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  1. SherbetLemon
    Version: 1.0.0

    A simple plugin that lets you password protect your doors. (Currently with signs)

    • Any user can password protect their doors using a sign
    • Entry is not allowed without password
    Download Latest Jar (1.0.0)

    Planning to release source soon

    1. Place a sign next to your door
    2. On any line type "[SLemon]" minus the "s
    3. Then every line afterwords adds up to the password you want
    4. Be near the sign and say your password and the door will open
    5. Watch this video for a better explanation
    Click Here For Video (open)

    When "locked" the door isn't actually opening (though it looks like it is). That's the client thinking the door is open and then realizing it isn't. You cannot walk through in this time.
    P.S Anyone noticed that you don't actually sound like what you think you sound like...

    Known Bugs:
    • Doesn't work with double doors
    • Other signs near the door may stop the password opening the door
    Potential Update:
    • Password radius around door not signs

    Version 1.0.0
    • Public Release
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  2. It's definitely not new. But does it do doors now? Because before it didn't. If it does then I'll probably disband this unless there's particular features you want that LWC doesn't contain.
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    @Pluckerpluck - it does doors, chests, furnaces, quite everything you can think off.. you can even put in your own item codes if you wanted to lock those too. but i would be sad to put you to an end... :( i would feel very sorry for you... so maybe you can try and work together with them? :D
  4. Truthfully this has been out of development for a while and inactive. I had a feeling that LWC was going to incorporate doors at some point and their code is MUCH more efficient than mine.

    If I do progress this it will still be sign based, but the signed will have their text hidden... but then that exists as well to an extent (or it did before).
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    It would be good to get those bugs fixed :)
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    Nice i give it a try :D

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