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    Daniel Heppner

    UberTele - Advanced teleportation
    Version: 0.1
    Source: 0.1

    UberTele supplies you with a much bigger arsenal of teleportation tools than default with any other basic essential plugin (like Essentials or CommandBook). This plugin lets you toss other users into the sky or into the void, or even where you're looking. I'll add more to this plugin as you request it, because it's currently pretty basic. A new name would be nice, I'm bad at thinking of names.

    • Teleport yourself to others.
    • Teleport others to you.
    • Teleport others to where you're looking or way up high or in the void.
    • Toss people and yourself around in any way you like!
    • More to come, it's still a work in progress.
    • /tele up - teleports you to the top of the map.
    • /tele down - teleports you below bedrock.
    • /tele help - shows help.
    • /tp [username] - teleports you to [username] (not working for some reason)
    • /tp [usernameA] [usernameB] - teleports [usernameB] to [usernameA] (not working for some reason)
    Source Code

    • Added support for more commands.
    • Initial release.
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    Do this use Permissions and support multi worlds(MultiVerse)?
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    Lame One

    Not trying to troll or anything, but I highly suggest getting both /tp's working before publishing this plugin. While it does seem interesting (although I would modify /tele down a bit.) you can't expect users to download this instead of another teleportation plugin when you can't teleport to another player. Other than that, it looks like it'll be good when the bugs are worked out.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Great! Thanks for the feedback, I just got home from school so I'll be working on it now. It's my first plugin and my first real plugin in Java, so I'm thrilled what I have works. Thanks!

    Also, just wondering, don't I get a "Plugin Developer" badge for making a plugin, or do I have to finish it? It'll never be finished, I'll always add more features.
    I don't know how to do multiworlds so I won't be doing that yet, and Permissions seems bugged on my server so I won't be supporting that yet ether, but I will very soon.

    Anyone who wants to help me with this stuff, I'd really appreciate it.
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    I'm pretty sure the /tp commands are not working because they conflict with the default mine craft server client.
    EDIT: And by that I mean the /tp commands that you can use in a server, without any plugins.
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    considered inactive
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    Daniel Heppner

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    Damn, this looked cool.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I'll be putting the same functionality into my dPack plugin. Keep an eye out!

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