[INACTIVE][TP] PartyTP v0.2 - Teleports members of a party [Party support][674]

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    PartyTP - The Party teleporter Tool

    Latest Version: v0.2 [674]
    Latest Stable Version: v0.2 [674]
    PartyTP allows leaders to teleport their members (if they can use /tp)
    Uses PartyAPI[0.6]

    • Teleport your members
    Download PartyTP 0.2
    Source Code:
    On GitHub !

    Do not FORGET to download the latest Party version

    Later Version
    • Write Javadoc
    • Place more comments in the sourcecode
    • Input Permissions OPTION for non-leaders
    • Stay as v0.1 with classic hooking solution
    • Fix deprecated methods
    Version 0.2
    • Updated with 0.6 Party API version
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 674
    Version 0.1b
    • Fixed a dependency issue
    Version 0.1a
    • Updated with 0.5 Party version (and its RequiredPartyPlugin class)
    Version 0.1
    • First Release
    • Tested succesfully on CraftBukkit 617 (Fixing deprecated methods soon)
    Known bugs (please leave me some feedback !):
    • Teleports a player from another world too, but not in the same world (should try teleporting in the good world before using /tp (or after))
    • /partytp
    Permissions nodes:
    • Not available
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    cb 674 - inactive

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