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    NetherGate - A plugin that uses multi-world to create a completely automatic Nether experience.

    If you're using Essnetials, go no further.

    Essentials breaks NetherGate in strange and frustrating ways, I'm not going to support it anymore. I'll try and get this resolved by NG beta, at which point I'll remove this message.


    To use NetherGate, drop the required jars in your plugins folder.

    Then you can create and light a portal to travel to the nether!

    Grab elBukkit.zip to get all of my plugins- take out the ones you don't want.

    For more details on NetherGate, or for individual jar downloads, see the NetherGate entry on bukkit's wiki.

    Tip Jar
    If you really love my stuff, and you're feeling generous, I'd more than appreciate a donation.

    Go here if you're interested!

    View changelog on github
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    Great plugin! Great idea on the obsidian platform. I'm sorry if you've answered the questions below, I read through a few pages but not all 19.

    Why isn't a gate created on the other side automatically?

    Why, after death, aren't I returned to the normal world?
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    Gates getting created on the other side will be the last thing to happen when this plugin turns 1.0.

    The other thing- that's just how it works. I tried tp'ing players to their "home" world on death, but everyone seemed to hate that- so this is what we get.

    Every world is it's own thing- there really is no sense of a "default" world, beyond what you specify in server.properties- which is really only for new players. Anyone who has ever visited your server before, as of 0.48, will get put in whatever world they were last in when they were on.

    They may not even have access to your default world- I have a "banish" world for griefers- they're trapped there. I definitely don't want to return them to the default world on death, or it defeats the purpose.

    So, I may leave it as-is. If I can find some way to return you to home spawn gracefully on death, I may add that post-1.0- since that is one of those Just Like Single Player things, and that is still my goal... that particular point just gets a bit tricky, unfortunately.

    I would then also add an admin version of "set home", for setting other people's home worlds- to make sure they stay put on death :)
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    Awesome. Can't wait. And thanks for the quick reply!
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    No problem! If portal auto-creating is what you're waiting for, though... please don't :D

    I am hoping to get it soon, but wow it's really complex to do right. And I want to do it right, or not at all. So for now, for maybe a while- the safety platform is all you get.

    In the interim- I humbly suggest you use Spells, that's what I do ;)

    It takes literally 10 seconds to construct a portal with pillar, fill and fire, providing you have at least one block of obsidian on you (if not, there's always /nether kit, or /cast manifest obsidian)

    But, yeah- the end goal is to have portals there, it's just a big mess if I try to do it before it's ready, and I've had enough of that :)
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    played around with .48 a bit tonight. Certainly seems to be maturing! A couple things I noticed:

    1. The auto platform is erratic. Sometimes I'd get dropped to my death while popping into the Nether, but other times it'd make an obsidian platform across 1-square-deep water on a beach or on a gentle sloping hillside where it wasn't needed.

    2. When trying to re-link my existing AdminTest (normal) world, I did a '/nether create world AdminTest' (no 'normal'). It created a nether AdminTest world over my normal world (my bad!). So I deleted the world with '/nether delete world AdminTest'. But it kept portalling me back there anyway, it even re-created the world if I tried to delete the folder! A little poking around with '/persist list' showed me that the '/nether delete world' command will delete the world in the [nether] schema but not the [world] schema, leaving them out of sync. With the new feature that loads all worlds on first login, it can be tricky getting rid of a world you don't want.

    3. sure would be nice to cast a temporary 'invincible' spell while waiting for the world to load. Portalling into a ghast-ridden Nether or even a normal world at night can be very dangerous.
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    This, I actually thought I fixed just before upload! Or, well, honestly, maybe a bit after upload- but I think before updating the post. Can you try to re-download just NetherGate.jar?

    The platforms being created where they aren't needed is definitely fixed- there was a bug there, it's only supposed to build over lava and water.

    As for dropping you.... :(

    I think that's the "moved wrongly" bug at work- when it hits, I really have no control over where you end up, unfortunately.

    Hm... I think "delete world", if it works at all, would only delete the "nethergate" representation of the world- so, reset it's scale, target, etc.

