[INACTIVE][TP] Blue Telepads (v0.5.3) - Commandless (and multi-world!) Teleporation [766]

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    Development on this plugin has stopped.

    Blue Telepads - Simple multi-world aware commandless two way teleportation pads [733]:
    Version: v0.5.3

    Setup teleportation pads using a blue lapis block, four double slabs, a sign, and a pressure plate (per pad). Connect them by clicking on each pressure plate with redstone for commandless teleportation.

    Video Tutorial

    • You should click on the pressure plates with redstone to link telepads, not on the signs (since ~v0.3)
    • You can specify the materials for the telepad by editing the "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options and specifying an id for those blocks (you can use 0 for anything) <- delete config.yml or just append the options to get them
    • For an unlimited distance, specify 0 as the max distance
    Permissions nodes (if enabled, not by default):


    Download | Source Code

    Usage (open)

    Step 1 - Setup two telepads; fourth line of each sign should be the name for that telepad. (Note, the direction of the sign determines which way players will land when they teleport to that telepad!)
    Step 2 - While holding redstone, click one telepad's pressure plate, then click the other one.
    Step 3 - When you step on one Telepad, you will be sent to the other!

    (Right click on a telepad sign to remove your stored location)

    Version 0.5.3
    • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing
    Changelog: (open)

    Version 0.5.3
    • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing
    Version 0.5.2
    • Added disable_teleport_message flag
    Version 0.5.1
    • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
    Version 0.5
    • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
    Version 0.5

    • Added "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options, so users can specify the id of the block to be used. 0 = anything
    Version 0.4.1

    • Added 'disable_teleport_wait' true/false option in config.yml; this will disable the 'preparing to send you to' wait time when you step on the telepad.
    Version 0.4

    • Bug fixes here and there
    • Fixed issue with long range telepads not linking
    • You can now reset a telepad for re-linking by breaking the pressure plate on top of it, then clicking on the lapis block with redstone. Then you can relink it!
    Version 0.3.2

    • Fixed a few NPE, also added right clicking on telepads removes the stored location
    Version 0.3.1

    • Changed name line on telepad signs to the 4th line
    Version 0.3

    • Removed water effect, still working multi-world functionality, changed storage method for signs (for multiworld primarily), added permissions/op only support, added max_distance, added config file.
    Version 0.2

    • Added timeout between ports, switched to sync instead of async events
    Version 0.1

    • Initial update

    Do you like this plugin? Click like so I know! ; )
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    Yeah, I already did that yesterday. My buddy and I wrote all four down and tried them out and they worked. Then I restarted the server and they didn't work anymore. The signs are all the same. If I hit the pressure plate with redstone, it is like I am setting them up all over again.
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    If you re
    When you redo them do the values change at all? Again, are you on 0.5?

    What Bukkit version?
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    Sorry for the double post:

    I just tested it again. I set up the teleport and tested it and it worked fine. I closed down my server, restarted it, went into the game and the teleports don't work anymore.

    I will wait to see if you have any other ideas before I delete the plugin. My only other idea is to remove and reinstal the plugin and see if I can make it work that way.

    One other thing I wanted to ask...

    Does the teleports have to be above ground? Because what I have done is placed the sign 2 blocks down in the ground, then placed the blue piece on top and surrounded it with the stone slabs and the pressure plate on top. That way the pressure plate is actually ground level with the rest of the ground. No climbing needed, you just walk onto it. Might that be a problem?

    Sorry, we posted at the same time...

    Bukkit version is 733.

    How do I know which version teleport I am using? I am using the one I downloaded from this thread yesterday morning.

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    As long as they use the right blocks you can put them at whatever level you want, as long as the few blocks above the pressure plate and one block north are open 3-4 blocks up, so the person can land on the receiving pad.

    Can you post the contents of one of the signs? I'm curious if it's something to do with the locations you're storing at, the world name, or something like that.

    It will tell you the version in your logs when the server starts up, if in doubt try downloading a fresh copy.

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    It said I was using 0.41 so I am download a fresh copy now.

    Okay. I now KNOW I am using 0.5 and it is still doing the same thing. I set them up, tested them and they worked. Restarted the server and they are not working now.

    The names I am using are:


    They aren't that far apart from one another and they work when I first set them up. But once the server is restarted they mess up again. My next step is to delete them totally and try to make fresh ones and see if that works.

    Alright. I made two new teleports and tested them out with the same names as written above. They worked.

    I restarted my server and now they don't work. I have no idea what else to do. Here is what the signs say after I tore down the teleports:

    Minecraft Studi

    Minecraft Studi

    The name of my world is Minecraft Studios. Could THAT be the problem? That the sign can't write my entire world name on it so it resets each time?

