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    SimpleWarp v2.3 - Simple Warping for the masses:

    Version: v2.3
    This is my first plugin, so be nice :)
    SimpleWarp is a simple plugin for handling warps. It has 3 commands:
    • /warp <warpname> - Warps to the specified warp (Permissions node warp.go)
    • /setwarp <warpname> - Creates a warp at your location (Permissions node warp.set)
    • /listwarps - List the first 8 warps in your warps.txt file. (Permissions node warp.list)
    The iConomy support is easily set up in the config file generated in the SimpleWarp folder, there you can set the price of warping :)

    • Warping to a warp
    • Creating new warps
    • Permissions
    • Warp listing
    • Economy Support
    Download it now!!! (Mediafire turns it into a .zip)
    Source Code!
    Experimental Release (Plus information)

    ToDo List (In order of importance):
    Red is not done, Orange is in progress, green is done (and coming in the next version!)

    • Configuration File
    • iConomy support
    • MySQL/SQLite warp storage
    • Warp Lists (/listwarps shows a list of warps) DONE! It can show up to 8 warps :p
    • Multiple warp list pages
    Version 2.3:
    • Added defaulting to OP functionality for people without permissions
    Read More.... (open)

    Version 2.2:
    • Fixed permissions node for /warp not working
    • Added feature for /warp that only warps you if there is enough headroom (Thanks to garbagemule for that :D)
    Version 2.1:
    • Fixed a major bug with /warp
    Version 2:
    • Adds a Config file!
    • Permissions 3.x support!
    • Economy support!
    • Warp listing!
    Version 1

    • Initial Release
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    Lupo cani

    Th download link dosen't work. it seems to into nowhere.
    Also, is this updatated for 1185?
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    does this work with build #1185?
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    broken download link -.-
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    its still broken...

    gonna be fixed?
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    The link doesn't work...
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    Yeah link is broken :(
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    I realize you want to keep this very lightweight, which is also something I looking for. But I looking for a warp system with signs (you click on the sign and it will warp you, having a cost associated with the sign would be a plus plus :)). I look for this because I want to make players travel and explore more rather then just using commands anywhere, anytime. Using signs will make the player travel to certain places to warp (like main towns).
    Would you be able to add this function? if not, do you know a warp plugin that is lightweight + signs?

    I found a warp plugin that fits my needs =D
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    Update the download Link?
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    this plugin is pretty cool! thank you for that!
    so simple to use und plenty of features!

    but the only thing i'm missing is a protection to not overwrite existing warp points.
    or didn't i found this yet?
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    hi erm.. i tried to download the .zip but the link is down..
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    Look at the title. It says unsupported. :p
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    oh... my bad!
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    Looks awsome! one thing that would make it better though: if you could have warp gates as well as warps. that would be cool.

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