMG]
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    This is a fantastic tool, great job. I can't wait for more features to be added.

    I love the interface!

    Is there anyway to integrate this into an apache/iis web server (like dynmap)?
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    love it thanks!
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    Redirect your local port to a ip maybe?
    I'm testing this right now
    Edit: Can't even login to it xD
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    i dont get it how do i get to the interface? im really confused :)
    please help i dont know where to do with the localhost thingy where do i put it or whatever lol
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    Whats the issue lol?
    Go into your web browser and type on the top http://localhost:64712
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    Just wondering - is it possible to change the port this runs on ( VPS only allows certain ports to be open...)
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    I forgot to add port changing so when I get home (like in an hour) I will update the download.
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 12:38 AM ---
    Updated. Edit the port= in strings.txt
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    Well the JQuery won't stop showing the login, still if I logged in...
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    whats your web browser, and are you trying to login as admin:admin? if so, when you log in, it shows another thing that looks like the login but is actually create a new account. You cant use admin as a username for security.
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    im using hamachi and im getting *page not loading*
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    Chrome 9.0.597.98
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    When you log in what does the submit button say
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    you could just use mod_proxy in apache like so
    ProxyPass / http://localhost:64712/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:64712/
    Using this method you can also enable ssl and alternative login.
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    Yeah, that worked while we were testing :p
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 5:57 AM ---
    Getting a web developer to create the web interface - it's going to be awesome! I also got saving and stopping the server working :D There will also be console and chatting :D
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    Whoa, GREAT, it works!

    - If I add a new user, no automatic forwarding, no back button
    - Support to use Colors for broadcasting message &,$,§ don't work, or a hardcoded: Server: mymessage
    - If I use "reload Server", the milkadmin LoginWindow pops out, but I can't log in because, it's changing his textcolor from black, to green to red every mouseover, click or typing. Reloading page helps.
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    News ;)

    I use maximum-heap-size:4096, but Milkadmin says "Free/Total Memory: 896 MB/981 MB"
    But my Server uses 209/4096mb, weird.

    /restart, don#t work, console says: "From Wrapper: RTK Timeout"
    Port is correct in milk and RTK (25570). CB# 322, RTK newest.

    Reload works

    I use Opera, Server runs on x64 Linux.
    If I broadcast a Message, the message still in the box, if I send it, it have to be cleared after sending ;)

    And would be nice: Support for MCBans and for more Servers (I use 2 Servers with Serverport)
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    Your heap size is only used when it's needed. Your server is actually using 1000mb of ram or so.

    the username and password is hardcoded in by mistake, thanks for pointing that out.

    And I will make the message dissapear when you broadcast :D
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    But why it says 896 MB/981 MB? my Linux say, that the Server uses 208mb?!
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    896 - 981 = 85mb used at that time with the server.
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 8:41 AM ---
    Aiight, updated:

    • Fixed Firefox
    • Added save-all option
    • Fixed restarting server
    • Fixed RTK errors
    • Added focusing Broadcast Message clears the box
    Edit properties.txt in milkAdmin to your Username / Password / Properties
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    I get that in the users online block when there are 0 players.

    No users onlineHTTP/1.1 200 OK Pragma: no-cache Cache-Control: no-cache Content-Length: 1 Server: d3x's WebServer class! Connection: Close 0
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    Whats your web browser? Does it flash for a second? They are the HTML headers I send.
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    Lol, I can't read the text correctly, it says "free" haha ;)

    Don't work with opera. Edit: Works If I click in the Editbox again (With IE and Opera. This is ok for me)

    Reload works, after reload, the window doesn't change his color, but it deletes my text every secend, page-reload helps.

    "save map" nothing happend, no text in the ServerConsole or ingame.

    - If I use reload, restart etc. It would be nice, to see a massage ingame for all players.
    - If I do a restart, would be awsome to have a timer... "Server reset in 10 Seconds" in the IngameChat to all players.

    After complete restart, SaveMap works and an ingame message! Super!

    The styles. Above with IE, below with Opera:

    - Button -> List Plugins
    - And the cmds for the RTK would be nice (enable, disable restarts etc.)
    - A MilkBucket in the Header ;)
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    Hmm. I'll install opera and see what happens. It's working for me and my friends.
    For the restart suggestions, I will implement it, but for the moment you could do a broadcast message :p

    Heres what i'm currently working on:
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    See my 3 edits.

    Oh the console.... awsome, can't wait ;)
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    Yeah, I know about how bad it looks in IE. I have a saying, do it to standards then fix for IE. But it will be fixed.

    - Button -> List Plugins <- Awating a craftBukkit/Bukkit update.
    - And the cmds for the RTK would be nice (enable, disable restarts etc.) <- See the screenshot I posted - It has console commands
    - A MilkBucket in the Header ;) <- This was already done but my server doesnt want to render images
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    Thanks, I'm not used to doing anything other than the real basics in Apache :).

    I'll try that out later.
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    You can have a look into the webserver from dynmap.
    Or ask the Cow :D
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    The way im doing it is reading a file as a string and echoing it into a webserver

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