    Okay. That seems to have been the problem. I changed my world name to MC Studios and now the teleports are working after the server reset. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated. And I apologize for spamming the crap out of this thread.

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    Seems like it; it's notable that it works initially - that would indicate the longer text is valid until the server saves everything and reloads... How interesting.

    I suppose this could sort of be remedied by defaulting to the current world if the world isn't found, but I'll take a look at this tonight.

    In the meantime, yah it seems like it's just the world name. If you shorten it to 15 characters or less, I imagine it will work fine.

    Sounded like it after seeing the sign names... No worries, it was interesting to me because I didn't think anyone would have a world name longer than 15 characters, heh. I may toy around with alternative ways to store the location, but we'll see.

    Glad it's working for you now.

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    Is there any way to make the telepads 1 way? I want to use this for my Spawn area to goto the different Warring Factions but then any one can just go back to the spawn and teleport to an enemy city.
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    Sure, you could setup a two way set of pads, then break the sign under the one you dont want to function and place an empty sign there instead.
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    awesome! Thank you.
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    This is my new favorite teleport mod :D
    Hadn't checked back in awhile, but I'm glad you have permissions support now :)
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    i was wondering if this mod would let me set up random telepads because i am making a floating PvP arena and i would like to set up random ones for people to use to get around on
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    It wont do random ones, but you can setup multiple two way teleports in the same area.
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    okay i figured on the multi 2-ways but i was hoping random since the bridges and such are also random okay thanks for the info and the quick reply
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    How do I link portals between worlds?
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    Basically the same way you do in a same world relationship; the only thing is that it doesn't provide an inherent way to travel between worlds to setup the telepads in the first place... I was thinking about making a world telepad.
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    I'm a bit ignorant. What do you mean by a "Same world relationship?"
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    I just mean you do it the same way; there's just no easy way to get to the world to set it, heh.
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    Peter Morris


    I'm having an issue where someone teleporting will often cause the server to reboot, and often corrupt the world at the same time. I'm not sure where on the system the fault lies, as no errors are generated other than "Internal Server Error, Server is Restarting" and it only happens when teleporting specifically. Distances are within 5min walk in game.

    Just seeking advice / thoughts =) on how I could investigate

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    You might try using Tele++, see if running something like /tp -1000 50 -1000, then /tp 1000 50 1000 (using some locations that already exist, no reason to generate that many chunks). This way you can see if it's telepads causing the issue.

    I've never seen that error before myself though; you can always run the standard - different map, latest RB, update all plugins, etc. Just to rule things out.
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    Hey, I just wanted to know how much progress you made with iConomy support.
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    I'll take a look at this tonight; I was working on updating another plugin for iConomy 5.0; this one shouldn't be -as- hard, but I want it to be optional.
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    Is there any way I can set it up to be a one-way teleporter?
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    Break the sign underneath one and place an empty sign in it's place; then it wont function.
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    Thank you

    a lot.
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    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, dude
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    This pretty much the most awsome TP plugin ever. Thanks for making this wonderful plugin.
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    Is there any way we could set a direction? Sometimes facing west puts you face to face with a wall, and it would be nice to teleport somewhere facing the direction of a building, path, or door.

    Also can you add a :shownotification: boolean to the config? with instant port on the messages are mostly a nuisance. Just to disable the "dont move" and "sending you to" messages.

    Bug report:
    Teleporter always seems to place the player one block north of the pad at the destination, potentially inside walls. Fixed by removing this function, or always adding one to the x coord.

    EDIT: Seemed like you intended this. If so, why?
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    I've added a disable_teleport_message flag and set it to land on the receiving pressure plate.

    The north thing was a legacy bit leftover from when the telepads created a temporary water sprout wherever people ended up. It was a neat effect, but in the end people seemed more annoyed by it than entertained.
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    Thank you so much!

    That was so fast, now alls I gotta go is convince my co-owners to go with this, once you update of course.

    And I'm guessing theres no way to set a facing for the arrival? Not enough room on the sign for something like that I guess.

    I'm kindof OCD, so if there was a way to add this, would make the feel much nicer. I feel as though I might get tired of spawning facing the wall opposite the exit to my telepad room.

    EDIT: Checked changelog, you added this! though I have a better idea than taking the players last known facing, see below.

    I love this plugin man, excellent job.

    What if you used the sign facing to determine the player facing?

    Sign below the plate on a south wall (and therefore facing north) would place the player facing north, and so on for each face, with floor mounted being set to take the last known facing(as you have now)?

    Like so:


    You could also use these! Possibly even diagonal facing!

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    The new version does face you whichever way you are facing when you teleport; I'm still not exactly sure how to best implement directions.

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