    The internal Bukkit representation of the world, I cannot delete or even unload- not yet, anyway.

    So.... I guess I need some better world-management tools! You should at least be able to delete the data and restart, and honestly I'm not sure that'd work right now without some manual edits. I'll look into this :)

    Meantime, if you shut down, delete plugins/Persistence, you can start completely over if you need to.

    Ah, ok, yeah- I see you did my debugging for me :)

    That's what I was worried about- I need to add a utility function to delete the base data class- since that's where "environment type" is held, and that's a global entity that shouldn't really just be deleted (though I suppose that's ok, maybe I'll just do that for now so I don't have to update Persistence).

    And, the other problem is that, as long as global.world is there for that world, it now (as of 0.48) will auto-load on login.


    Since you can use console commands from the server- now, try this:

    1. Start up server clean, make sure no one logs in right away :)
    2. Jump on the server console, type /nether create world AdminTest normal
    3. Login, try it out
    I think this *might* work- haven't had a chance to test. Even if the "environment type" in global.world is wrong, I think it should still re-create the actual world with the right env type- let me know.

    Or, since you seem comfortable with SQL- just delete that global.world row and start back up :) That'd work, too.

    Hm- interesting idea. I'd certainly want that to be an option- but I get hurt sometimes (splinched?) just in transit, for whatever reason- like part of the new portal structure "nicks" me, or something- so that may be reason enough to put at least a 5-second invincibility timer on during TP. I'll think about it, thanks! :D
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    Matt L

    couldn't get it to work with build 458, was chocked full of errors and server crashes.
    permissions 2.1
    essentials v225
    nether gate .47 (thats what it said even though id downloaded .48...)
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    See thread title- I recommend 478 or higher. I'll check the version number when I get back to my personal computer- I sometimes forget to bump plugin.yml, though I've been getting better. If I actually failed to update, that would also explain why @Greylocke is still getting his ground covered in obsidian- so I'll defintely take a look at that ASAP.

    However, it shouldn't have errors with any CB older than 440- the latest RB, which I always try to support. You'll have a much better experience with 478+, though- the block breaking bugfix and spiral loading are both huge for NG.

    Make sure you're got Persistence 0.51 or higher- I don't see it at all in your plugin list, and it is a required dependency for all my plugins.
  10. Hi! Thank you for this plugin. Sadly I have a little problem. I installed on craftbukkit 480,by simply copying the nether gate jar and the permanent jar to the plugins directory. Then I build an obsidian gate, lit it,and went through. So far everything was ok. On the nether side I built a second portal andwanted to teleport back, but nothing happens when I walk through.What could be the problem?
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    I think I know why this happens now, I've experienced it myself. There are still some "block break" type bugs, though in this case, it's not really about breaking.

    I'm trying to get a good repro case together for @Dinnerbone, but so far have not had much luck.

    I think it's similar to the issue where, if you fail to convert your world, it reverts to the default version of the world (based on the original world seed).

    From what I can tell, World.getBlock() gets "confused" (out of time, perhaps?) and queries some sort of representation of the default world.

    And, unfortunately, in that default world- your portal does not exist. You haven't built it yet, basically- It seems like the MC map data format is immutable- meaning you can only add to it, not modify- the original world is still there, in some form- probably just a seed + mods. Anyway, this is all just theoretical, based on empirical evidence- I'm sure I could go read up on the map format to know for sure how this works.

    Anyway- the result can easily be seen with Spells as well, and this is really how I've been doing my "debugging". You can use a spell to place a new block in the world, or modify a block- and it will appear to have worked. However, when you use a spell on that new block, it will act like it's not there, or wasn't modified.

    This completely breaks the bridge and pillar spells, for instance- because they rely on building upon themselves.

    I hope this gets fixed soon- this and the "moved wrongly" bug are really show-stoppers for NetherGate. (And the block bug sucks really bad for Spells as well).

    If you "/nether go" back and forth, or log out and back in again, it may work. Let me know if not.

    And, if "/nether go" doesn't work- it may just be your worlds aren't bound right (check "/nether list worlds") - but I'm guessing it's not that simple, unfortunately.
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    Right, im back after a bit of testing. Question time!

