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  1. SherbetLemon
    Version: 1.0.0

    A simple plugin that lets you password protect your doors. (Currently with signs)

    • Any user can password protect their doors using a sign
    • Entry is not allowed without password
    Download Latest Jar (1.0.0)

    Planning to release source soon

    1. Place a sign next to your door
    2. On any line type "[SLemon]" minus the "s
    3. Then every line afterwords adds up to the password you want
    4. Be near the sign and say your password and the door will open
    5. Watch this video for a better explanation
    Click Here For Video (open)

    When "locked" the door isn't actually opening (though it looks like it is). That's the client thinking the door is open and then realizing it isn't. You cannot walk through in this time.
    P.S Anyone noticed that you don't actually sound like what you think you sound like...

    Known Bugs:
    • Doesn't work with double doors
    • Other signs near the door may stop the password opening the door
    Potential Update:
    • Password radius around door not signs

    Version 1.0.0
    • Public Release
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    How does it works?
  3. Ah yes... thank you. Forgot to add the tutorial video.
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    @Pluckerpluck Changelog needs to show two latest versions without a spoiler
  5. ... I want to know where this "without a spoiler part" came from but sure I'll change that if I have to.

    Edit: I know some mod (Plague perhaps?) said it, but it's not written down anywhere that I saw

    I do have one argument though... I only have 1 version. Unless you want me to make up some random mid-dev versions all with the description "Making plugin work, fixed many more bugs, plugin now works"

    When I update it I'll add to the changelog... but when nothings changed I don't know why I should add random changes.
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    What are you talking about? It means that if you have 3 versions, do it like this:
    Version 3
    • Derp I herp change
    Version 2
    • I change more herp
    • Herpety derp
    Version 1
    And if you have 32 versions do it like:
    Version 32
    Version 31
    Changelog(cont) (open)

    List rest of changes here
  7. I understand what you meant by the changlog without spoilers part... it just it sounded like I needed 2 versions... when I only have one. I sort of misinterpreted what you said.
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    Wow you made it ! :D and you even called it Sherbet Lemons <3
    Works a treat!
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    What does Sherbet Lemons means?
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    This is nice, but it could do with permissions of some sort (i.e. to allow admins to bypass password protected doors and to restrict users from putting passwords on the doors, I don't want people locking my front door and hiding the sign)
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  13. Ah yes... totally didn't think of someone locking your own door. Currently this works on a "it just checks for a sign" method. But I thought about it after that it would work better with a:
    1) You place a sign which finds the nearest door
    2) This door is linked to the password via a table in the code, and stored in a txt file (or potentially sql).
    3) Then the sign could delete itself if you choose it to
    3b) if so, un-protect door with a sign with *clear* on that only the original sign placer can use (or admin).
    4) When you open a door it checks the table for the password instead.
    Because that lets me store who placed the sign allow me to check for permissions and allow certain people to be unable to lock doors etc.

    Also, I may encrypt the passwords just to stop the server owners knowing what password their users have used.

    So I'll probably be changing the locking method soon.
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    alright nice, i'll keep tabs on this thread because i'm really wary of telling too many people on my server how to lock their doors!
    basically i just needed it to stop members getting into staff areas and other staff getting into my pranking room where i set up contraptions to annoy people (i keep turning people's carpets into different colours)
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    One problem, people can hear you say the password of the door as you're next to it. That could lead to people guessing the door password therefore rendering the plugin useless. I would use this plugin if this was fixed somehow
  16. If you say the password in the vicinity of the door (you have to be close enough to trigger the plugin) then it hides your password and it isn't said aloud. They can hear that you said "something" but they won't know what. And I was thinking of adding a range for that "something" to be heard as well.

    I think I can try adding permissions over the weekend btw. Along with config of what's said when the doors unlocked, whether signs will disappear after placing, whether only the original owner can unlock a door by destroying the sign. (Rather than using world guard). Though I think I should still allow TNT damage.... TNT should be able to open a door... if you don't like TNT block it in some other way.
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    Hey, is there any way of disabling the message that appears when you type the password correctly?
    I can't find any way of doing it; ideally I'd like it to tell the user they got the password right without broadcasting it to the whole server, I use another plugin that limits the range of chat to 50 blocks and it's really annoying having a quiet chat box but suddenly a whisper is heard across the whole server! :p
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    Hey, I think this would be a very cool plugin if it worked. I put the sign one block away (behind the door, the door opens and clings to the left hand block, clinging to the next block is the sign) and the set up (for testing purposes) is as follows

    Password Here

    Yet the door won't open to the code
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    King Pyro

    i found a bug....put a pressureplate in front of the door
  21. I know... I have no idea how to fix this... ignoring this fatal flaw I'm re-modeling this anyway to work using commands and not signs and it allows for better control (though signs could still be a method if you really wanted it). This week I'm free to finally get this working again.
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    King Pyro

    good luck with your endevours Pluckerpluck :) looking forward to see the next update to this amazing plugin.
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    I have an issue: I have 1 door (ATM) that works fine, but another door I try to lock, instead of keeping it closed it's the opposite.
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    Update coming soon?
  25. Sorry, much busier this holiday than I expected. When I get back home on Saturday evening this will be my first priority.
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    @Plucerpluck Thanks <3 i love this mod. Btw i think i found another bug if you palce a block behind the door and break it the door wont work until the block is there again xD!
  27. I just can't find the time to work on this right now. Busy preparing for Uni. If anyone want to take it over they're free to do so. If not I may re-make this as a command based plugin (simplifies the code somewhat)

    e.g. You type "/sl protect "password"" then click a door to password protect it.
    Then you'll just say the password aloud (like now) to unlock the door. Which will either unlock for a period of time or just swing open.
    Then you could also do "/sl setPublic" and click a door to ensure the door stays public and no password can be set.

    Or I suppose you can only protect doors you place.

    And then if spoutcraft creates custom items in the future I may create a little addon where you can have "keys" instead of a password.

    However, if I do this I'll do it under a plugin named SherbetLemon 2 and I'm marking this as inactive.

    Sorry to those who use it.
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    no offence, but you NEED to update this plugin xD it's great, i NEED to have it hehe :p
  29. ATM I'm in my Freshers weeks at University. If you don't know what that is, it's a week of pre-planned events for people joining uni. So my days are FULL of activities and I get back each night at about 2AM... so not much free time.

    If I get free time I'll continue this. But until then you'll have to wait.

    Note: Do you want it sign based still or move to right-click password protect. The latter can give you more control such as who can protect, not having a password visible on a sign... but the former is the original idea... I'm not sure what to do.

    Note 2: Sign based is harder to code, but not massively hard at the same time.
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    @Pluckerpluck - you should for sure go with the right click password protect. it's much better than a visible sign.
    but also, there's a plugin that's new(?) that quite continued your plugin, called LWC, which i'm using atm.

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