[INACTIVE][SEC] mPasswordProtector v0.0.3b - A simple password protection for your server [1000]

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    mPasswordProtector - The easy password protection

    Version: v0.0.3b

    Update Notice: Delete mPasswordProtector folder in your plugins dir before you restart the server!! (only if you are upgrading from 0.0.1 or 0.0.2!)

    This plugin offers you a /login command for your server. It is specialy designed for private servers so that you can manage a well selected community. It also offers a /setpwd command for the server OPs to change the password.

    The standard password after installation is: "asdfasdf" (without ")
    So it is strongly recommended to change the password after first login!!

    And please feel free to post comments and ideas for future versions, as well as any bug you obtain!

    • Password protect your server. Every joining user is unable to do anything until he/she logs in with the right password
    • Simple ingame method to change the password
    • Whitelist for password free login
    • Kick or ban a user after several tries to login (set kickorban to k or b in the config.yml and kobafter to the number of tries a user should have) (at the moment only kick works)
    • Allow your users to move before login (set allowMovement to true or false in config.yml)
    • /login <password> -- Login and get rights to do something
    • /setpwd <oldpassword> <newpassword> -- Sets the password (Only for OPs)
    • /whitelist add <username> -- Adds the user to the whitelist (case sensitive!! OPs only)
    • /whitelist del <username> -- Removes the user from the whitelist (case sensitive!! OPs only)
    • /whitelist list -- Print the whitelist (OPs only)
    Download mPasswordProtector
    Source Code

    • Encrypt password in config file
    • Store password in MySql DB
    • Permissions support
    • ... still thinking about new features
    Changelog: Version 0.0.3b
    • some internal changes
    • moved some ingame strings to a separate config file (strings.yml)
    • whitelist feature only enabled on online-mode servers
    Changelog: Version 0.0.3a
    • Switched to yml config file
    • Added allowMovement option, so you can decide if the user could move or not before login
    • Added kick or ban option after several tries (default: kick after 3 wrong attempts)
    Changelog: Version 0.0.2b
    • Added whitelist support
    Changelog: Version 0.0.1a
    • First release for bukkit 1000
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    Looks really interesting, I'll be using this for my YouTube server. :)
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    Permissions is a must for this kinda thing :) Great concept!
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    Is there any way to assign a password to each user?. I could use great!
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    No. At the moment there is one password for everone. But i am thinking about one password for each group or user as soon as permissions support is integrated.
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    DJ Zorrow

    Feature Suggestion:
    After an X amount of invalid login attempts; the player could be kicked/banned automatically..
    i think u should make an option in the config file to choose between ban or kick, aswell as how many attempts its required to trigger it! :p

    Anyways.. Great job on the plugin :cool:
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    I'd love if it would be like this:

    A user can walk around and take a look how everything looks like.
    And only build/use etc if he enters the PW.
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    @Moe: I thought about something like this but the reason why i have build this plugin were some bad kids who have destroyed a lot at my server though a permissions plugin was installed. And so i decided to block every interaction. But i think i could change this very easy to a config based thing. ;)

    @DJ Zorrow: great idea... :) i will try to implement it in one of the very next versions...

    ok the last two ideas are implemented and now i take some time to hack into permissions... :)

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    I'm kinda confused when i click on the link i go here:
    The problem is that I don't speak/read german and the entire page is written in german even when I google translate everything on the page I still can't seem to find were the download is. Could you please direct me in the right direction?
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    Same problem
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    sorry for that... i just created my dev blog and broke the link... but i will fix it asop...
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    DJ Zorrow

    Thanks for implementing my idea! :D
    This plugin is now #1
    U rewarded a free cake: [cake]
    congratz xD

    Ur download link is not correct.. Takes me to a german site >.<

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    so think i fixed the dl link... maybe it takes about 20 minutes by now to activate the new subdomain... and sorry again... i just tried to use the build in blog feature my hoster offers and didn't recognise that it will break the dl link...

    yes it works again :)
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    Thanks for fixing that, this plugin will be awesome for my server. :)
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    A backlist so that when you use offline mode any of your OPs, Admins or <playername> can be the only ones with the password and everyone else is free play ;D
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    Love this! Could you please allow me to edit (via the config file) what messages go out? I don't like some of the current stuff and would LOVE the option to change it easily.

    Great plug in though! Seriously love it.
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    @westin yes i could... but i would take some time ;)

    @Zelif what?? why should anybody want this?
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    As stated if offline as I have had to do in the past when MC servers go down, anyone can login with the admin user name. But if the admin or OPs had a password only on them people would try and login only to be met with the password prompt.

    This is more a fall back for when you can't login so it is not really something that I would use. None the less useful when it would be needed.

    Or rather then a blacklist have it so certain players can have a different password. Just suggestions ;D
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    ahh thanks now i got the point :) and i will think about a usefull conclusion... maybe just a "usewhitelist" thing in the config file to check wether or not to use the whitelist
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    @muHum Awesome! I tried editing the source myself, but I couldn't really figure out how to compile it into a jar correctly :D
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    One thing that could be good to add would be that each person can set their own in-game password. So if someone tries to 'hack' the owners account or something they can't just put in the same password everyone else has.
    Or just made a Owner password that's separate from everyone else's. This would be such a great add-on to it! Increase security by 10-fold! :D
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    Hey, can u tell us a bit about the dev? Would like to hear that u are working on permissions support.... :S
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    John McCarthy

    1060 compatible?
  26. can u do,that the serveradmin can change,that only OPs have to right a Password,and that the Ops and other Players have a different Password
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    Russian potato

    love this mod but i have one problem somebody who really hated my no spawning rule hacked my computer and shut down mpassword ... so now there isn't a password on my server is there like a backdoor to this plugin or did i seriously get hacked
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    How about making it to where Like I for example, run my own server, and would like to give each player there own password. So i know it's really them.
    I run a cracked server, and people could login under my name with my admin priv, if they have a cracked minecraft client.

    Do you know what i mean?
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    it looks good I will try it : 3
    it would be great if you could put to set up a personal password for every account in the server, if anyone trys to enter as other player it would be great if says, type your uniqe password account :3

    Im with your same request, for example: Jorge entered the game, how do I know that he is Jorge maybe it could be Freddy Krueger entering with the account of Jorge,
    It would be great a plugin that when you enter the server says, Type Your Unique Password Account or something else, so jorge has an unique password and freedy cant enter with jorge account

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    thanks for all your feedback... regrettably the last month were very low on free time, because i have a new job as developer for individual business software and it took all my time to achieve all customer wishes... but now there is again a bit of free time which i will use to update this plugin with unique user passwords and some other features...

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