    1. When I used spawn clear, it just kept cleaning the lava and not making a platform. However, I then used /spawn, and it took me to a different location entirely.. At the top of the map, on a ledge, in what is, quite frankly, a good spawn.
    2. When I use my nether gate, I get spawned on pretty much the bottom level. Making me think - have you got your find safety wrong? It seems to go from the bottom when using a portal, but whent from the top when finding me a place when i typed /spawn. (However, the nether gates are quite deep underground - But i was lead to believe that the height of the gate didnt matter where it spawned you. I then used spawn set and upon death i go to the nice ledge.
    3. When I used the portal, it spawned me in midair, on a platform, above safe netherrack. Just seems a bit off to be making a portal.
    4. I got:
    2011-03-01 17:29:55 [INFO] NG: Couldn't find a place for Jademalo to stand - sorry for the fall!
    2011-03-01 17:29:55 [INFO] NG: TP'ing Player Jademalo from (-117, 50, -4) to (-72, 50, -80)
    2011-03-01 17:29:55 [INFO] NG: Building a full portal at -72, 50, -80 and  filling with air
    once, but then I also get
    2011-03-01 17:33:57 [INFO] NG: Couldn't find a place for Jademalo to stand - sorry for the fall!
    2011-03-01 17:33:57 [INFO] NG: TP'ing Player Jademalo from (-46, 91, -5) to (-65, 102, -29)
    2011-03-01 17:33:57 [INFO] NG: Clearing area around -65, 102, -29
    2011-03-01 17:33:57 [INFO] NG: Building a platform at -65, 102, -29
    sometimes. How does it decide, and does it actually build an empty portal?

    If you want, (Im going out now, but ill be back in a couple of hours,) You can come on and Ill show you whats going on, see if you can make sense of it. Also, are the spawn locations for the worlds saved in the map file or persistence?

    Thanks =]
    (also, jademalo.co.uk/map I got a few of them rendered, not completley, it literally crashed my laptop. Its fantastic, thanks for helping me with the nether slice setup!)

    EDIT: also, whats the difference between spawn and world centre? Also also, are relative positions between worlds calculated with regards to world centre or spawn location?
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    Yeah, getting 'portal nicked' is kinda funky. In my AdminTest world, I often get dropped off on top of a certain tree and I always get nicked. I've even tried building a little plaform there to see if it was drop-damage, but I still get PortalNicked. Maybe a little blood is part of the transfer process? hehe..

    I was thinking more about the temporary invulnerability. What about invisibility while you're in the square you landed? If you leave the LZ or if you trigger certain events (breaking/placing blocks, attacking, etc), then you're visible again. That would give the player a safe spot to stand while the world loads around them, while limiting the potential abuse. I know that there are already a couple plugins that do invisibility -- I haven't tested any of them, but it could be easy to implement if someone else has already done most of the heavy lifting.

    Oh! I just found this plugin! http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/sec-friendlies-v1-2-a-permissions-based-monster-whitelist-400.4921/
    He basically makes it impossible for mobs to target you, effectively making you invisible. If you could enable this temporarily, it would protect the player long enough for the world to load while tp'ing.
  14. /nether go is working. It seemsit does thesame as /nether home ?

    The world list shows:


    I think this is ok?(Besides I don't know, what the 8x and 1x are meaning. Is it sth. like a world index?)
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    the number is how a world's space 'scales' in relation to another world. In your example, netherspace:worldspace is 8:1, so moving 10 meters in the nether is like moving 80 meters in world. The original concept of the nether was to enable fast travel between places in the 'real' world.
  16. Ah,ok, thank you. I thought that teleporting is just matter of corresponding and preset routes through portals, and that one portal has always one parallel in the other world. But as far as I understood now, a portal just teleports one to the same relativeposition in the parallel world.

