[INACTIVE][TP] Blue Telepads (v0.5.3) - Commandless (and multi-world!) Teleporation [766]

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    Development on this plugin has stopped.

    Blue Telepads - Simple multi-world aware commandless two way teleportation pads [733]:
    Version: v0.5.3

    Setup teleportation pads using a blue lapis block, four double slabs, a sign, and a pressure plate (per pad). Connect them by clicking on each pressure plate with redstone for commandless teleportation.

    Video Tutorial

    • You should click on the pressure plates with redstone to link telepads, not on the signs (since ~v0.3)
    • You can specify the materials for the telepad by editing the "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options and specifying an id for those blocks (you can use 0 for anything) <- delete config.yml or just append the options to get them
    • For an unlimited distance, specify 0 as the max distance
    Permissions nodes (if enabled, not by default):


    Download | Source Code

    Usage (open)

    Step 1 - Setup two telepads; fourth line of each sign should be the name for that telepad. (Note, the direction of the sign determines which way players will land when they teleport to that telepad!)
    Step 2 - While holding redstone, click one telepad's pressure plate, then click the other one.
    Step 3 - When you step on one Telepad, you will be sent to the other!

    (Right click on a telepad sign to remove your stored location)

    Version 0.5.3
    • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing
    Changelog: (open)

    Version 0.5.3
    • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing
    Version 0.5.2
    • Added disable_teleport_message flag
    Version 0.5.1
    • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
    Version 0.5
    • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
    Version 0.5

    • Added "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options, so users can specify the id of the block to be used. 0 = anything
    Version 0.4.1

    • Added 'disable_teleport_wait' true/false option in config.yml; this will disable the 'preparing to send you to' wait time when you step on the telepad.
    Version 0.4

    • Bug fixes here and there
    • Fixed issue with long range telepads not linking
    • You can now reset a telepad for re-linking by breaking the pressure plate on top of it, then clicking on the lapis block with redstone. Then you can relink it!
    Version 0.3.2

    • Fixed a few NPE, also added right clicking on telepads removes the stored location
    Version 0.3.1

    • Changed name line on telepad signs to the 4th line
    Version 0.3

    • Removed water effect, still working multi-world functionality, changed storage method for signs (for multiworld primarily), added permissions/op only support, added max_distance, added config file.
    Version 0.2

    • Added timeout between ports, switched to sync instead of async events
    Version 0.1

    • Initial update

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    This is epic!! I love this idea...
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    Very Nice you have a *thumbs up from me :)

    ..anyway to limit how many are placed?

    Also a suggestion could you give them a range? Kinda like stargate (series) Would love that.
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    Range is easy enough to add with a config option; limiting how many requires persistent storage (which I lazily/effeciently try to avoid). I'll ponder it though tonight.
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    Defiantly should make this permissions so not everyone in a server can make portals. Or at least a option to only let ops use this. :)
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    If you need to click on both telepad's signs, wouldn't that require manually walking to both telepads, therefore defeating the purpose?
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    I think you have to walk & manually click the two to set it up, then after that you can teleport back and forth
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    Trying to protect your feet?

    You only need to walk someplace once; you can set up one, click it with redstone, then walk somewhere, and set up the other one. As long as you don't use redstone to click on another telepad, it will still have it stored.
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    This is beyond epic for me. EXACTLY what I've been lusting after, thank you!
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    Yay! :D
    Yeah, Jamescosten's idea for a configurable range limit sounds like a good idea.
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    What about auto-teleport to the nearest non-activated teleporter? So first you create one end, then another one can create the other end and then you click on the sign, step up and get ported to the nearest where you can click the other and done?
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    I think that would make things more complicated; especially if two people are trying to setup telepads at the same time. It's not -that- hard to just store the location and attach it to the second telepad is it?

    I do need to play around with the selector process to make it so people can click on the pressure plate on the top instead of the sign, since the signs are typically buried and so a little difficult to get to.

    Also, I will take a look at range/permission/op limitations, but purely optional. I'm not in the habit of stunting players creativity, but I'll leave the option open.

    Oh side note, what do you guys think about the water that spits up when you teleport? Just curious if I should toss it or not, it's purely aesthetic.
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    So, does the sign go on the ground first, and then everything on top of it? or is the telepad on the ground, and the sign is on one of the sides of the double-step blocks?
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    It looks like this:
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    Might it be possible to allow changes to the shape of the pad? Like three pressure pads and one sign?
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    Damn right it is :)
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    I've got the range limit about done (just needs testing tonight); also working on permissions/op only support.

    The other thing I'm working on that no one has asked for (but inevitably will) is multi-world support.

    If I can come up with a simple way to map what the pads should look like to a config file, this might be possible. maybe in the long, long term I might setup something where ops can use a selection tool/command to save what a portal looks like. For now though you can use any type of double slab (meaning cobblestone/stone/sand/wood).
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    I love this idea, and being that it requires lapis which is already super rare, I don't have to moderate teleporters getting out of control.
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    It is a cool effect. Don't know about anyone else, though, but it's just a nuisance for me. It destroys torches, and pushes the player away from the pad. Others might like it, so could you make it toggleable?
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    I usually make my pads with a layer of single slabs around them, but I see what you mean. I think for now I'll take it out, it takes up extra resources to run anyway.
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    Check out TentThis. The config has maps for valid tents.
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    That was the original idea, especially since lapis has almost no use bar dye anyway... ;D
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    Well I can't guarantee it will work perfectly; but it seems pretty stable (tested/running on 670/705 with and without permissions). Let me know if anyone has any issues.
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    For some reason, it still says I'm using v0.1, and the TPs are acting as they did prior to this version (i.e water effect still occurs, signs use 1st line for a name instead of 4th). There also was no config file generated.
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    It seems I was linking directly to the version and not the current/master branch; give the urls a shot now.
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    All right, the download worked. I don't know if this a problem with my build (#684), but the signs, as far as I can see, still link using the first line of the signs. When stepping into one, the message reads 'Telepad: Preparing to transfer you to , ...', so the name of the TP is still used on line 1 of the sign. The water is gone, though, so there's that.
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    So it is (oversight on my part); I suppose it doesn't really matter since it only uses lines 2&3 to store the location, but the main reason I did this was because the top line is covered up by the block above it, using the 4th line lets you see what you've put there. I'm 50/50 on it, but I think I'm going to change it to the 4th line in the next version.
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    I see. Well, other than needing to try it out with Permissions, it works great! Thanks a lot.
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    Recommendation: I recommend a picture of how it's crafted; To avoid confusion as to how to make it.

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