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    RegionWarp - Teleport to WorldGuard Regions:
    Version: v1.0

    This plugin is dependant on having the WorldGuard plugin on your server already.

    • Allows you to teleport to a WorldGuard Region which has it's teleport flag set.
    • Supports Permissions
    Download Latest Version Here [JAR]
    • After setting the region flag for teleport (/region flag <region_id> teleport me) <-Sets the flag at current location
    • You can just /regionwarp <region_id>
    The Permission node is: (If no permissions available it defaults to OP)
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
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    changelog is missing
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    sorry about that
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    thx you its awesum <3
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    wonder if u hit the same spot everytime or if its random within the region.
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    It's the spot in the region you set with the teleport flag.
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    Can I get an example of the permissions file to enable this for all users?
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    whichever your base group is just 'RegionWarp.regionwarp'
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    Awesome plugin!!.. but ... There's always a "but" ;)

    On my server I use WorldGuard and Region Market, to setup and sell "plots" to the players. Every player can have 4 plots (actually they're chunks) maximum, anywhere in the world.

    Could you implement a (configurable via Permissions) function to check if the player is the owner of the region he's warping to? If not, the warp is rejected. If the player is the owner of the desired region, then he will be warped there.

    Permissions config:
        - Member:
                - 'regionwarp.regionwarp.owner'
        - Moderator:
                - 'regionwarp.*' # * in case of future commands
    Keep it simple though, other warp plugins already use iConomy etc :)

            default: true
                prefix: '&7'
                suffix: ''
                build: false
                - 'regionwarp.regionwarp'
    One other thing, it would be nice with a simple cooldown/warmup so PVP players don't flee by warping, like this

    # cooldown seconds to wait until being able to use command again // n seconds
    # cooldown-op = apply on moderators and admins too? // true|false
    # warmup = seconds to wait before being wapred after command is executed // n seconds
    # warmup-op = apply on moderators and admins too? // true|false
    cooldown = 600
    cooldown-op = false
    warmup = 8
    warmup-op = false
    For reference, check out a plugin named "MyHome". It's very nice; it just lacks one thing: it doesn't support WorldGuard regions ;)

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    Hm i suggest that the command is /rw becouse regionwarp is so long ;) but its totaly ok like it is
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    this work with bukkit 1000?
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    this work with bukkit 1060+?
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    I'm having some issues enabling regionwarp in bukkitpermission. I've got a handle on all the nodes except for this one. I added "regionwarp.regionwarp" into the allowed permissions for both user and group, and nothing. I added regionwarp.* in there, and nothing. I have tried enabling worldedit and regionguard, and nothing... I've also made sure to do it following the case sensitive "RegionWarp.regionwarp". I'm running bukkit 1.8 and bukkitpermissions 1.2. The platform is Linux 64-bit, and java is being ran in 64-bit.... I highly doubt that matters, but why not. There's only one world of applicability.

    I can input /regionwarp and it'll tell me that I need the region, it says that I don't have permission. At least it doesn't do a Microsoft and say to contact the system/network administrator.

    As OP, it works perfectly fine. I'm making all my moderators non-ops. After somebody put //sphere tnt 250 (which surprisingly didn't crash the server) and then lit it (which crashed it hard... like 30 minutes of mcedit removing piece by piece of the big ball of TNT) it was time to revoke that privilege. Most of the worldedit privileges have successfully been neutered, and work well on the user and group level.

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    I need this so I can clean up inactive WorldGuards on my server. Typing coords for /tppos for every single region gets boring very quickly. Could someone please give me a working link for the JAR? Thanks! :D
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    can any 1 post a FINISHED & configureable permissions.yml file not a "example" and say where to put it plz......
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    I'll give that to you if you give me a working JAR... :D
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    Could you add in the ability to teleport other players into a given region?

    I have a jail setup and I'd love to be able to throw people into it with a simple command.


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