    Anyways, I just had anyone log off and restartet the whole server -andnow it's workingeven backwards :). Strange is just, that the portal on nether's side is nearly exactly at the position where the normal world's portal teleportsto. But when one uses it to teleport back, one get's to a position a good 100 blocksaway from the normal world's portal.Seems it could be, that when ie.the normal world is 8x the nether world, distance of about 10 blocksbetween both portalswould result in a teleporting "failure" of 80 blocks?
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    Matt L

    ended up going with multi-verse as it was really easy to isntall, and doesn't require persistence, which Im not a fan of. Also, I was using build 440 with my server when recieving the errors first time, but no worries now, my nether is up thanks to MV.
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    Ok, this made me seriously LOL :)

    So, the way spawn seems to work- you set a spawn, and it includes the y position. If you use "/nether spawn set", it will take your current (x,y,z).

    However, when actually spawning, it seems that MC just goes top-down from the (x,z)- ignoring the y. This is why it found a better spawn for you :)

    So- if you want to clear that spawn- go there, and use "/nether spawn set". Then do "/nether spawn clean".

    The "clean" algorithm is basically this:
    • Move around the spawn point (x,y,z) in 8 blocks in each direction of x and z
    • Look down (y -1) one block- if it's lava, make it obsidian
    • Look up, all the way- any lava becomes air
    That's it- I tried to keep it simple to avoid putting obsidian all over the place, and to take into account the fact that I really have no way of knowing where it's actually going to spawn you- which is why your best bet is to actually die (you can't use "/nether spawn"- that just tp's you). Then, use "/nether spawn set" wherever you land- you're basically telling NG where your spawn point really is.

    Hm- I may be misunderstanding, so re-ask if this does not answer your question :)

    The "find" algorithm is bottom-up for nether worlds, top-down for normal worlds. This is Just Like In Single Player. I did have a big bolded post about this when it changed, since all your portal locations in the nether were going to move at that point :)

    Hm... well that sounds lame. Ok- I just re-published, it should say v0.48 now- try redownloading, it may be a bit better? I thought I'd fixed the problem where it fills in ground- but it sounds like, for you, it just picked a flat-out bad location!

    Also, I'm thinking I don't need/want to platform-ify air blocks- just lava and water. I'm going to change that.

    Ah, there it is!

    Well, hrm- why couldn't it find a spot for you, I wonder?

    Hrm- very strange that you're getting two different messages, still! That's the bug I fixed, I thought, in 0.48- please re-download.

    It should actually always say "building a full portal", if you use a portal. (If you just use "/nether go", it may still say that- or it may say nothing, I'm not sure).

    In either case, the actual portal building code is commented out :) So, no portal is getting made. (Hrm- this probably broke the portal spell, now that I say that- not the most elegant way to remove functionality, I admit. Oops. Ah, well- will get it fixed soon).

    I may not have time today, but I'd love to come check out your sever! (And/or see my bugs on it...)

    The spawn location is saved in both places- the WorldData DAO is basically a "mirror" of the World data- and NG sets the actual World spawn point (by reaching into CraftWorld, pretty deeply)

    Yes- I have to let a fullrender run for a few hours, and then kill it (forcibly- usually requires SIGTERM!). There is apparently a memory leak, I think having to do with chunk loading- it's far more visible when rendering your whole map, and will bring my dedicated server to its knees after a fairly short amount of time.

    The idea with the "center", is it's just an additional offset you can play with. This lets you "line up" worlds other than at spawn- without actually moving spawn.

    I need this, actually, is why it's there. I moved my spawn point after setting up my single-player portal network. Once I'd switched to Stargate, it didn't matter where my spawn was anymore... and I wanted to set up a shared town, away from my original starting point.

    Now that I'm getting back to basics, I'd really like those worlds to "line up" again- but I'm also attached to my new spawn. :)

    So, basically, my PITA is your increase in flexibility :)

    You can leave the center alone if you want- I'd advise it, in fact, for now- the fast travel algorithm is broken enough as it is without throwing extra variables into the mix ;)[/CODE][/quote][/CODE][/quote]
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 7:31 PM ---
    Heh- well, now you're talking to Spells nathan :) You bolded it and everything... that's definitely more the kind of thing I'd put in Spells, and recommend you use. Or, just use window and have a peek before portalling :)

    Cool! I want to add that to CrowdControl- which is basically the other plugin I put stuff like this in- anything automated having to do with creatures/mobs, that goes in CC.[/CODE][/quote][/CODE][/quote]
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 7:37 PM ---
    These are both correct!

