[INACTIVE][TP/MISC] NoPortals v0.2 - No more useless portals! [860]

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    Version: v0.2
    NoPortals allows you to deny / allow players' access to making portals in the Nether. No more useless portals that expand your normal world! (or vice versa)

    NOTE: If you use no permssion nodes, players will be allowed to make portals
    in the normal world, but not in the Nether!

    'noportals.nether.allow' - Allow portal making in the Nether
    'noportals.normal.deny' - Block portal making in the normal world

    Requested here

    • Block creation of portals in the Nether & normal world
    • Easy to use
    Download (v0.2)
    Source Code

    Planned Features:
    • Deny Ghasts from blowing up portals(to avoid bypassing)
    • Fix a bypass that allows portals to be made if a block is lit next to the obsidian
    Version 0.2
    -New permission nodes
    -Deny portal building on normal world

    Version 0.1_1
    -Added environment check (Nether)

    Version 0.1
    -Initial release
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    Any word on this?
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    Yes, almost done! During testing we found about 4 other ways to activate portals. The plugin is being redesigned from the ground up and I am pretty excited about the new codebase.. Should expect version 0.4 out sometime on Saturday Aug 27th.
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    New version by new devs here. Move this to inactive&unsupported please.

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