[INACTIVE][TP] AncientGates v1.0.2 - Easily create portals with custom design [733]

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    Olof Larsson

    Take a look at this plugin instead: Creative Gates [cake]
    AncientGates - Easily create portals with custom design
    Version: 1.0.2

    With this plugin the server operators (OPs) can create gates that will teleport anyone who enter to a location specific to that gate. The hightlights are: It is so darn easy to use! [​IMG] and The gates can look any way you like \0/

    Try the ingame command: /gate

    Download: AncientGates
    Userguide: mcteam.org

    Thought first you should take a look at the demonstration I and karibu6 created:

    • /gate help,h,? *[page] Display a help page
    • /gate create,new [id] Create a gate
    • /gate delete,del,remove [id] Delete a gate
    • /gate setfrom [id] Set “from” to your location.
    • /gate setto [id] Set “to” to your location.
    • /gate open [id] Open that gate
    • /gate close [id] Close that gate
    • /gate list,ls Display a list of the gates
    Why the name AncientGates?
    Because the purpose of this plugin that I envision is that players should not be able to create gates to other worlds themselves. The server operators build gates with cool ruins around them and in order to get to another world the players need to find one of those ruins.

    Who can create a gate?
    Only server operators! Not normal players. There is no suport for any permissions plugin.

    Who can destroy a gate?
    Anyone if you do not use a third-party protection plugin like Factions.

    Are there IConnomy integration, Features for user to dial other gates etc?
    Nope. This plugin is very minimalistic and plain. Server operators manage the portals players use them any time they are open.

    1. Download the latest release: https://github.com/oloflarsson/minecraft-ancient-gates/downloads
    2. Put AncientGates.jar in the plugins folder.
    • Add a create world command.
    Version 1.0.2
    • Fix seldomly occuring error on teleportation.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed compatibility with half blocks.
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    At the minute the portal follows the NESW rule so that happens
    Notch would need to update the portal block so that along side it's block ID of 90 it would have to have 0 = face NS and 1 = face EW (or something to that end)
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    ok did you mean that i have tzoo wait for a update from noth that fix that or can i fix that by myself?

    and waht is NEWS and that stuff?
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    NEWS is usually meant as North, East, West, South.
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    It's not a priority fix for Notch as the portals are always 2 x 3 so under vanilla conditions this bug never happens
    You can fix it yourself but you would have to alter minecraft client side so it would be worthless to Bukkit
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    but why does it work with older version in miencraft and how can if fix this?
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    Thank you soo much for this plugin. EXACTLY what I needed.
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    Short of modifying your client the only thing you can do for 1 x 2 portals is turn the frame around to align with the portal blocks
    anything wider than 1 will not have this problem and at the end of the day the portals themselves still work, they just look wrong so it's not a major issue, just an annoyance
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    [684] or [714] support?
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    This works with 714,
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    Funkar perfekt! TACK! :p
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    Keep up the great work
    looking forward to cb 733 version
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    I have this working on 733 aswell
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    Bobatha McJekt

    Found a problem, when I close a portal, it doesn't actually close. The original block will go out, but the rest of the portal stays on, and will even teleport people still. Is this due to minecraft or the plugin?
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    Update to the recommended build, I noticed this same problem in one of the test builds (711 or 714 I think) and bukkit released a fix, something about the world not updating correctly when plugins interact with it
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    it works on 733?
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    Running CB 733 and no problems with Ancient Gates
    The only thing I've had to do is rename the .jar to xAncientGates.jar so that it loads after MultiVerse
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    Update to latest rec. Build please? :) 733

    maybe add support for different portals, like instead of the original purple you walk through, maybe do "air" or"water" . Kind of like worm-hold Xtreme, ANd ave it configurable in the config.

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    AC is 733 comparable
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    I noticed
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    Can you please provide a permalink?
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    What is wrong with linking to the GitHub download area?
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    This would make AncientGates Perfect!
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    What is the gate height limit? I wanna make a 64x64 gate leading to my other world but the plugin detects that it doesn't have a frame.
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    I believe it's 12 from the setfrom point, open conf.json and increase "gateSearchRadius" then try agin
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    Hey this looks really cool, but how do I get hold of a Jar file?
    All I get when I extract the zip is a Folder

    Please Help!
    :) Great Mods Olof, Keep 'em comin!
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    Which zip are you opening, I just tried 1.0.2 and ancient gates is right there
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    i tried 1.0.2 but when i extract it, it is a folder.
    Also I have a Mac if that helps.
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    I'm rehosting the jar for you, it's a lot easier than working out how come you get a folder when extracting the zip since it only holds the .jar file
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