    The mapping algorithm is only used the first time you use a portal. The idea, ultimately, is that it will load the other world, and then "look around" for an existing portal structure in the proper area, given all the rules you've set up for the "to" and "from" worlds (spawn location, center offset, scale).

    However, what happens at that point is a portal pair is created (whether or not a physical portal structure is auto-created- an important distinction!). These two portals target each other directly- not a location or a world.

    At that point, you could rename either of those portals (to refer to them by name, regardless of world), tp to them directly by name, retarget them to any other arbitrary portal (again, regardless of world- just use the portal name), etc.

    The idea with NG is that it is a drop-in plugin. It's meant to replicate the single-player nether/fast-travel/portal experience "out of the box", with zero admin and zero console commands.

    However- I also want to give you the flexibility (via the console UI) to do whatever you want with your portal network and worlds. Check out my map to get an idea of what I, personally as an admin, have in mind for NetherGate:


    It's definitely not just about the nether, or just about fast travel. For instance- the "banish" world is one-way. Without access to the "/nether go" command, there is no way out of that world once you're sent there.

    And.... all of the above comes with the caveat that it's not working right, buggy code, etc.

    There is at least one pretty nasty bug in multi-world bukkit (I think) that keeps me from being able to tp you reliably between worlds- you'll see a "Player XXX Moved wrongly" in your server logs- this message is not from NG, but it represents badness.

    Also, my own fast-travel code is wonky, and I probably should not have enabled it yet by default. Use "/nether scale world nether 0" to turn it off :) (that's a zero)
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 7:38 PM ---
    Uh.. ok? Thanks for the feedback? I guess?
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    The end of that post is unreadable :|
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    Oops! Yeah, there was a lot more to that.

    Also, I *think* I may know why NG gets that "player moved wrongly" message... investigating!
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 8:35 PM ---

    So, someone finally set me straight on how to do multi-world Permissions in 2.1+ (I really was not expecting it to not "just work" across an upgrade.... bleh!)

    Now that I have it working (at a Perm config level), it certainly seems like there are issues on my end. Spells is working, I think, as it should- so it's something strange/wrong I'm doing in NetherGate, specifically.

    I'm going be looking into this while I try to fix this moved wrongly thing.
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    Right, everythings gone down the toilet. EVERYWHERE now has obsidian all over it, your algorithm places it in any surrounding air blocks in normal worlds.
    Also, going to one of my servers, one portal leads me somewhere completley random. Not relative to the spawn at all. yet going back by a portal by the spawn takes me to the right place.
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    Uh...... whaaaa???
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    mc.jademalo.co.uk, ill give you the grand tour. Of obsidian. Lots of it.
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    Wow, it's frankly VERY annoying that I'm forced to set up per-world permissions.

    How, exactly, is that supposed to work when I create a world on the fly?

    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 9:58 PM ---
    So, yeah- grab 0.49 :) You know that already, but everyone else- update as well.

    Or, whatever, wait- if I have time tonight, I'm hoping to release a 0.50 with the "moved wrongly" bug fixed, assuming my theory pans out.
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    Right, that seems to have sorted the problem, thanks!
    On another note, the special server ties reset themselves upon restarting the server.
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    We logged in this morning and none of the Nether Portals were working correctly. Our main portal TP'd us to a cave in the default world. Tried to use /nether go and the we instantly were killed losing our inventory.

