[INACTIVE][TP/FUN] SimpleSkylands v2.0 - Tap into the vast skylands world [953]

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    Presenting SimpleSkylands: A plugin for a simple skylands world​
    SimpleSkylands allows you to create and teleport to a Skylands world (Aether). SimpleSkylands is easy to use, just drag n' drop into your plugin folder, and your done!​
    /ssk skylands - Teleports you to skylands world​
    /ssk back - Teleports you back to default world​
    Make skyland world​
    Teleport between worlds​
    Loads spawnpoint chunk for smoother-teleportation​
    Making file plugins/SimpleSkylands/config.yml with nothing inside it will teleport you to main world spawn when jumping off islands.​
    Releasing SimpleSkylands​
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    Not to argue or anything, but stating it works in 860 when you actually need 863 seems like false advertisement. :/
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    I'm assuming that Bukkit 873 will work, testing soon. Couldn't find the 863 revision...
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    Post header is still wrong, you must make a section for downloads.

    Source Code

    Just for example.
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    Is There any way to limit the access to the /skylands command?
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    Dillon Austin

    love the mod but needs a way back
  9. i have bukkit 860, i dont know where to find 863 or such coz front page only has 860 download.
    How to get newest bukkit?
    does this work with 860?
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    It obviously doesn't work wih 860, if you could read my freaking huge red text at the top of the first post.
    ci.bukkit.org - 863
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    Taken from: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/plugin-release-submission-guidelines.1755/

    Does that mean he can have a non-recommended build in the title as long as there is a bug in the recommended build? Or does it mean that he can have a previous recommended build as long as the current one has a bug.
  12. there is no 863?
    i found only 890
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    Anything 863 and above.

    @Dillon Austin
    Get 1.1, allows you to do so.

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    Erm where can you get the latest builds? I'm a bit of a noob. :p
  15. ci.bukkit.org


    but i downloadd 890 and my server needs to restart every 5 minutes or it gets slow :D thats not good bukit build
    switched back to 860 -> works just fine, no need to restart coz it wont bring "run out of memory" or anything like that :D
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    Could you change the command to /skylands ? I'm quite sure NO other plugin uses that command.
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    Sadly, no. It used to be that way, however with the introduction of the back command ,it changed.
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    Ah, I see.
    Thanks anyways.
    I use the multiplayer Vanilla server until 1.7 comes out.
    With a single mod that enables the sky dimension with /sky. You can return through a nether portal that's generated.
    1.6 got boring, ya' know? The SkyLands with Vanilla is more fun than Bukkit with all our awesome plugins.
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    im haveing an issue i got this plugin a few days ago it worked perfectly, however in the process of updating my server, i forgot about skylands was flying around and hit an area it had to generate the chunk
    it made a full chunk so i reset the map , updated skylands and now its just generateing the exact. same. world everytime
    is this a bug
    or am i doing something that horrible wrong
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    Lunar Delta

    Could you add a setting that would force mobs off? Mobs have been very hard on my server every since 1.6 and I would like to have them completely off without needing to resort to a mob limiting plugin.
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    @Lunar Delta
    The only thing that spawns in Skylands is Chickens
    Did you make sure to delete the old skylands?
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    EPIC. How did you move the clouds, though? I didn't think Bukkit's API let you do that. May I take a peek at the source?
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    Lunar Delta

    Well, I'd rather not have anything at all. Certainly it isn't too much trouble to allow us to force peaceful mode, yes? It would also allow me to have health regen on which would match the rest of my server's worlds.
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    Go ahead
    @Lunar Delta
    Skylands at the moment can not be peaceful. It is just not implementable. Even on peaceful mode, chickens would still spawn.
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    - would be awesome to get the portal working :D
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    i figured out the problem.....
    multiverse was causing it
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    How do i place blocks up there. Since its above the sky limit or whatever i cant place or remove blocks
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    You make no sense.
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    my game wont let me remove or place blocks in skyland..
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    Then you have conflicting plugins.

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