    Here is what the server console spit out at us when this happened:
    2011-03-01 08:01:34 [INFO] Hoyt used a portal and used an existing exit portal.
    2011-03-01 08:01:35 [INFO] NG: TP'ing Player Hoyt from (0, 39, 0) to (-29, 64, 287)
    2011-03-01 08:01:35 [INFO] NG: Building a full portal at -29, 64, 287 and  filling with air
    2011-03-01 08:01:36 [WARNING] Hoyt moved wrongly!
    2011-03-01 08:01:36 [INFO] Got position -29.0, 65.0, 287.0
    2011-03-01 08:01:36 [INFO] Expected -29.0, 40.200000047683716, 127.69999998807907
    2011-03-01 08:01:48 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Hoyt: /spawn
    2011-03-01 08:03:07 [INFO] Hoyt used a portal and used an existing exit portal.
    2011-03-01 08:03:07 [INFO] NG: TP'ing Player Hoyt from (0, 39, 0) to (-58, 64, 574)
    2011-03-01 08:03:08 [WARNING] Hoyt moved wrongly!
    2011-03-01 08:03:08 [INFO] Got position -29.0, 65.0, 287.0
    2011-03-01 08:03:08 [INFO] Expected -29.0, 40.200000047683716, 111.69999998807907
    2011-03-01 08:03:39 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Hoyt: /spawn
    2011-03-01 08:03:59 [INFO] Hoyt used a teleporter.
    2011-03-01 08:04:22 [INFO] NG: TP'ing Player Hoyt from (-39, 39, 354) to (-10, 40, 67)
    2011-03-01 08:04:22 [INFO] NG: Clearing area around -10, 40, 67
    2011-03-01 08:04:22 [INFO] NG: Building a platform at -10, 40, 67
    2011-03-01 08:04:23 [WARNING] Hoyt moved wrongly!
    2011-03-01 08:04:23 [INFO] Got position -10.0, 41.0, 67.0
    2011-03-01 08:04:23 [INFO] Expected 0.30000001192092896, 65.0, 0.699999988079071
    2011-03-01 08:04:34 [WARNING] Failed to handle packet: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to add player. net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer@1d15 already is in chunk -3, 20
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to add player. net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer@1d15 already is in chunk -3, 20
    	at net.minecraft.server.PlayerInstance.a(PlayerInstance.java:38)
    	at net.minecraft.server.PlayerManager.a(PlayerManager.java:65)
    	at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.d(ServerConfigurationManager.java:199)
    	at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:729)
    	at net.minecraft.server.Packet9Respawn.a(SourceFile:10)
    	at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(SourceFile:230)
    	at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:75)
    	at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:357)
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:272)
    	at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:366)
    Using CB 478, NG .48, Persister .52
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    Yeah, permissions should really be stored in a database. This flat textfile stuff is just asking for trouble, but I suppose it is all we've got for now. Just one more step an admin has to do before the new world becomes 'open for business'.
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    If you mean paired portals, then... yeah :(

    They don't persist right yet, I need to look into it- i think it's the main reason (among others) that the auto-portal creation was such a mess.
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 10:26 PM ---
    Ugh- I have not seen that error message, but it looks/sounds like a much more serious version of the "moved incorrectly" problem.

    I'm hoping to get this sorted in 0.50 - I don't have a real handle on it yet, and now I can't really work on it for a few hours (if at all- I'm usually pretty tired by the time I get any "free time" on a work day...). But, anyway, I do have a theory, and that's something, at least.
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 10:27 PM ---
    You're my [hero] for that :)

    That is the bukkit plan, BTW- from what I understand, at least. It's actually a bit strange and "split", to be honest- but it looks like permission profiles will still be YML, but users/groups will be persistent objects (stored in a db).
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    I've been following the thread but I'm not currently running NetherGate after a brief experiment with it had me coming out at seemingly random locations. I could walk through a gate, immediately go back, and I wouldn't be at all near the original gate. I had planned to just wait until portal tracking was in but my people are chomping at the bit to get Nether access. If I just set up one access gate for now so that people can get over, will this world carry over to future development of NetherGate when tracking is added and scaling can be turned on? I don't want to deal with my people getting attached to the Nether and their buildings there then getting mad if I have to reset it.
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    Ahhh! Well, to be clear, NetherGate just manages worlds, very loosely- bukkit does all the heavy lifting.

    Your worlds are just folders, like your default world, in your server root. They'll be useable worlds no matter what plugin you use to get there.
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    I'm with you there, I just didn't know how the portal pairing algorithm was going to work and if it would be as easy as drop in replacement.

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